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  1. i am afraid i may face the same problem. is there any video to illustrate how to do it properly? i am going to weild it but not sure the shop will be able to put it back as original as they are not Buick experts at all. i am thousands miles away from the US and no one here has a clue about what they are doing! i need a video to illustrate what should be done
  2. No idea why it was broken ! I got my car couple of years back and just realized this
  3. Heard noises down my Buick super 1949. Went to check it out only to realize that propeller shaft housing is broken and need to be wielded . Attached YouTube’s showing it. Could it be wielded ? I can get a used one from 1951 Buick sedan , would it fit ? Or could I wield it ?
  4. U have only for driver door side? How much please ?
  5. actually i am looking for a set to buy including gauge , sending unit, everything so i dont have to worry about forgetting any element. i am over seas and wanna buy something once and 4 all thanks
  6. would this one fit in my car? https://www.speedwaymotors.com/AutoMeter-5737-M-Phantom-Air-Core-Water-Temp-Gauge-2-1-16-In-,114568.html
  7. wanna buy temerature gauge with sending unit for my Buick 1949 super 8 in line. my car is converted to 12 volts. wanna buy after market temerature gauge easy to install and reliable. any links for items to buy? thanks
  8. What do u mean by “tighten the manifolds down from the center out in 3 'passes at the nuts/bolts.” Don’t undertake what u exactly mean by @from the center out in 3 passes”
  9. Do they have ones for 1955 Buick century ? one set is enough or do I need to buy more?
  10. ‏we did straighten surface of manifold but the other surface of the engine where the manifold lies on is irregular as well and that we can not straighten the surface. Mechanic says sure no gaskets if both surfaces were very straight which is not the case in my car and he believes rtv will not tolerate high heat and will leak again. That is y he is suggesting steel gaskets inveteeen the 2 surfaces
  11. I installed those copper gaskets from Bob’s after the card board ones failed me . Yet again the copper ones moved from their place and there is leakage from exhaust manifold we did smooth the surface of the manifold before installing the gaskets but I don’t know what happened I don’t know y? what should I do? Afraid to buy gaskets and fail me again . Also the big nail (I wrote short on it) which we made (not original ) I guess is a bit short help please
  12. i am looking for the 3 way chrome base, inside and outside not the antenna itself thanks
  13. hey jack hope 2 c u back in cairo soon traffic is crazy in cairo for sure 🙂 museum is fine, never been looted, just rumours but still there and fine. it is going to be moved to another place close to pyramids soon in a big international event best
  14. Is this internal part correct? please look at antenna part here. Is the 3 way piece that connects to windshield molding in pic below is correct? Is this the inside or outside one? We r confused
  15. Experts in nailhead tell me manifold will crack my mechanic tells me surface is not straight and I need to use gaskets or else there will be leakage what do u suggest? what is RYV?
  16. Rebuilding engine 322 ci for Buick century 1955
  17. Indeed My mechanic said that is true when u have new or good condition manifold but due to condition and old age there will be leakage if he puts them iron on iron and that is y he is using the gaskets that came with rebuild kit
  18. They were installed already ! Should I take them off?
  19. We used gaskets in those areas shown by arrows .. is that correct?
  20. Rebuilding nailhead engine 322 ci for Buick century 1955
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