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  1. Hello,check the bumper brackets to frame mounts the bumper looks correct for a 48 ,if you look closely they are a 3 piece assembly Left,center, and right ,and are riveted together,hidden behind the guards.they interchange from 1946 to 48 between the Super and Roadmaster series.You may have a bad ground on the turn signals they should stay on if the outside signal is on . I have a 49 with Dynaflow and it doesn’t have a light for the indicator either,but I have seen an accessory kit that could be fitted as a dealer option.
  2. Hello tried to email you on the steering gear but may not have gone through, check on EBay search for “49 Buick steering gear “ there is a couple listed as buy it now ,along with the steering arm .Gary
  3. You will need the seat springs to recover if you reupholstered them . I don’t think anyone makes the springs ,Snyders Model A in Ohio can make seat springs as a custom order but price would be expensive.Most people repair the springs if they are damaged,then replace the foam ,padding ,then the top cover.You may be able to remove the existing upholstery by carefully removing the hog rings that hold it to the seat springs.The seating surface are leather but sides are not.
  4. Also check the vacuum advance to see if it’s working,on my 49 with a similar distributor,someone used too long of screws on the points binding the top plate.1948 on down had problems with the upper plate pivoting on three balls on sides that would wear into the distributor body.but as I mentioned the distributor changed in 49 .
  5. Thank you for the compliment.You are right on the metal trim actually there should be three Chrome Mouldings , on the front bow,back bow and at where the top meets the body,no one makes reproduction trim usually it got discarded when the top got replaced,you can see them on the body repair manuals. I don’t think they mark down points at judging,most people don’t know they existed .The top that is on the 49 is from ARO 2000, it fit well and is as close to original available.On mine I had to make the steel rail that holds the twist fasteners on last bow with help from info on the forum. I also had a 47 Super convertible ,a better car that the 49 with the Dynaflow.
  6. Hello,correct material I don’t believe is even available any more,most restorations use Stayfast as a replacement. The original top has valance on last bow that covers the rear panel usually not found on replacement tops 1949 Buick showed but 47 s are similar.
  7. Hello ,on my 49 I couldn’t find the correct ones either, had to modify some generic clip made to fit . I think they had 10/24 threads .
  8. Data plate will usually indicate color of top as a T or B near the trim option, the top boot will also match the top color.
  9. Hello thanks for the picture,next project to do on my 49 not sure ifI could get stripes die cut out of vinyl and put them on.or find an old time pinstriper
  10. Hello, besides my 49 Buick I also have a 71 MGB that I enjoy driving I have put more in it than it’s worth but that seems to be a common thing among MGB and Triumphs owners,we enjoy driving them,and how much they are worth is incidental. I have been interested in antique cars since the late 60,s it seemed back then people enjoyed driving their cars to shows and touring more so than the money value.
  11. Couldn’t restore one for that price, it’s too bad that that many of the pre war cars don’t have a bigger following,very attractive styling.
  12. This site has some info lots of it in fact.
  13. Hello, does anyone have a picture of the striping on 49 Buick wheels I think there is supposed to be 3 of different widths , but not sure.Thanks .
  14. Hello, the pod newsreel I saw on YouTube shows a whole stack of stolen plates,a lot of guns and personal items including a saxophone. In the ambush,they used a Remington model 8 in 35 caliber along with Browning automatic rifles 30 caliber among others .
  15. If all the panels ,seat backs,etc. are leather,it would actually be over restoration, on original interior only the top seat areas are leather, the rest is done with what is basically painted cloth like material, most restorations use vinyl for a less costly substitute that didn’t exist when car was new. Even on most new cars ,leather is usually used on seating surfaces only.
  16. Hello,Good luck on the 36 , I also prefer a restoration over modified cars, to me they are a part of history when correctly restored, It is more of a learning experience also on a restoration, experiencing how cars were made in that era , the gas pedal starter for example although looking for correct parts can be time consuming.Again best of luck.Gary
  17. Is that the whole interior ? I guess that would be real leather on seat surface,still expensive. I did ask about the top boot for my car it’s $545. that was about same as LB.
  18. Check the Jenkins link they show a 49 Cadillac upholstery they may be able to help you if you contact them.,Buicks and Cadillac share the same body so upholstery would be similar.
  19. Near Silver Creek,NY on Route 5 this summer coming back from car show in Hamburg,NY.49 Super Sunmist Gray .
  20. Attached is a photo of the seal I used on a 49 Buick Super convertible model 56c.It has the small plugs that are installed in holes at top of cowl that are molded into the seal.This is a early production car not sure if it was changed later.
  21. Extra clamp may be for Dynaflow hose .small hoses for the heat system and also cooler for the transmission .Also there are 3 outlets on the water pump for small hoses also.Sorry I can’t remember how they are routed .Being a Roadmaster it would have had Dynaflow .
  22. Hello again, I did not mean to turn this post into a debate of the the car hobby.only posting my observations, fortunately for Model A and some early V 8 owners there still is some sources of interior kits for them .
  23. Most upholstery places aren’t familiar with installation of the older tops that have the tack strips that have to be nailed on unfortunately most of the people that had the older skills are gone,can’t stop the passage of time,few younger people are interested older pre war or even early post war cars , or history in general,I am making my opinion this on what I see at car shows .So LB probably had a small market for their kits . I think my 49 has on of their kits installed.