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  1. I have two 1948 Buick super hoods, question is I have a gentleman who is wondering if the linkage connecting the two hinges to operate when the lever is pulled to release is the same length for a super and roadmaster. I know the length of the front ends are different...but wasn't sure if the locations of the hood hinge mechanism was different. I really hate to remove them out of the super hood. Thanks for the help
  2. What other years do the hubcaps from a 1948 Buick fit? I know they go for at least 46-48. Have a someone asking if they fit on a 1940. Any insight would be very much appreciated. Thanks Tracy
  3. Jerry if he doesn't want to sell the fenders, I have front fenders and rear fenders for 46-48 super. I also have fender skirts and exterior door panels. 586-709-0285 or pcmurd@gmail.com
  4. Parts are have all been out in California for 30+ years everything here and more has been brought and being stored inside in Michigan. Let me know what you are looking for....chances are I might have it. Front fenders....rear fenders...couple hoods...bumper sides...grilles 586-709-0285 or pcmurd@gmail.com
  5. California car since new unrestored car wood back of the rear doors needs to be replaced but the tailgate wood is good the rest of the wood is solid ran when it was put in garage long ago only 300 made ... believe there is only 5 survivors car is in Los Angeles asking 19,500 call Bruce 818-362-8440 or email lincarguy@eathlink.net or Mary 847-563-0205 we have a few more pics
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