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  1. I need new hydraulic hoses for the window regulators on my 49 Riviera. Anybody know where to get these hoses? The manual is specifying to use brake fluid in the hydraulic system but regular brake fluid will damage the paint if I get a leak. Should I use silicone brake fluid or ATF as a substitute? Vegard
  2. I am trying to remove the piece of moulding between the door and the rear fender on my 1949 Riviera. One screw is visible in the end of the moulding, one bolt with nut inside the rear fender. When I remove this bolt and nut the moulding is lose but not possible to remove. Is it more bolts to remove? Vegard
  3. Mystery solved!! The first person to go through this transmission (me) installed a new pump back plate for a 55 to 63 transmission, not for the 48 to 54 transmission. The second person to go through this transmission (not me) did not notice the wrong back plate. After many experiments and pressure tests we knew something was wrong with the oil supply to the toque converter. When taking the transmission apart for the third time focusing on the supply route for the oil, it was easy to spot that the back plate was not the correct type.
  4. I also beliewe that the main problem is not enough oil. I am only able to fill 8-9 quarts into the transmission and I dont understand why,
  5. II don't understand how the switching to the rear pump work. Please explain.
  6. It has never worked right with the modified gear in place
  7. When the transmission was overhauled many years ago I changed the front pump and backing plate. The new pump is different from the OEM pump and have a bushing to support the small pump gear the gear is modified to make room for the bushing. Se enclosed picture of similar pump. The modified gear on the right, the OEM gear on the left. Do anybody know of any issues with this type of modified pump? Can this modified pump be the reason the converter is not filling up?
  8. It is just pressed in. Took it out and is was not blocked.
  9. Good point, I will check it. Enclosed is a picture of the vent, how do I remove it without damaging it?
  10. I have already bypassed the cooler with a clear plastic hose. Problem slit exist.
  11. To clarify, the pressure test of the front pump was taken at the test port on the drivers side. The flow and pressure test of the cooler was taken at the hard line that go from the transmission to the cooler on the passenger side.
  12. The cooler is not clogged. I measured the pressure at the port on the transmission.
  13. One more piece of information I almost forgot. There is almost no flow through the oil cooler. When I attach a pressure gauge to the line going from the transmission in to the oil cooler in effect blocking the oil flow I get NO pressure (0psi) in any gear and “all” rpm
  14. The transmission have been taken apart and put together twice (by 2 different people) and behave exactly the same every time. I can drop the pan and take out the valve body and check the gaskets and ball, doing this is not a big job. I find it unlikely that this is the reason, but I must consider everything at this time.
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