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  1. Also some of the replacement senders , I replaced mine twice,the 1st one would only read 1/2 tank would only send about 23 ohms the second one the arm hangs up .Good luck on the reproduction parts .The get to the sender, remove the trunk carpet, there Is a cover with 6 slotted screws,remove the cover and tank sender can be removed by removing 5 slotted screws and also removing fuel line,you will have to maneuver it around somewhat to get to out of tank.
  2. Hello I have a 49 Super to get the speedometer out the outer surround that covers the speedometer has to come out first held in with 6 3/8 head nuts with spacers. The speedometer is held in with 3 nuts .Getting to all this is somewhat problematic, there is a cover on firewall that removing it may help.
  3. You are correct spell check some time works in reverse 😎
  4. Hello ,Penn Brad does have a 30 w oil as a brake in oil that has a higher level of additives.it is green color that was typical of Pennsylvania type engine oils ,but as the above post mentioned call the engine rebuilter and find out for sure.$$$ to rebuilt the first time .
  5. Hello if it is similar to the 49 rear window as pictured, there is 4 screws visible on top frame the side and lower are one piece,I used a liberal amount of liter fluid to loosen the glass from the frame after removing it from the car .As mentioned this was a 49 Buick convertible and may be similar to yours . Also if you can find a Fisher Body manual may have information on windows.
  6. Hello ,I recently installed a set of the 7.60 R 15 tires on my Buick Super, any one have any experience on what air pressure to use ?,I am thinking a few pounds over original specs , any suggestions? Thanks
  7. Hello,can anyone recommend a 12 volt replacement heater /blower motor for a 1949 Buick Super?also is the rotation clock wise or CCW?Thank you.Gary
  8. Hello I had to replace the rear differential in mine , the biggest part of the job was getting the car up high enough to roll the rear out , however you may be able to just move the rear back after removing shock links , and use the vulcanite seal one as mentioned in above post , I was planning to change mine but it had been replaced by the previous owner and was still sealing.Remember if you remove the springs lower mount they are left handed thread .Good luck.Gary
  9. Hello, I have a 49 Super and used the electric wiper motor from Bobs mounted the on off switch on a angle bracket under dash, as it used the same screws as the vacuum motor, it can be easily changed back to original. Don’t know why other than cost they kept the vacuum setup as long as they did.My 41 Packard and 52 Plymouth had them as factory equipment.
  10. Hello I have a 49 Super and use 20 w 50 conventional in it .
  11. Hello,might be a power antenna switch,on the hydroelectric top the top switch also routes the fluid it’s a pull out push in knob for top control at least on 1949s on back.
  12. Hello again,sorry I can’t find my book with production figures .The previous information came from 1949 Buick master parts catalog.
  13. Hello 4407 -1947 Model 46-S Special Sedanet trim 50 tan and gray Bedford cord. Paint 08 Dusty Gray could have opt Dante red wheels white stripes 2 in vin number is assembled in California hopes this helps ,nice car by the way .Gary
  14. Hello, kerosene works good to remove hardened old and grease also but flammable of course.
  15. Hello ,I also checked on my reservation at the Super 8 and it is still reserved . I tried to get a room at the host hotel but was told it was full back in late February.Super 8 right next door recommended it.
  16. Hello again, to a certain extent of the Buick Show in Strongsville will be up State of Ohio if it happens or not, if the stay at home,no large gatherings , etc the decision will be made for us. Perhaps the club can estimate if they are at the point of cancellation as close to the event as possible.
  17. I always appreciate these older survivors ,when I first started into the hobby in the late 1960s car like this were the norm , now rarely see them even at AACA shows. I am hoping for the best on the Strongsville show ,maybe with some luck I will see you there.ps. Mine is only a 49 almost at modern car . 😄
  18. What year is your Buick? I was looking forward on going also if it happens it’s only about 100 miles from me if it happens
  19. Hello, I would rather see a postponement than cancellation if that’s necessary.Gary
  20. Hello again on early 49 s they will have the open ventiports with hoses connected to the inner fenders I think 3 inch in diameter if I remember correctly,also there will be two ID plates, one on top of cowl near data plate and one on drivers side door post ,the Dynaflow dipstick will be under passenger side floor mat ,on later models it was relocated under the hood. I also believe that the bearings were changed to insert type the same time hydraulic lifters were installed.They due have a tendency to leak out when sitting for a while, I had a Chevrolet Suburban that would rattle on Ist startup of the day my young son asked me why it made that noise, I said it was letting me know it was running 😉
  21. Nice 41 even the dash panel looks great! I friend of mine had a 41 Special with the twin carburetors he put a lot of miles on it going to shows One of my favorite Buicks .ENJOY
  22. Hello, only about 5,000 early 49.s were solid lifters, Without hearing it sounds like a lifter ,they will click at start up until oil pumps up in them,If you take off the valve cover you may be able to see the lifters and check .Before taking engine apart you may just want to drive it and see if it gets worse or goes away.The 1948 49 Manual goes over the. Valve train well . Also as I. Found out from experience there are different cams between solid and mechanical lifters also the upper arms .There is a small hole in the brass fitting to the upper valve train,the oil flow Is restricted to them also a small screen inside the fitting.So the oil flow isn’t high pressure. Could check it as mentioned in one of the above posts I bought a cheap stethoscope from Harbor Freight that comes in handy.
  23. Hey ,wait a minute, 41,s have turn singles!!😃
  24. I measured mine it’s about 30 1/4 inches long,1949 Super 50 series 248 c.i.
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