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  1. Metallic would be the same as exterior color,Gary
  2. Hello,on a convertible all interior moldings, dashboard, glove box ,steering column and even the engine firewall will be body color.The top bows that the top is mounted on is either tan or black to match top material. I used a two step paint process,gloss is from clear coat I used a slightly less gloss on interior finish on clear coat.In your case Gala Green.
  3. If it’s not an app for there cell phone they may not be interested Standard shift cars are too complicated for some people to understand,imagine trying to drive a even older car with manual spark and fuel control.On my 49 I had to replace the ignition lock, it was broken from someone attempting to start it by turning the key to a non existent start position, starter is in fuel pedal as it should be on a Buick.
  4. Thank you for the complement on the MG ,they are more of a drivers car than collectable .You are right on the price on MGB s only worth about $20,000 fully restored .I saw. MGA go at a auction for $5,000 but it was a complete original needing full restoration. I think most of the people in the British Club I am in have more in the cars than they are worth,but enjoy driving them ,like the hobby used to be. I sold my 912 Porsche to buy the 49 probably a bad decision on my part have over $40,000 in the 49 but not that many people have that much to spend on a toy and most people want at rat rod rather than a restoration .The Lucas electrical systems work good if you keep contacts clean and use bulb grease on them ,as good as any 40 plus year old car.Good luck on your MG .Gary
  5. Hello,registered online,hope to see you there ,maybe stay Friday night if possible.
  6. Hello I also have a 71 MGB I am in a similar situation with my 49 Buick convertible but with over 40,000. $ in it hard to find a new owner. I have put more miles on the MGB than any other collectible car I have owned,parts are easily available but don’t expect the velvet ride of a Buick 😇Gary
  7. Hello Thank you, as I mentioned before it has a number of early features on this car , I would like to know how many early 49 convertibles were made ,you would have thought that with Cadillac and Oldsmobile using the same body almost a year before that they would have been developed by the time Buick used them , seem to be a lot of running changes in 49 .A dealer selling a early 49 said only 1000 were made , I emailed him to find out the source of the information but never received a reply, probably Mark the 1000 number down to “salesmanship “Thank you again,Gary
  8. Hello, I am sorry to hear that my condolences to friends and family.
  9. Hello ,do you have information to find the build month of my 49 56c if I can get the engine number and body numbers. I did find a date of November 48 on the speedometer ,also it has some original glass with the latest date 12/48 . I know it is an early car with the steel top well ,flat trunk floor,lower profile deck lid Dynaflow fill under passenger side floor. Please tell me what numbers you will need to date it ,Thank you ,Gary
  10. Hello according to Standard Auto Electrician Manual,condenser is Delco Remy 1869704 capacity.18 to .25 microfarads
  11. Have seen nos aftermarket but it was all rubber without carpeted inserts
  12. Hello,does anyone have photos of the front floor mat for a 1949 Super convertible? I believe it was actually a black rubber mat with carpeted inserts.Thanks.
  13. Hello ,this is a repainted engine using CARS paint ,it matched closely with what was under spark plug cover. Incidentally replacement engines from Buick were painted black rather than current model year,In the product service bulletin Buick said they did not have a specific color of turquoise for engines but did mention some colors that were close.Buick had an extensive engine exchange program after WWII.This helps to explain why occasionally you will find a nicely restored pre war car with a black engine, rather than green, gray or red depending on model year ,a nice 41 Buick that was restored comes to mind , owner said engine was black when he bought it, and redid what he found ,1941 and 42 used Dante Red , same as wheel color on some models.
  14. Hello I think these are 3 1/2 wide on the 49 Buick convertible,white walls were standard equipment on all convertibles and estate wagons.in 49 The whitewalls got smaller as during the 1950,s I seen era advertising showing what looks to about 4 inch white walls on late pre war and early post war Buick’s The size looks good on your car .Cleaning the rear ones always challenging I pull the skirts and jack the body up surprisingly how dirty they get when you drive them.😀
  15. Hello ,you are right with the newer cars with overdrive in does 70 mph at about 2000 rpm ,gas mileage on the 49 is only about 10 mpg .When I go to shows in it I rarely take Interstates mostly state and US highways speed limit 55 mph will easily creep up to 60. I do have a tendency to pay more attention to the older cars as I drive them, also to other drivers.Still I don’t want to throw a rod 49 Buick is out of warranty 😁
  16. Hello again, I did contact gear vendors with email and waiting a reply,would have to send them the torque tube and drive shaft, from experience in this town, no one would be capable of modifying the drive line.Not sure what would be best way to ship.
  17. I have a 1948 49 Manual,Buick may have changed to the slightly higher ratio with the 263 Eights,I know the rpms are high at upper speeds it’s too bad Buick never offered overdrive when new,Hudson,Studebaker and even 49 Ford had it as a option.
  18. Hello, May have seen you there I had a 40 Chevrolet at that time,remember the bbq chicken cooked on open pit and deal market? Earlier, the show was in a park in Olean ,good times!!!
  19. Hello again ,I have a master part list that goes up to 1954 and it shows low gears available for prewar cars ,also the carriers change around 1948 to allow double row larger bearings on later rear carriers.want to keep the 4.54 but augment with OD .With a 4.54 rear on a standard shift car it would probably be almost stall free ,speed limits in that area were usually 50 mph except Pennsylvania Turnpike at 70 mph in late 1940,s so high rpm at higher speeds apparently weren’t a concern along with higher fuel consumption.
  20. Lots of Buick s in vintage movies a 49 Super convertible in Three Faces of Eve, and in Magnificent Obsession.and also check out pre war Warner Brothers gangster films ,Buick’s show up a lot .In High Sierra, cops are chasing Bogart in a 38 Plymouth Coupe with 39 Buicks also Maltese Falcon a 39 and 40 Buick are used by Bogey.
  21. The only other ratio available on 49 Supers was a 4.11 according to shop manual.
  22. 1949 Super Convertible with Dynaflow,I had to replace the rear end and that was what was in it and it needs that low end for acceleration, but engine turning lots of rpm at 60 mph . The 4.54 was also available in pre war Buick s ,many of the post war Super with Dynaflow were equipped this way.
  23. Hello thanks for the reply, I had emailed them but got no reply so far . I know they can be fitted with a rebuilt overdrive by a place in Ohio,it might make it more enjoyable to drive, It has the 4.454 rear and with Dynaflow it needs it.Gary
  24. They used to have a large AACA show in Olean at end of August ,used to pass through Salamanca every year going to show road was Rt 17 then.
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