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  1. hello,here are a place that has some hard to find hardware for cars they may have what you need,Restoration Supply Company15182-B Highland Valley Rd.Escondido, CA 92025 also Restoration Specialties & Supply, Inc 148 Minnow Creek Lane Windber, PA 15963 also has some bolts and hardware items for cars , I have bought clamps and screws for my 1949 Buick from them . Hope this helps
  2. Hello, Buick has a riveted date plate located on firewall,upper passenger side , that contains paint color, interior , and also body number. there is also to the right a smaller tag that is used for the VIN , early cars also have on on drivers side inner door post. The first digit on the VIN will indicate where car was built, 1 is Flint, 3 is Linden , 6 would be Atlanta. Also check window glass , if it is original it will be date coded month and year, also the back of speedometer may have a date ink stamped on it ,mine was NOV 8 1948 . later cars will have the VIN stamped on frame near steering gear box and don,t have the stamped VIN plates as mentioned . As mentioned previously last number stamped on engine block will indicate series 4 = Special 5= Super 7 = Roadmaster, All Roadmasters will be Dynaflow Transmission, option on a Super.and not available on Specials.
  3. Definitely worthwhile music icon auto if it could be found, where did you get the original info from?
  4. Hello, Here in Pennsylvania the antique plate issuing is quite liberal,if the car is 25 years old it can qualify for plates,I have been to shows and noticed cars that have far from being anywhere near original ,as they do not have to be inspected,I have often wondered how safe for the road these car are with all of the modifications done to them.These cars seem to the majority at most car shows ,however they are not antique cars. I also run into a class placement issue with a 1969 Porsche 912, it gets placed with the musclecars, My current restoration project , a 1949 Buick Super should be easier for them to figure out.I can recall when Model A Fords were the backbone of a car show now they are few and far between .
  5. I also noticed it has the early hood ornament ,the rocket in the now missing ring,later Buick added the cross bar to make it harder to snap off the attached ring ,resulting in to the now famous Bombsight , a Buick trade mark .
  6. HELLO, Nice find ,some of the nicest Buicks made are 1940s models .I would agree with Mr Phillips that front fenders and hood may have been changed,a 47 or 48 would have been easier to find.As mentioned before, it is a 47 or 48 grill, also if it has a Super script on fender, they would be a 48.You never know what happened in the past to these survivors,my 1949 Super had taken at hit on the passengers side early in its history ,door and lower sill was full of lead and fender apparently replaced .Good Luck on it well worth getting it back on road. Gary Goodman
  7. Hello, thank you for your post, I think someone in the Cadillac club was making a repro of the tumbler .As you mentioned Olds and Cadillac use the same part , I believe the price was 135.00 for the repair kit.I found a NOS repair kit to do mine .
  8. Hello, I have my roster, slight mistake om my car should be a 56c not 56s ,if it matters .1949 Buick Super dynaflow convertible sunmist gray . red interior , tan top , as per date plate.Body 2175.
  9. Hello, I am refinishing the dash and interior moldings on my 1949 56c , the color will be sunmist gray to match the exterior, however I believe that they are not polished to a high gloss , but a satin finish .Anyone care to give advice on what they did or what was original on it ? Thank you Gary Goodman
  10. Hello, Thank you for the information now I know where all those hoses go on my 49 56-c. Gary Goodman
  11. Hello ,Thank you for all of the replies , as this car was built in Flint, I Painted the date plate body color, Sunmist gray will also paint e-brake same color. Thanks again, Gary Goodman
  12. Hello ,what should be the color of the Emergency brake mechanism and also the cowl data plate? It seems that there is gray body color on the e brake , car was originally Sunmist Gray ,assuming the date plate would be body color. Thank you if anyone knows
  13. Buick is under going body repaint now , refinishing it in original color of Sunmist gray .here are in progress pictures.
  14. Thank you for your reply, I learn something new every day on this forum !! Included photo of data plate from my car, as you said it has an X after the four digit body type. Thanks again, Gary Goodman
  15. What is the difference between a 56c , Super Convertible and a model 56cx model ? I know X usually means power windows on closed models , but all convertible models had power windows as standard equipment. I saw this in The Buick a complete history book. Thank you if anyone knows the answer . Gary Goodman
  16. Wrong website sorry should be http://www.penngrade.com they changed the website not as helpful as before.
  17. Hello, Penn-Brad makes a straight 30 wt. oil that is high in zinc content ,they call it a break in oil but I use it in my 1949 Super. Its also made for older engines with flat tappets.Some of their multi weights are semi synthetic but check the website at www. pennbrad for more info.Hope this helps
  18. Hello again,even if I could salvage the lower part of it may be of some help,Gary Goodman
  19. Hi, Thank you for your reply .I am in Erie,Pa, zip code 16506,and will buy the fender, Mine have had rust damage and were poorly repaired so I dont know original couture of them ,they fit so badly they had made extensions to attach the skirts. Fenders from a 2 door , sedanette, should interchange with a convertible, either Super or Roadmaster. I have included photos of my fenders to compare to .Thanks again, Gary Goodman
  20. Hello, Does anyone know of repair panels available to repair the lower area of the rear fenders where the stone guards mount on a 1949 Buick convertible? or know of anyone capable of making them? Thank You . G Goodman
  21. Hello, want to buy rear fenders and trim moldings, and stone guards for a 1949 Buick Super conv .model 56c or repair panels for lower leading area of fenders. Thank you G. Goodman
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