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  1. When I was in high school I built a T speedster out of dad’s spare parts pile and during its break in period it always died at the top of the hill at a friendly neighbors farm. The lady, Jenny Peckavitch, was in her 80’s at that time and a good friend of my grandmothers so I’d stop for a visit when it died and every time she would ask what the car’s name was… so eventually I named it Jenny. I swear once it was named it stopped dying on that particular hill and I have named every vehicle since… 24 Studebaker became “the beast” because it stuck 54 Jeepster was named “bumble” (it was black and yellow) 15 T Ford roadster became Mrs. Beauford 27 T Ford sedan is still Miss Emily as it came from Walton’s mountain Virginia and can be flaky at times 29 A Ford roadster was Miss Crusty 28 A Ford Phaeton came with the name Judy and I never changed it and my 31 Pierce started life as “big blue” but now it is running again it seems to have been renamed after Betty Boop for some reason… Never gave it a second thought that not everyone named their cars…
  2. This is the best solution for that can... https://forums.aaca.org/topic/365661-making-parts-on-a-cnc-out-of-billet/?tab=comments#comment-2243320
  3. The iron above is Ford toolbox issue, and I think there’s a much longer one for the Jack handle with the (left end above) rim grab style spoon. There’s tool guides for each of those Ford year kits available somewhere... at least there were.
  4. I think it’s mid to late 30’s Ford and the square hole is for adjustment of the brakes.
  5. Someone has fitted a spare tire lock onto a headlight bucket, so it really doesn’t fit anything... Im thinking that the lock is 1935ish give or take a year, no clue on the headlight bucket.
  6. They really do look great... mine was painted flat in keeping with the undone engine look so it may not be the picture Ed wanted posted, but I will say that the quality is top notch and then some! I have pictures of a NOS one from eBay a while back, but a different size than the one on my 31 Pierce. It sold for about half of the modern aluminum one and the internal filter could ruin an engine f it’s as dry as I would suspect.
  7. I wound up getting mine from Straight 8, Ed posted the link... I also bought the line and a new sight glass assembly and reworked the entire length to the tank. It does work, and hasn’t faded (yet) but I have only been back to driving for a handful of weeks. Several people have expressed the opinion that they won’t work well for a long period as the fluid is quite caustic and they weren’t very good even when new, so I also keep an eye on the trip odometer and get gas around 100 miles... Good luck, but King Seeley has been joked about as much as his first born son Lucas, known as the prince of darkness - even Ed has stated that’s why our friends across the pond drink warm beer, Lucas made their refrigerators!
  8. It’s certainly a scam. I had a few try similar scams when I sold my two model A’s a few years ago, they didn’t have any sophistication nor enough familiarity with the cars to have been anything but a scammer.
  9. I don’t know exactly, but looks like a truck piece from the 1950’s. Maybe search google images and see what you can find. Definitely Ford V8...
  10. Not so much a mold, but rather a casting pattern. Could also be from a Velie which made a lot of aluminum bodied cars.
  11. X2 on David’s comments, it looks interesting but the more information and pictures you add the more interest you can expect to get. People will ask about the missing parts, a good taillight is $1000 easy if you can find it, headlights are even more scarce, and the engine compartment pictures will tell another huge story about how much more is either there or not. Great potential at least.
  12. Good timing Walt, there’s an interesting conversation about a really fancy Boyce in the “phone rang” thread, found half way down Pg 52:
  13. I don’t know if this is the right diameter or mounting, but if it is I have a back cover in my clock parts box you can have... https://www.ebay.com/itm/154505884248
  14. The last pictures of me were pushing 50 years old , so here’s a new one now that she is running again...
  15. Another loss to this hobby, he was an inspiration to many and his enthusiasm for original cars of the 20’s was infectious. My deepest condolences to his family.
  16. I am going to say it is a model T with a factory aftermarket body. I’m going on a couple points, first is the parking brake handle and cross shaft as well as the back of the oil pan is somewhat distinct even in shadow. The rear cross section of the frame is visible and looks T, as well as the springs, brake rods, and rear radius rods. Also the permanent hand crank is very much a T identifier as well as the steering wheel, gearbox and lever visible.
  17. Or using dowel and a drill press set up to be a mini wood lathe, so long as you have a good picture with a scale and maybe even a few diameter measurements it would be rather easy. If Terry would be so kind, I would be willing to give it a shot...
  18. I use a leather punch for the holes, it has several different diameter punches for the smaller screws and I have a few single type for larger holes. It works great
  19. It’s an accessory windshield wiper handle, I had one on a T years ago that had a Trico logo on the face of the ball handle.
  20. Oliver Tractor comes to mind, I would suggest you look at the pictures of tractors...
  21. At one time the AACA library was selling copies of Automobile Quarterly at a very reasonable price and seemed to have 90% of the entire collection available. As mentioned there is a few harder to find copies but for the most part they are easily available. I think I bought 5 different copies that contained articles on Pierce Arrow for $3.00 each at the time which is much much less than any you can find on eBay and it supports the library... if you are looking for information about the mechanics I would suggest earlier copies of Dyke’s, Audel’s, or Motor Manuals. There’s also several books from correspondence courses for automotive repair and maintenance that can be very interesting. Good luck!
  22. Heck, there’s 5k in cobwebs and barn dust alone 🤣🤣🤣 Sorry, couldn’t resist... but you would think for 50k they would clean it, take more quality pictures, and maybe do something about the gas leak other than putting the plastic funnel underneath, but then again maybe it’s just me??
  23. It’s a tire spreading unit of some sort, so it holds the tire in such a way as to patch the inside easier.
  24. Cornering the market?? Once you get good ID on the dash clock please post it, there’s this guy who needs one...
  25. Being for the war, I don’t think packaging was anything to worry about... not like it was a POP display at a public parts distributor. They may even have used that opportunity to use up outdated boxes.
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