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    These photos were originally posted by "antiquez" in this forum category in 2016 as images from glass plate negatives. I have simply reversed and cleanup up the images. They all appear to be Packards from the long time dealer in Honolulu von Hamm-Young Co., Ltd. This dealer also handled the American Austin car when it was introduced in 1930.
  2. I got home after a weekend away and found many responses. Thank you all. It does appear to be an Overland. Via Photoshop I reversed the image and it now looks more viable. See photo. Thanks for your responses. Mike
  3. Can anyone identify the make and year of the car on this postcard copyrighted 1911. Thanks. Mike mitchellpierre@comcast.net
  4. This is a 1945 photo of a Midget racer. It is a tricky question -- Can anyone identify the maker and place of the photo? AAnderson 45 hit the nail. The midget was put together by GI's on Saipan during their downtimes from servicing B-29s. All materials used were from "scrap". God knows there was a ton of wrecked Japanese vehicles and wrecked Japanese and US airplanes to use as raw material. The photo came from the unit history book of the 500th Group, 73rd Wing, 20th AF.
  5. I enhanced the wheel hub in Photoshop and it may read "SL," though I am not sure. Mike
  6. Photo taken in 1910 or earlier in Riverside, CA.
  7. Appears to be from a 1949-1950 Chevy. My first car was a 49 Chevy convertible and it had a license plate holder just like this.
  8. Car license plate does not look like any pre-1920 California plate, though that does not precude the photo being taken in Calif.
  9. This is my great grandparents, my dad as a little tyke & a gaggle of cousins in Tucson about 1918-1919? Further review of my photo looks like my dad is about three, which would date the photo about 1918-19. The radiator shell should be a dead giveaway, but after hours of I'net search I cannot find a car with a similar radiator shell. Somebody must know what it is! I couldn't find any White autos in this time period with a "round" grill shell. Mike
  10. The detailed info provided by Les is exactly what I was seeking. Thanks loads. It will go a long way towards enhancing a great photo for our Family History File. Mike
  11. Thanks for the replies received. What throws me about the "Model T" possibility is that the grill doesn't look like a T. Then again, I'm am not that knowledgeable about the customization of T's in the '20s.
  12. Thanks for the tip. I studied numerous web sites, ebay, my Floyd Clymer books, and the Willy Overland Registry page, I agree that my Grandad's car was an Overland. Based on all the online photos I saw and the "13" visible on the radiator, I am making the assumption it is a 1913 Overland Model 69 Touring. Thanks again for the tip.
  13. My Great Uncle Joe is in this cool roadster with what appears to be 1924 Calif. plates. He lived in LA during that time. Can anyone ID the make and year of his tricked out rod? One of the first LA street rods I'd say. Mike
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