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  1. I was thinking Flint in the middle, but not sure...
  2. With the cowl lamps and rectangular radiator emblem, I think it is a 28 Standard Six. Very similar, but minor detail differences.
  3. Although not completely related, the South Bend Watch Company made a model named “Studebaker” but I don’t think there was much of a connection to the car company. That Buick watch has that 1970’s cheap pocket watch look to it. I have also seen a Pierce Arrow version of it for obscene money. I guess they are old enough to fool another generation of collectors...
  4. Here’s a period keychain for that car... something I picked up along the way which was very obscure IMO
  5. You might have to get an administrator to help move them. There’s also a way of canceling a thread that you started and then you can put them in the right place.
  6. It sounds like you are selling, but you put your add into the parts wanted section???
  7. Fairly common Model T Ford era aftermarket lamp lens... if it were complete it would be in the ballpark on price, but just a lens is someone hoping to score.
  8. 1925 Hupmobile... usually an 8 but script reads 6, so I guess it is a 6.
  9. And that color is Montgomery Ward grey... I agree with Jack on this one
  10. My definition of an expert is: “one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about positively nothing”
  11. Yes, Pierce was owned by Studebaker at the time and shared several parts with the President series, David is asking for his Pierce with the hope that this is one of those parts.
  12. The stamp is actually a printing block. I'm pretty sure the bezel is part of a spout to an earlier style of oil or paint thinner can.