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  1. Definitely should have been a Crackerjack toy, the car was! I drove one for 3 years and popped three engines. They had a tendency to melt the piston once the emissions controls were added. The final straw was when I was driving home from work on a slushy road when the rusty floor under my feet dropped down filling my lap with salty slush at 45 MPH. It was an excessively COLD ride the rest of the way home that night!! 🥶 By the way, that is a really nice toy, and you made it look great.
  2. Thank you! As you can imagine, the original was not the best quality and from the mid 60’s. that dark-light streak is probably from exposure to sunlight over the last 50 or so years. I thought these were lost after my parents had both passed, but my brother had tripped across them and surprised me last September. Thanks to your work I now have a new avatar...
  3. Well, who’d a thunk a kid would go from sitting on dad’s hood, to a grease monkey, then become an infamous Speed-Racer fan... Dad did everything to get my brothers and I into old cars, but it only afflicted me. I kinda wish he kept the T-Bird, and I might like that Quarter Midget back too. But should I ever loose the memories it would be the worse loss of all...
  4. On another thread someone is trying to pass off new reproduction shift knobs as vintage, and after making a nasty reply another forum member and I were accused of not tolerating that side of the hobby. It’s not true... while I personally prefer the pre 1940 original cars I also have many friends with rat rods as well as some with restoration-mods. one friend with a rodded Rockne kept looking at my Model A and saying it must make me cry to see his cars, actually he had more vision and talent than I did as the car was really nice. It takes as much talent and money to restore the 1972 Ford Pinto I thought was junk in my high school years as older cars and might even be a little harder to find parts for because nobody would have expected them to be desirable (and I blew up three engines in that Pinto leaving less around). Heck, I got interested in the old cars because of the mid 60’s Mustangs which you could really hop up from stock without much money back when gasoline was well under $1/gallon. As Modeleh says above there’s an ass for every seat, but there’s always going to be some friction between the camps especially if you are trying to pass it off as something that it isn’t. Just think about keeping the original parts for that point in time you might like to reverse it to stock, or sell them to someone who wants to stay stock.
  5. Thanks money pit, that was exactly the point I was trying to make although not as good as you. The young man I know that was so happy to find that really rare vintage knob for the Model A he’d inherited from his father wound up loosing interest in the car. I can’t say it was just the fault of getting deceived but that was a part of it.
  6. Just remember, using friends and family is NOT a protected way to pay... its just like sending cash! I hope everyone can see through the NEW FANTASY KNOBS that are being represented as “vintage”, they are NEW ITEMS. DON’T GET TAKEN FOR A SCAM UNLESS YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN FUTURE VALUE. I had friends scammed by these items when they started appearing on eBay, BUYERS BEWARE.
  7. That and another with a rabbit instead of lions. Both can be seen here:
  8. Apperson had a shield shaped emblem late in life that approximates the shape behind the A. Just a wild guess though...
  9. Any possibility that it’s a Chevrolet missing the third spring mounted across the back? The steering column looks like it had the spark and throttle rods running down the outside which is what makes me think that...
  10. Here’s the new link to the gas gauge bits:
  11. Well, I can’t help with the ID, but I will say it’s a rather large thread for an internally threaded radiator neck. The mid 20’s Pierce-Arrow is around 2” and a similar age Cadillac is the same as I’ve been told. Those are pretty big cars but there’s obviously a bigger one somewhere... Good luck with your search, at that size it should narrow the field a lot!
  12. It came from a yard sale last summer for $2.00 and I haven’t cleaned it up yet other than some WD40, I should dig out some steel wool now you mentioned it... I will say it’s the most comprehensive pitch gauge I’ve seen, inch series only but I can do the math for metric pitches when needed.
  13. I agree with Sagefinds that this looks like an Areoplane item with the dual batteries and dual magneto system I believe the two run positions indicate. I’m not sure when Airplane replaces the older spelling I used above, but I also believe this switch predates that time. But all that said, I don’t think Kimberly will get an answer on a 14 year old posting...
  14. I’m glad I taught you that terminology, TPI wasn’t commonly used in the trade school I attended... funny how some things that get bashed through the thick skull of a teenager sticks forever! Its easy if you have a pitch gauge...