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  1. Being sold with, or through a tractor company might explain it not having any of the numerous adapters?? Not sure if it would still have contained the full set. It’s an interesting accessory to display with something, but I also think Roy’s assessment of value is not too far off. If it were a very useful accessory, in better condition, or had all the adaptors mentioned there might be more value. I find that accessory items that add bling or functionality are what sell and the rest gets carted from flea to shining flea...
  2. Way down on the bottom left is a part number which may contain a date code, but late 30’s seems to be a good estimate. I see that Dusty mentioned the same thing above... I should have read before posting!
  3. Keep your eye on eBay, I’ve seen several complete ones going for $150 or less and others asking twice that but not selling. Mine came without the instructions but another person was kind enough to get me a picture of the section I needed... although if you’re mechanically inclined those instructions are not really needed to figure it out.
  4. Here’s a picture of the page from my tool catalog, there’s also a version made by Allen...
  5. It was a valve tool that someone modified into a duck-bill clamp. It still has the u for the spring retainer but should not have anything but two fingers on the other side. Those fingers usually have a screw so that they can be adjusted to clamp snug to the lifter.
  6. One step back today... well yesterday really today I just drive. My radiator is in need of a bath and I found a repair shop a few hours away that specializes in car, truck, and tractor radiator service in a predominantly tobacco farming area... on top of that they have been there since 1927 and the owner knew what a honeycomb radiator was! Once you start looking for a radiator shop you find out quickly that it’s a dying breed, and sadly one that Matt Hinson mentioned recently is no longer able to do the work because his radiator guy was killed in a motorcycle accident.
  7. Getting the distributor set up on a machine is best as it will also make sure that the mechanical advance is working properly, but it sounds like you have a distributor to begin with. This is the tool I use to set my points to fire on the 45 degrees increments. It was a factory suggested shop tool for my Pierce and you can see the exact break in continuity with each light bulb going off. I found this one on eBay for just about $100 and have seen several others since. The manual page above gives you how to time the distributor to the engine as well as anything I can find, but this
  8. Where is your magnet?? Really, it saves you so much gas... People ignore science whenever it doesn’t suit their personal opinions. The one I heard about as a kid was adding borax...
  9. Body has similarities to Nash and Chrysler products, but the hubcap and roof visor is throwing me off. I don’t think Marmon because of the smallish cowl lights...
  10. Having less stuff in each picture would help immensely... if you spread it out and ask about a few things in different threads there’s a much better chance that someone can help.
  11. And I believe that you are correct that the first car is a 1916 Premier...
  12. Funny, but that is the only picture I took under the hood recently and it was for someone on FB who was being referred to John for a filter. Ross pistons with modern rings, Cislak’s valves and guides, new rod bearings and the mains were at .002 so they stayed. I didn’t get into the clutch or transmission, that’s a future project along with the needle bearings for the springs and rear end. At some point soon I hope to answer your oil pressure question! Here’s one from a few weeks ago
  13. Well, it’s called “unrestored grunge” If only the machine shop could have magnafluxed without cleaning the head, you might not have thought I’d been inside...
  14. After two years and a few weeks I finally got the old gal running... still working on some kinks, which may include a visit to a reputable radiator shop (post shutdown coolant barfing) but it is good to see her move again!
  15. A while back I ponied up about $90 for a box lot of car clocks on evilBay because of the nearly perfect pot metal housings that fit my 31 Pierce. Most of the clock works here are identical but the housings differ. Once I get mine fixed (which is a very low priority) the rest will go back into circulation...
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