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  1. If it’s a flat plate clutch you should align your clutch disc with a pilot prior to tightening it down, then all you need to do is alignment of the splines as you mate them up.
  2. Did anyone notice this for sale? A car from Lynchrurg (yes with a “R” instead of a “B”) Virginia... at least it was made before spellcheck and the seller makes fun of how bad the reproduction was.
  3. I agree with Terry, I learned a lot poking around their website and the Mike Shears is a great person to inquire about fakes. I fully believe that several of the ones that have sold were reproduction and I don’t bid on anything that I question at all, not that I’m a player for the big ticket ones in the first place... There’s a great reference on the makers marks on Mike & Murray’s website, and most were marked. A good rule of thumb is to question anything without a makers mark IMHO.
  4. That plus the golf club door makes me think you are correct there...
  5. I agree they are aftermarket, not too many companies didn’t put something on the hubcaps as advertising. I don’t know if you have ever noticed, but one of my As had a set of Fool hubcaps on her - and they also made ones that said Bool even though they looked a lot like regular Ford script caps they were J. C. Whitney parts I suspect.
  6. I agree with Jack, it’s a great looking car that I think is worth every penny of 20k plus some, but the extra storyline isn’t worth another nickel IMO. As for spooky, really? This isn’t a B rated horror flick, it’s a car folks... and a pretty good looking one too.
  7. Yes I have seen it done a couple times on a model T tour, a little Indian head varnish and back together. Although I haven’t come across any welded valves before, the T had used cast iron headed valves for a time and I had experienced one of those coming apart. It punched a perfectly round hole in the cast iron piston on a built from junk speedster I made in my high school years... not so catastrophic in a Ford, toss in another valve & piston from a junk engine and good to go again - No balancing no new gasket and it lasted through college when I sold it and bought a decent antique car... Backyard high school mechanic work is rarely pretty and neither is middle of the tour side of the road work most of the time.
  8. YIKES! I wonder... if it came apart just how much damage would you find?
  9. Wayne, I do not know the exact date of the change to the side, but I do know it was in the late 15 timeframe, which due to model years might be considered a 16 - well before the end of the brass radiator which is why I am certain this is the real deal. If you look at earlier cars it was a holdout from 14 with the forward section changed for the cowling.
  10. The very same car, good call! Thank you for the posting, always interesting to read about something so scarce.
  11. Same people believe that the magneto was made to run the car without fuel by it’s cosmic energy field... more crazy people talking out their butts... It’s looking genuine to me, the drivers side is a 2-piece stamping with a seam running down the back edge of the fake door bead, that stamping went to one piece pretty early on, also the plate under the seat dates that body to June 1915 and the engine was cast in June of 1915 -don’t ever believe that Henry stored blocks to “season” the iron, I’ve seen motor numbers stamped as close as 4 days of the casting dates. At this point in time he was pounding out cars as fast as possible and not advertising them too aggressively as they were selling just as quickly. It looks very much like the March 1915 Roadster (I think Ford called it a Runabout) I had for many years running around Maine which was sold in 2011 or 12. A great starter for the Horseless carriage tours! Yes there are more brass Ts around than there should be, but this doesn’t look like one of those cars IMO, just more crazy talk. As for having shaved the numbers, there really isn’t enough meat there to take them off completely and if it were done, nobody is smart about restamping the very crooked numbers, they always try and make it look better...
  12. Well, David tracked it down quickly... I need one for my 1931 Pierce Arrow, please let us know when the time comes to pre-order this. The one on my car works pretty good but was totally homemade and just slightly interferes with the throttle advance linkage from the starter button, if these are forthcoming I will grind some clearance and use it until the new ones are available.
  13. Agree that it is a beautiful car and I can see why you chased it for so long. I love the color combination as well as it being original.
  14. I went to home away and found an apartment about 4 miles away- total price for 2 nights is $170 - I am looking forward to seeing it for the first time!
  15. I went down to NAPA and picked up 2 non-cogged belts for my 31 Pierce Arrow, they still look shinier than the old fabric belts but I don’t have any issues with it as I would rather quality belts - that and the car is original so losing points at a show isn’t a big worry.