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  1. I forwarded this to a friend but I think he’s looking for one with a 2.09-16 inside thread. Thank you for taking the time to measure it up.
  2. What is the thread Size of the Bakelite one?
  3. If we’re talking imaginary, I would suggest having the real one... Much more macho! .
  4. I would venture to guess that it would have something to do with fuel trucking, maybe it was from the terminal to avoid sparking off the main tanks?
  5. Was enjoying this and want to add two from eBay... the Oakland shows a lot of wear but has no markings so I would not trust it, the other is just laughable... Keep them coming guys!
  6. Agree with Paul. Those lines also tend to let go in the worst possible time, the last couple times it happened to me it was because of the added stress of trailering my Model T on a modern pickup. Both times the line looked okay on the outside. Your time and money will be well worth the peace of mind IMO
  7. Definitely the Transmission cover (Hogs head) and pretty sure you will need the 4-dip oil pan because it has a little bit of a bulge where that drum rides. Realize that the floor boards change too as the pedals have a different spacing, and if you want it to look semi correct you might want to weld the diamond shaped pedal on to replace the later wide ones.
  8. Mascot makes me think mid 30’s GMC
  9. As a newbie he may have lost this initial thread and not know how to find it, I doubt he’s trying to annoy anyone with repetitive questions....
  10. One of the first pieces of advice I received before opening up my 31 Pierce was to realign the oil pump before putting it together. The second piece was to buy an endoscope that is used with your smart phone so you can skip a lot of ups and downs associated with your steps 4 thru 7...
  11. Leaving Maine 2 years ago I had a wrench for one of those cages that I think went to a friends shop. He kept telling me it was a bung wrench but I am pretty sure it was for your style cages. I will try to get ahold of him to see if he can find it...
  12. I’d go with that, the 29 looks much closer than the 31
  13. Although it has wire wheels, note the hubcap, running board trim, and hood as compared to my 31 model 43 sedan.
  14. Insulting, a Packard? No I think not! This beautiful car is most certainly a Pierce Arrow. I will venture around 1931 by the hood openings but someone should be able to narrow it down better. (Completely mock indignation here, please excuse my attempt at being funny 🤣🤣🤣)