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  1. Tristian Most DBs That were imported into Australia in KD form were fitted with T J Richards Bodies in Adelaide Ron
  2. Unfortunately cost will prohibit me from shipping a car What am i talking about I have to finish the restoration first Oh well it cost nuthin to dream
  3. Can anyone tell me if any and what plans have been made in regards to 100 years of Dodge Brothers What time of the year and so forth I presume it will be in Detroit We are saving like blazers and are hoping to come up from the land Downunder Thankyou Ron
  4. If I could get the little" metal box piece" and the top piece that the handle fits into that would be great thankyou Ron
  5. I have posted an advertisment previously and received some answers but nothing eventuated and I still have no switch I did receive an answer from a Ryan Parker in Liverpool NSW He was suposed to be parting out a 2249 series and when the emails got to the serious stage like what have you got and how much no more contact Does this happen often. I am not real computor savvy and I feel that this guy may have been trying something that would leave me partless and an empty wallet. So after all this of getting my hopes up I am still require the parts that I originally advertised for Ron
  6. Check out vinwire.com.au for your wiring harness I baught 1 for my 1927 Senior 6 Tourer and they come with extra wires for indercators Ron
  7. I dont think the crank is for a tourer
  8. So sorry to hear of your plite Anyone with half a brain should be able to work it out that it would have to be machined as an assembley I would be asking both for a donation towards another manifold
  9. The "to date" means that DB were still using speedo 3850 When that bulletin was published It seems that they were used up untill the whie faced guages were introduced
  10. Another site is scottsoldautorubber.com.au This firm is in Melbourne
  11. In Australia many parts like kingpins tierod & trackrod ball joints as well as shackle bolts & bushes uni joints etc were avaliable in good quality aftermarket parts shops I was able to buy ball joints for my 2249 series & they were the same as a 1932 British Bedford 30 cwt truck. The kingpin bushes are C1500 International & the pins I had to get made I must admit the chap that served me at Coventrys was an older person and he was very helpfull This was a number of years ago now and unfortuneatly they only cater for more modern autos now
  12. I know that there are some "Dreamers" in this world and lets face it They havn't put a tax on dreamin yet If they get their price we must be undervaluing our cars Cheers
  13. I will be over the moon when my 27 / 2249 Series is looking as good
  14. Please post some pictures and we may be able to help
  15. Disc steel wheels were a popular option in Australia as our long hot dry summer weather caused hickory spokes to shrink and become loose I have seen many wood spoke wheels with packer washers between the end of the spoke and the fellow One way to cure this problem is during restoration carefully drill a 3/16" hole ineach spoke around 3.5 inches deep Into the hole put a mixture of Linseed Oil & kerosene the tap a dowel into the hole This way there is a resivior of oil to keep the spokes tight in the fellow
  16. I do not have a crank handle for my Senior 6 Would you be able to send me a picture of the end that fits into the dog on the end of the crankshaft My email is rlkl@westnet.com.au Thankyou Ron
  17. It ia more likley to be cast alluminium than zinc
  18. Very interesting subject Bill what did you have the gears cut for
  19. Going by your previous posts,youhave only just purchased this automobile. The victory 6 has Steeldraulic brakes ie Steel cables.Now if this car has been sitting idle for any length of time I would start by making sure that the inner cables hav not ceased in the outer cables Hope this will help
  20. Bell me on 0417900617 to swap a yarn or 2
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