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  1. Kevin, The red triangle was fitted to serve as a warning to drivers of autos that only had 2 wheel brakes "Hey dude I can stop quicker than you so bck off"
  2. Another one is F.I.A.T. Failed in all tests. Also others that are unprintable. Merry Christmas to every one from The Land Downunder regards Ron
  3. Thanks for the cigar Steve but I dont smoke. However if you are going to be at the DB celebrations in 2014 I would like to catch up and chew fat about our cars Ron
  4. There is NEVER an easy way Only the right way
  5. The part attached to Steves chassis appears to be a Gabriel Snubber which was an after market brand My friends 1926 Chrysler 62 has Weed Levelizers and my 2249 Senior 6 has Watson Stablestors on it These are all friction type shock absorbers Regards Ron
  6. Tut tut Jason I know people that would heed your advice Theh you will have to explain how to reatatch the said door skin
  7. The thumb lock Gizzmo on the gear leaver is to stop reverse gear from being selected when going forward The leaver [thats the little one that you lift with thumb] has to be lifted to let gear leaver over to align up with the reverse selector otherwise the gear can't be engaged regards Ron
  8. We are getting excited about our planed trip now. By the time it comes around I will be Hypo
  9. Thankyou very much for the pictures Keiser Are you going to be at the 100year cellebrations My wife and I are planing on comming up from Aust and would like to meet as many DBers as possible
  10. ir cleaners are as scarce as hens teeth Water jacket covers are avaliable from either Romars or Meyers
  11. Hello Keiser Do you have other photos of the Senior 6? I am restoring a 1927 Australian bodied tourer Thank you Ron
  12. Sorry that my spelling is not up to scratch and I know that the original post was about scammers from the UK All I was trying to do was let other members know that it happens in The Land Downunder too Cheers
  13. The same thing happendto me whn I advertised for a headlght switch This guy was a Ryan Parker from Liverpool NSW Aust Led me to believe that he was "parting out" a 2249 series DB That term for selling something is not Aussie lingo Anyway the mooron never got any money and I hope he reads this post
  14. Mick went into my maual and all it tells us is the 2 main brushes are copper in colour and the third brush is black As for the charge rate it saysit should be regulated in accordance with the amount of work the battery is required to do 1 rule of thumb is 5 to 7 amps charging at 20 mph Hope this helps Ron
  15. Question for 2251DB That IS a Senior6 Model Do you have any pictures to post I have A 2249 Series Tourer Thanks Ron Stake Hi
  16. Stamped on the chassis above the rear spring hanger of the right front spring
  17. :)I have a friend with a 1916 DB Engine #167680 Chassis #116310 Jack Requires a starter chain And on looking at Romars Cataloge there are 2 chains Can any of you very knowledgable early DB owners tell me which 1 he needs Regards Ron
  18. Tassie oak as we call it in australia is not a true oak however it was ideal for and was used extensivley in timber body frames by many local body builders Harder and more durable timber was used for the flooring on flat tray and well bodied utes
  19. DCE you dont say where you are from I presume somewhere other than USA as US Dodge Brothers had all steel bodies If you sre like me from Australia I believe the timber used was Tasmanian Oak It was in good supply light and strong Hope this helps Ron
  20. It was Quite common to have a slight gap between the slats so as to prevent warping if the timber got wet The same as when beds [trays if your an Aussie] had wooden floors a slight gap of about 1/8th was left between the boards[slats] They usualy closed up in winter but the boards didnt buckle and warp In summer when the moisture was cooked out of the timber you would have the gap back again
  21. Tristian Most DBs That were imported into Australia in KD form were fitted with T J Richards Bodies in Adelaide Ron
  22. Unfortunately cost will prohibit me from shipping a car What am i talking about I have to finish the restoration first Oh well it cost nuthin to dream
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