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  1. R.White

    Starting Dodge Four restoration.

    Something which came to light when I rebuilt my engine ( 5 bearing "c" ) was that the crank was slightly bent. It meant despite the main journals being accurately ground, I couldn't take the main bearing caps up by more than a 0.003" clearance without binding. Perhaps you might consider checking yours? A possible cause of vibration? Re balancing: I gather these low revving engines were never properly balanced when new and simply relied on the very heavy flywheel to even things out. Ray.
  2. Hopefully there were no accidents this year? Ray.
  3. The Stocks! This is a photo of the stocks outside the Church at Shalford village where I used to live. Funny thing, crime is very low in the area.?
  4. It's when they steal bronze War Memorial plaques that you know the bottom of the barrel has been well and truly scraped.? Ray.
  5. Those of us who to hope to take something positive from Brexit are pushing for the reinstatement of hedgerows and sustainable farming methods. Many hedgerows have been grubbed out by farmers; heavily subsidised through E.U. "land improvement" schemes. Our Government, for all it's faults, has signalled that in future, subsidies will only be paid for environmental enhancement. I for one welcome that .
  6. If you Google 34 The Street, Shalford, Guildford. you should find the Tudor cottage we used to own. The house was built in 1530 and is unbelievably original. The downside with many of these ancient places, however, is that they were built at the edge of what would have been just a dirt track but now have a lot of road traffic to contend with. When we sold up (for work ) we had over 100 viewings but in the end it was a nice American couple who fell in love with the old place. It's original name was "Brambledens" and began as an open "hall house" which would have been thatched. There would have been an open fire in the middle of the room and the smoke would have dissipated through the roof. Soot deposits are still visible on the rafters in the attic. In the early 17th century a first floor was added and a magnificent 'Inglenook' fire place with bread oven and smoking loft installed. I miss the old place with its massive beams and oak panelling etc. ...but not the noisy road! Ray.
  7. Sadly, the number of historic vehicles seen on British roads is declining and has been for some time. I don't possess a trailer so I will happily drive on the roads hereabouts. I do have some nice country lanes to choose from - and some attractive watering holes to head for - but I steer clear of motorways. I fear if we don't use our old cars as they were intended we will give the powers that be the impression that we don't either need or want the right to do so. Ray.
  8. I was born pure. ? Don't know what happened.?
  9. These superchargers don't half make a racket.!!
  10. Hi Bill. Are you going to fit it to your DB?
  11. I know the (rather pedestrian) British sport scar, the MG TC, can be transformed by fitting a supercharger. The bottom end obviously needs to be in good condition but generally, this is a modification that can be done under the hood that keeps the running gear original and is eminently reversible - although no one who has done this would want to go back to the twin carb set up. I don't know if there is a blower that would bolt on to a 1930's Dodge in the same, no hassle, way but it might be a consideration worth investigating.
  12. I have a suspicion the main reason for your posting here has more to do with fishing than fettling. I expect you think we will all start beating the drums and become terribly upset that you might even consider hotting up your original antique car. Once everyone is against you and telling you how wicked you are to make any changes to the running gear you will presumably feel justified in doing it anyway. I anticipate you will strip out the original drivetrain and replace it with something modern because that way you slap down the purists who you really can't stand. No doubt we will be treated to a series of posts that you imagine will have the desired effect and attract even more criticism; thus giving you even more self justification for your actions. I can imagine you saying something like: "How dare anyone tell me what to do with my car. It's my money and my time and no one gets to dictate to me" etc. etc. I can understand how frustrating it must be for you that cars built back in the 1930s were not designed to go more quickly than they do. Perhaps they should have known better...? Ray.
  13. O.K. My mistake. I was confusing Stoke, Coventry with Stoke on Trent. Humber did once have a motor works at Beeston, Nottingham (quite close to me in Derby - but in the opposite direction)...but I think that closed quite early on. Ray. https://www.historiccoventry.co.uk/nowandthen/content.php?pg=humber-wks
  14. Was your car built at the Stoke works? I live just over 30 miles from there.! Ray.