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  1. I stand corrected Ray, as you did state earlier your car body was Aussie made and saddle holes were filled in. Your saddles appear tall enough to keep top off my spare in rear but I still need to fix the angle of mounting pin as yours are straight, as I need about a 15 degree angle pin. At least I would have "real" saddles instead of my Frankenstein saddles I'm making from scratch. I'll send off an Email to you soon Ray.
  2. Tony, That is one nice Dodge Brothers roadster! I've worked with phosphor bronze before and it is tough. You shed a multitude of info here, explaining to my thoughts why Ray White's saddles are "straight" mount (see picture WAY back on page 1) relating to his English bodied Dodge. The corner mount type, (as my car), have a cast-in angle mounting ON the saddle as I believe I once saw which is why there is a left and a right saddle.
  3. Well those are interesting. The top saddle drawing shows the saddle must have slid into a keyed type mount on the car. I never saw one like that, nor have I seen a coil spring incorporated with a saddle like the bottom picture.
  4. I want to thank you all for your input on this 8 year thread! I can't agree with you more Ray! Mike, That's a funky saddle. Still too low though but OK if you ditch the spare! (I thought that car looked familiar). ---30DodgePanel, I don't think that's a Dodge, but those old saddles look high enough. I believe it is a 1924 REO. ThreePedals, Thanks, I couldn't get this picture of my Dodge the way you have done to show the angle I've been harping about. The listing is also invaluable for the part numbers even though they don't jive with Mike's listing (here we go again!) Reproducing them w
  5. Hey JayG, Thank you very much for those images. I have to admit, they appear to be at a slight angle, but the bottom image shows the "lowest" bow sitting at a right angle to the saddle. Hmmm... I found an old set of '22(?) Roadster saddles (305R &305L) Are they even Dodge? Maybe, The lower bow doesn't seem to want to sit at the slightest angle in them. The images that ThreePedals posted shows what appears to be right angles saddle -to-body. The saddles Ray W. has were never on his Dodge and the car is gone now. He also related his Dodge body was a custom job and had no body sockets instal
  6. That is a great idea Franklinman. I was also thinking of the stained glass folks, where do they get their panels, since many stained glass designs have clear beveled panels surrounding them. I've also seen clear beveled glass rectangular panels about the same size as that window in front doors in inexpensive cabinets in places like Walmart, target, etc...
  7. Ray, click on the blue envelope icon up top, you may see what you need for private messages. Thanks ThreePedals for your pictures. Ray may be right about an artist's rendition or maybe a retouched picture going on here. The saddle bottom mount on Ray's picture, (post #11, 1st page) is different than the pictures of the saddle mounting point in your Eighteenth Edition, 1924. I have the Book Of Info, "Seventeenth Edition", dated March, 1925, not showing those photo's. What a Gyp. ThreePedals, are you sure about your Edition number? Wouldn't the 1924 edition be the Sixteenth? Why would the Sevent
  8. Thanks for your reply Ray. Take your time on the deal, it's only been 8 years I've searched for a set, I certainly can wait longer! I still have to do work on the rear brakes and some carb adjustments on the old beast here. Lord knows when I'll get to it. Several years ago, I sold an old Zippo lighter to the winning bidder on Ebay. He was in Japan! I thought the worst! Boy was I wrong. I took package (taped up cardboard box) with his address on front and was told to fill out this tiny little form which contained just our addresses and value of item if insured. That was it! The post clerk stuck
  9. Hey Ray, It's a bit past noon here, just got to computer after a busy morning packing up Granddaughter's summer visit here in New England and back to Virginia she goes to start her first year in high school. I weighed the factors about your saddles compared to my years of my aftermarket saddles I'm making, well they're still not done after 8 years! (Hoping to fall over a proper set!)--no luck. I think I would have a much better game plan starting with your set. They would only need an offset by 15 degree or so AND yours will support the bows most securely I think. So, Let me know what the "who
  10. I never even knew the rear window was a glass one! Thought it may have been Isinglass like curtains were, like mine.
  11. Hey Ray! Didn't know you sold the Dodge. Hope everything is OK. It is quite generous of your fine offer for the top saddles. Question; Did you have them on the Dodge and did the top fold down properly into them? Reason I ask, Not really knowing how the originals presented on the car, the body "hole" is on the curve of body and the picture I see in your posting the saddle is a "straight" rod made to go right straight into a mounting "hole". Wouldn't the saddles be canted backward about 15 degrees if they were put in the '25 Dodge body "holes"? Will the top bows lay into the canted saddles? Did
  12. Thanks for posting this Mike. Now we have more numbers other than #314 that Three Pedals posted earlier. Ray White posted a picture of a bottom mount clamp on a saddle with no offset angle to keep saddle in line with body since our mounting holes in body are on the rounded corner of the tub. Could the mounting rod be of some funny angle? Anyway, I measured the clearance of the top of the spare and the body hole with only 3/4" inch between them. Simple physics shows the bows need to be high enough to not interfere with the spare tire!
  13. Wow, a lot of great replies. Hey Mike, nice photo's! But, I'm the last person to ever question a judge of autos at Hershey...but I believe those top saddles are WRONG for that car. The owner can never insert his top bows into those saddles, as the bows will not BEND several INCHES at that, to bed them into the saddles and pull the bail down to lock them in. It is quite obvious the spare is in the way. I know for a fact the '25 (and probably others) have the saddle mounting boss hole near the very bottom of the saddle, where the ones shown are bolted to the car in the middle of saddle, not havi
  14. Wow, I never even thought about the restricted rear mirror view with top folded down. I don't think the previous owner ever had the top down at all, since there were no trace of him having the top saddles. I searched everywhere in every shed he had. I DID find the tool kit which I'm thinking it is the original "large" array of tools, all wrapped up in the canvas roll bag. Enough tools to take the whole blumin' car apart.
  15. Mike, My 1960's "restored" top had a plastic widow installed! (now yellowed a bit), not worth changing since my top is a patchwork of non-original fabric also but it'll have to do for now.
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