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  1. Craig, I need a MC for my 1938 Plymouth coupe Roadking . Price with shipping to Phoenix Az would be appreciated call or text me at 602 339 7595. Thanks Ron.
  2. Rondo

    12 volt bulbs

    I'm converting over to 12 volts on my 38 Plymouth and I'm having a hard time locating 12 volt tail light bulbs with the locking pins on the base exactly opposite each other rather than staggered. Anyone know where I might find them?
  3. Brake lines from inlinetube.com were great for my 38.
  4. Thanks Keith. To 31 Plymouth, I ordered the lines from Inline Tube [ inlinetube.com]
  5. Keith, how does the fuel line route up front?
  6. BTW the new front brake lines I ordered route exactly like yours in the pictures. Thanks again.
  7. Thanks a bunch Keith. I ordered new lines and the original rear lines match up exactly to the new ones. The original front lines were missing that's why I requested the Photos. Thanks again.
  8. Hey there, can anyone out there help me out. I'm in need of pictures of how the front brake lines are routed from the master cylinder to each of the front wheels. Thanks !
  9. I agree. If we can't get parts at a decent price. Our classic vehicles will wind up in the crusher. I've got lots of stuff I won't be using and would be glad just to make a few bucks rather than trying to make millions off some guy just trying to put a driver together.
  10. Has anyone had the pleasure of installing the rubber on the running boards? If so, what kind of adhesive did you use, and where could I get it? Text me at 602 339 7595.
  11. Thanks, I thought there might be someone else who had them.
  12. I'm wanting to find new hub caps for my 1938 coupe. Any one know where to find them?
  13. my phone # is 602 339 7595 . call me.
  14. I still have the 37 ply. heater. Text me at 602 339 7595
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