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  1. Rondo


    Thanks. Your firewall appears to be modified some what. Could you take one of the throttle linkage ? Thanks.
  2. Here are some pictures of my home made seal
  3. Rondo


    I would appreciate it if someone could send me a photo of their 1938 plymouth firewall.
  4. I needed 10 of these and had a friend make them for me out of stainless steel
  5. I have a 38 coupe with a similar one.Bracket is a spare tire mount located behind passenger seat.
  6. I have a 38 and had the same problem. I wound up making my own. As soon as I figure out how to get pictures from my phone to this I'll send them.
  7. Nice 58, I have a 58 impala also. had it for 35 years. it's Reo red with twin mirrors, twin rear antennas, continental kit, fender skirts spinner hub caps, vacume ash tray, vintage A/C all powered by a 348 4 brl carb. with a powerglide trans.
  8. Recently purchased a 1938 Plymouth which was pretty much disassembled, by the previous owner who was in the restoration process when he passed away. Any photos of the original firewall, as well as various pictures of the original engine bay. also some pictures of the frame without the body installed would greatly be appreciated.
  9. I'm looking for stainless strips at the bottom of the grill. 3 on each side. Thanks, Rondo
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