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  1. Got it off with a 2 jaw puller. Took quite a bit before it finally popped. It was certainly over tightened. Ended up drilling a hole in the column for future lubrication.
  2. There is a small hole in the column near the box, maybe my column is upside down? Nothing near the wheel though. Any pictures of this hole or maybe a location I could drill one?
  3. 28 standard six. I'm trying to get the steering wheel off. I have the nut off, I see the wheel is keyed. I have tried using a block of wood and a hammer from behind but it won't budge. I can't get it off. The bushing in the top of the column has gone dry and is squeaks. I just want to lube it. I even tried removing the whole column but I can't get it out of the box. What holds the steer shaft in? I can't figure this out without breaking something Any help?
  4. I still haven't worked the hitch mounting out for the car. Hopefully a neat and tidy solution can be found
  5. Fenders don't fit well. They are getting trimmed down to fit. I hate to cut up such old tin, but they aren't exactly in great shape anyways and don't belong to any car at the moment. Oh well. They will live on in the trailer for a long time
  6. Progress is being made. Fenders get mounted tomorrow
  7. Change engine and transmission. Leave the rear end. Easier to adapt the driveshaft and you can run your original wheels. Just don't beat it up too bad with all the power. Will need to fit a new pedal cluster as they all.mount to the clutch shaft (at least on the left hand drive they do)
  8. If you are driving a Tesla I will pay the gas no problem! It's nice but not in the budget. Thanks
  9. That is beautiful! How much to deliver to half way between Toronto and Niagara Falls in Canada?
  10. I can't believe so much time has passed since I started this project. Amazing how life gets in the way! Today I got the axle assembly and the wheels painted. The spokes are soaking up some linseed oil. They are original and very dry. Solid, but very dry. Here is to hoping they don't spontaneously combust! I still need to track down some inner tubes and mount my new-to-me tires. The bearings still look serviceable, so that's a bonus!
  11. I like the convex mirror idea. I agree they are great. Once mounted, I will see how these work. I may have to find some convex mirror heads I like. Dropped my mirror arms off at a friend's fab shop to have them built up a bit. I didn't really like how close the hinge pin holes were to the edge. He is going to TIG weld around the mount to build them up for me. He has made a few custom parts for me to go on the Dodge
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