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  1. These are what I have chosen. I don't like the chrome ones. They look cheap and tacky. I don't know if these are really any better, but they don't stand out as much. 7" arms with 5" mirrors. Of a 30-31 AA Ford
  2. Tie rod end press was the perfect size. The drivers side popped up and I finished it off with a punch. The passenger side, yah, not so easy. I had to press it out the whole way. A series of longer and longer M6 bolts were used with the press. Both are out now. There was zero wear to either pin. The drivers side can be reused if needed, the passenger side was pretty much destroyed
  3. This may fit over the pin head. Tie Rod end separator
  4. You can see the penetrant has started to dissolve some of the rust
  5. The heads of the pins are quite large. I'm going to use a spacer as suggested and see what I can find for a press. I think they will tap out if I can get the to budge
  6. These pins are STUCK. Some mechanical advantage will have to be found
  7. I have the clamp ones right now. Waste of time. I can't see anything and they are too delicate. If you even brush up against them they come loose and loose adjustment. Have not had time to get back to my hinge pins, tomorrow hopefully
  8. I saw those. The issue is the head of the hinge pin covers the whole top of the hinge. Nowhere to mount the tool, it would just push on both ends of the pin. I guess I will see tomorrow after they soak for 24 hours. Will continue to look at other tools and see if something might work
  9. On my 28 standard six, are the hinge pins just really stuck or are they peened over and that's why they won't move? I have them soaking in penetrating oil right now. Can't use heat, don't want to ruin the paint. There's nothing wrong with them, I want to install hinge pin mirrors and want to get them moving before ordering the mirrors Thanks
  10. Is this the same one from Myers? I ordered it along with repair parts. Thanks!
  11. Yes, I tried searching. Is there any downloadable information on the Detroit Lubricator Stewart carburetors? I'm getting ready to tackle finally fixing all the fuel leaks and rough running. Thanks
  12. Looking at purchasing a Hercules rim tool and have a question. What are the differences between a model a, b, and c? Were there other models? My 28 has 19" wheels, are the models just revisions or size indication?
  13. I did semi-gloss. They look better now the paint has dried. Lost alot of the shine
  14. I'm wondering if there will be any strength left to these if I cut the sides out of them?
  15. Wow, the black certainly shows defects!