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  1. That's incredible. I'll look it up. I'm a huge aviation buff, actually prepping for my FAA exams now. I had the pleasure of meeting a ton of pilots doing restoration at that museum before they closed down. One of the Tuskegee's came down for a tour one time, a bunch of rotary guys out of Vietnam, and some of the late model guys as well. I used to love hearing the stories.
  2. Yessir that was Al Sparling’s plane. It was a 3/4 model with a lycoming radial in it. He flew Hellcat’s in the Pacific, caught a shell through one of his wings and made it back to the carrier. After the war, he built that bird in his garage from actual Grumman prints that he had scaled down at a local printing company at the time. It’s since been sold off after the museum closure, I believe to a guy in Westerly or Block Island
  3. I noticed that as well today as I was moving it. I’ll most likely have it rebuilt
  4. Some pictures of the tag
  5. Thanks guys, I've found local people interested in stuff this old few and far between, so I'm sure I'll be on here fairly often. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but she says that about everything lol
  6. Cylinders were actually filled about 40 years ago when she was put up in a barn. The motor turns freely by hand. I plan on draining everything and going from there. I'm sure the carb is gunked up, but I'm hesitant about taking it apart as from what I've ready there's a special packing that will leak if not done properly. I ordered a Dodge/Graham reprint and plan on doing some reading over the winter. I have a couple projects I need to finish up before I get into this truck. Only thing I know is missing right off the rip is the starter. Looks like it was taken apart to service it and never put back together. I'll upload more pictures shortly
  7. She's a TBM Avenger - now made it all the way to Arizona.
  8. Thanks guys, I have a few car guys in the family. I've been building cars since I was old enough to own one, and did a good amount of work in historic aircraft restoration. I absolutely love American history and this just happened to come my way. Both my uncle and myself have a handful of old Mopars, and I thought it would be pretty wild to have a nice example of what was to become the original Dodge truck. Couple of the old aircraft from the museum right before they closed their doors
  9. Hey, My name is Nick, I'm 30 and I'm a huge history buff. I just recently came across a complete steal on this barn-find. 1923 GB pickup, Dodge Bro's inline 4. Don't really know too much about them, but she's in INCREDIBLE shape for the age. Looking forward to bringing her back to her former glory