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  1. Really pleased to read that you are back out of hospital. Good fun this getting old! What did you do to upset the dentist?!
  2. Joe, I saw this video on the Hobby Machinist forum and wondered if it may be of interest to you. Cheers for now, Mike https://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/how-is-this-guy-cutting-a-spiral-bevel-gear.87678/
  3. Or, "A blind man would be pleased to see it!" Yet again Joe, this is going to be another one of your masterpieces of repairing a part that many would consider was just scrap metal, to a working example, that is very often better than it was new. Good on ya, Joe. Mike
  4. I have, always been against the thought of fitting seat belts in our 1934 Singer Le Mans. Mainly due to heavy front end impacts pushing the steering back into the drivers chest. Possibly, my thinking is an age thing, because I started driving before seat belts became mandatory? I must admit that I have sat on my vintage motorcycles, ready to go for a ride, and looked for the seat belt!
  5. Alan, I got my optician to make me some special glasses, they have a section of normal vision in the middle and reading glasses at the top and bottom. Before that I had been trying to wear my varifocal glasses upside down when working under a dashboard. Mike
  6. That sounds like par for the course. It's just that most people don't mention it in their posts! I know it is frustrating but hang in there. If you have not tried it already, try 'triggering' the MIG torch. It lets the weld cool down a bit before the next pulse of weld. Do you have a 'die grinder'? They are useful for grinding welds in awkward areas. Hang in there Chris, it will be worth it in the end. Mike
  7. Just a short question Jeff. In the USA, do you have to have seat belts fitted to cars that did not originally have them fitted? Mike
  8. I better make sure I put my best'ist 'thinking head' on tomorrow morning!
  9. Still not car related, apart from the guy who sat underneath this oak beam, was selling classic BMW parts! He complained that he thought the roof was going to collapse on him! Not having the woodwork experience, I jacked the beam up, welded up some 1/4" plate and bolted the plate to the beam. Harm, I think your repairs are better and more suitable. Mike
  10. Joe, If I can be of help with anything, please let me know, as I am struggling to do anything apart from sitting at the computer or watching the TV. I have still not found myself a 'project' I can do apart from putting small stuff on eBay. Mike
  11. I truly find this making of car bodies absolutely fascinating. If I was much younger and a lot more healthier I would have loved to go on one of Ray's 4-day sessions, even though it is in America. At least I can read about and see photos in your posts Gary. Once again, thank you for sharing.
  12. Hello Harm, In our area of North Norfolk, being near the coast, a lot of the old farm buildings, being of built in brick and flint, are converted into holiday homes. Our barn was built in 1756 and we bought it off the farmer, who had expanded and bought most of the small farms that surround us. We converted it to a house and workshop back in the 1990's. We have about half an acre of garden which is a bit of a problem looking after now we are becoming old and grumpy! Best regards Mike
  13. Sounds if we may have started a restoration commune? It looks if you have plenty of room Harm! 😉
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