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  1. Well blow me down - I've been looking at the wrong magazines for the centrefold - you weren't in Penthouse or Playboy!
  2. There are some weird threads out there that have been used over the years. It may be worth having a word with Joe, he is a mine of valuable interesting information. Mike
  3. Pretty & nice! I am still marvelling at your work. You brighten up my day with every post Roger. Mike
  4. I think the answer is Joe is an entertainer - he sure entertains me with his posts. Every morning I look forward to viewing Joe's posts and am disappointed when there is no post. Thank you Joe.
  5. Harm and Ed, I managed to get a free copy of the the Fusion 360. with the intention of keeping myself amused and learning, now that I can't 'play' in my workshop anymore. After a week of trying to learn I am sorry to say that I had to give up. Just like Ed I found it too difficult to learn with my old brain. I can see that it is a excellent programme and would have helped me a lot had I learnt CAD earlier. Mike
  6. And I thought I knew about these hole punches. I never realised there were different types. Since my personal lockdown I have been selling some of my workshop 'stuff' including hole punches. I was very surprised with the prices they made on eBay, selling them individually. So, when I have seen 'job lots' of these hole punches for sale, I have bought them, and then sold them individually. The problem is, with the spare time I have on the computer, the more bargains I seem to find, and the items to sell increases rather than decreases! Thanks for the hole punch information I will check the sizes
  7. After nearly a year of not being able to do anything, apart from sitting at the computer or watching the television, my hands and fingernails are completely clean - not even any cuts, bruises or callouses! As much as I now like my clean hands, I do miss 'playing in the workshop'. At least I can follow the interesting work of others on this forum and stick my nose in if I think it maybe of help. Mike
  8. Fame at last Gary! There are not many of us on this forum that have been mentioned in songs - I liked it.
  9. Have you lost the 'finger prints' off your fingers and thumbs yet?!? Good fun this bodywork! But all the hard work will be worth it in the end.
  10. Hi Joe, the repair of the cast iron interested me, as years ago, when Janes dad had a specialist welding company, he gave me some stick welding rods that were used for building up damage on ships propellers, I think they were bronze rods, but I am not 100% sure. They worked well on a cracked engine cylinder block I had. Out of interest in your cracked casting problem I had a search on the the internet and found this video on repairing a cracked cast iron skillet. I know you don't have a TIG welder but you may know a man who has. The video is rather annoying with the adverts that ca
  11. Hi Harm, It is just a thought, it maybe worth having a look on a Douglas Motorcycle site for answers? The early models of these had the horizontal engine running North to South. There no doubt even more makes of motorcycle engines like this but Douglas was one of the most popular of the period. Nice to see your snowy photos, as you probably know, we had the same sort of weather as you in East Anglia. Best regards Mike
  12. Wow Harm, this is the first time I have ever seen the process carried out. At one time, in the UK, in my youth, there were many companies doing this sort of work. Presumably, nowadays these companies are few and far between? I have really enjoyed reading your excellent descriptions of the work you have been carrying out and the great photographs that accompany the text. Mike
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