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  1. Hi Joe, the repair of the cast iron interested me, as years ago, when Janes dad had a specialist welding company, he gave me some stick welding rods that were used for building up damage on ships propellers, I think they were bronze rods, but I am not 100% sure. They worked well on a cracked engine cylinder block I had. Out of interest in your cracked casting problem I had a search on the the internet and found this video on repairing a cracked cast iron skillet. I know you don't have a TIG welder but you may know a man who has. The video is rather annoying with the adverts that ca
  2. Hi Harm, It is just a thought, it maybe worth having a look on a Douglas Motorcycle site for answers? The early models of these had the horizontal engine running North to South. There no doubt even more makes of motorcycle engines like this but Douglas was one of the most popular of the period. Nice to see your snowy photos, as you probably know, we had the same sort of weather as you in East Anglia. Best regards Mike
  3. Wow Harm, this is the first time I have ever seen the process carried out. At one time, in the UK, in my youth, there were many companies doing this sort of work. Presumably, nowadays these companies are few and far between? I have really enjoyed reading your excellent descriptions of the work you have been carrying out and the great photographs that accompany the text. Mike
  4. Can't you refill it? If not, it must have been given to you by some cheapskate!
  5. Wonderful work Roger. Your posts never cease to amaze me and I look forward to reading every one. Mike
  6. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent! Happy New Year Mike
  7. Was aluminium used later in the USA than in the UK? Below is the the front aluminium wheel from my circa 1900 Singer motor wheel tricycle. Joe, I thought you took the cracking of the water pump casing very well. I don't think I would have reacted in such a matter of fact manner. Mike
  8. Doesn't - "It's a deliberate mistake, to see if you were paying attention" - work!? Sorry Ted, I could not resist writing the above after reading your post.
  9. Well, todays Bonhams auction of motorcycles seemed to fetch reasonable prices. A number of them were from the National Motorcycle Museum at Birmingham. We will see what happens with my five bikes tomorrow.
  10. WOW! I did not expect so many replies to my post. Many thanks guys for your kind words. I have nothing but admiration for this AACA forum. I really miss doing my reports for the forum about the 1917 Humber Humberette V-twin cyclecar, that I was restoring, before I succumbed to years of smoking and not wearing a mask when grinding etc. (Let that be a warning to others). Although, I can't complain as I have have at least 15 very enjoyable retirement 'playing' in my workshop restoring my old cars and motorcycles. When I contacted Malcolm Barber at Bonhams about auctioning my 'toys' I
  11. I could not agree more. I am still really enjoying reading the posts even if I can't do the work anymore. Mike
  12. Age and health problems have stopped me riding or doing anything in my workshop. My small collection of motorcycles are up for AUCTION at BONHAMS The Winter Sale, this coming SATURDAY 12th December. It is LIVE and ONLINE. Starts at 10am with lot number 501. You need to register with Bonhams if you are interested in bidding. My Auction LOT numbers are: 568 - 1910 Favourite 500cc - a rare Australian motorcycle. 569 - Circa 1899 to 1901 Singer / Perks and Birch motor wheel tricycle project. It will look like this when the restoration is completed. But is like t
  13. Ditto - Perhaps someone can post a video on what smart phone to buy and how to use it. 🙂 I do have a Nokia mobile phone (cell phone) that I bought 20-years ago, has never gone wrong, does not need charging very often, and it still works fine for phone calls and texts. I use my laptop when I want to access the internet. Keep up the good work Joe, I am still enjoying following your great posts.
  14. Do watch it when using lead loading, especially if you sand it, always wear a good mask. You don't want to end up like me, not being able to breath, or play in my workshop anymore!
  15. Roger try searching 'aerosol self etching primer'. It is easily available in the UK. I should have read the previous post before I jumped in with my post. 🤐 Sorry.
  16. This did not help the auction of my 1903 Crestmobile at Bonhams Golden Age of Motoring sale! Jane and I are actually rather pleased that it did not sell, it is on it's way back home today.
  17. I am sure he will be pleased Ted. You have done a great job as always.
  18. Ted, and I thought you wrote 'this truck is to be used'? You could eat your dinner off that truck bed! What is the person going to carry in the back? It looks fantastic to me, well done. Mike
  19. I could sit and watch! 🙂 That dividing head is very impressive, what age is it? I am am confused by the drive gears shown in the last photo as they don't line up? Mike
  20. Before you try brazing, or solder, make sure that you don't want to do any more MIG welding in that area, it is a nightmare trying to weld brazed or soldered steel. Mike
  21. I don't have anything of great importance to say on the subject. I believe it is more of an age thing. Being 73, I really knew very little about metric measurements, when I was at school and college. Possibly I may have known, or found out later, that a kilometre was about 2/3rds of a mile and much later still that an inch was about 25mm. If you mention thousandths of an inch, or fractions of an inch, to the younger generation it is like, speaking an unknown foreign language. In concussion, it is what you are brought up with, Imperial or Metric.
  22. Mike, I have just found your posts whilst trying to find my last post on the Humberette. I look forward to reading about the fire truck restoration from the beginning. The last of my cars and motorcycles, the 1903 Crestmobile, got collected this morning for the Bonhams auction in London on the 30th October. Part of me hopes it doesn't sell, as I very much enjoyed, being taken out in it (or should it be on it), a few days ago. Mike
  23. Looking at the last photo you posted, it looks to me if you are not cleaning off whatever it is you are painting on the metal before you try and weld it. If it is weld through primer, I am sure this is only meant to be used when you are using an electric spot welder which has the two copper arms that squeeze the metal together and pass the current through to produce the spot weld? I think if you make sure the metal is CLEAN BARE METAL before welding you will have more success. Give it a try. Mike
  24. Me too. I just wish I had known Joe many years previously. It is only following Joe's work on this forum that got me really interested in learning machining. Unfortunately, it is now a little too late for me, as I can only read about the work of Joe and others, as I am not fit enough to do any actual machining work anymore. As for the future of this type of work, and the metric system, I shall write later, it is still rather early for me this morning!
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