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  1. Evans Vintage Cool 180, Is this worth the money?
  2. Very interesting, I have not come across any cold setting for my Dodge, but given the hot settings are the same ,it is possible the cold are as well . Unfortunately it is very difficult to set the valves behind the carburetor when cold let alone when hot. The difference between hot and cold if much greater than I thought,I will have to reset them again..
  3. No, I have just replaced the head as the crack at the top front of it was getting steadily longer. The broken bolt was discovered when adjusting the valves . The bores are in reasonable condition ,probable only needing new ring , but the valves and guides are not very good.This winter the engine will have to come out and rebuilt.
  4. Hi Ron, Thank you, just the bolts ,two if possible ,the extra one as a spare. I Have spare lifters but they are all missing nuts and bolts. I will email you.
  5. I have just discovered one of the lifter screws has broken ,fortunately there is no damage to my Senior. The part number is 200418, the same as the Standard Six. Is there anyone who has this part for sale?
  6. This might be of help for owners of early Dodge Six's
  7. I have tried to have some Green engine paint mixed for my 2249 Dodge, using the the paint using the paint codes published some time ago, in the Dodge Brothers Club News. Unfortunately these codes are no longer listed. Does anybody have upto date codes ?
  8. Thank you everyone. Since I fitted a replacement Carburettor ( 0X-2), a coupe of years age the car was running very well, but at the beginning of 2018 It started to miss fire very badly; I fitted a new coil and a second hand condenser and reset the points, the car then started and ran much better - The old contesor had failed. The new problem i think is different, I will check if it is too far retarded, it may be the engine running to hot, enough to cause the fuel to vaporize.
  9. This summer my 2249 Dodge Senior has not being running properly ,The engine has run very erratically over 30 mph, as if starved of fuel, It also seems to be hotter than normal. I have checked the carburetor, points Ect ect .If vaporization is the problem an issue might be the route of the fuel pipe, it runs from the vacuum tank over the rear of the engine and manifold on the fire wall to the carburetor. Is this correct or did it originally run via the front of the engine?
  10. If you have the key/lock number, Myers have them for sale
  11. I am fitting a 6 volt coil (USA made) A-12000-FS6. Primary resistance 1.8 - 1.9 ohms, secondly resistance 8300 ohms, to my 1927 2249 Dodge Senior. Want I the best condenser to use with this coil?
  12. I restored my Senior speedo with a Classic and Vintage Restorations frame about 10 years ago and have never had any problem. There casting is well worth the money.
  13. I have a new Crown wheel and Pinion set that came with my 2249 Senior . It was made in Australia by Coote and Jorgenen part number X301 - X302, ratio 12-50. Is this a standard or special part ?