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  1. I fitted a Edelbrock 8606 High Performance Thermostat (63mm) - 160° in my 2249, after I drilled a 1/8 hole
  2. I can see one of the 6mm plates. Where is the other one fitted and are you able to post a photograph of the manifold after it was cut but before the plate was welded on ?
  3. This looks like finally solving the problem of fuel evaporation. I wonder if the 2249 Senior manifold could be modified the same way?
  4. This will make engineers shudder. Years ago,I dipped my 1927 Senior impeller in wax, to allow for shrinkage and had it cast in bronze, then turned down to fit. With 3D printing it should be relatively easy to make a useable Pattern for casting.
  5. Did you fit a new the earth strap from the battery ? It needs to be heavy duty for 6v , an ordinary 12v strap will cause problems.
  6. I can see two items that are missing from my car, the "Senior" on the radiator and the crank hole cover. Are they originals or reproductions?
  7. The problem I am having with my sender is the resistor wire (photo 3) . The 2249 Senior has both an electric sender and mechanical Dial. Are you replacing the original electric parts with a modern alternative?
  8. You have done a wonderful job restoring Your Senior, it looks very smart.
  9. The fuel grade was a very difficult job, not helped by the original and new casting not quit matching, I had someone restore the sender and all was fine for about six mouths but it has stopped working.
  10. Have you thought about making a copy of the original Victory Six exhaust box ? I had one made a few years age for my 2249 Senior, but decided to delay fitting it until the current box failed.
  11. This reminds me of my "Grandfather's Axe"; my father changed the head and I changed the handle !
  12. I worked on my Watsons years ago managing to buy some old/ new stock strapping at the time. Is the strapping now available again and have you discovered anything about the Watson inserts ?
  13. Ron ,Do you have a Watson spanner? I can email an outline drawing if you need to make one.
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