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  1. In the uk 5 watts horizontal (7) and 21 watts vertical (4)
  2. My test run on Friday did not go well! I replaced my Indian made coil with my spare US manufactured one and a new condenser (Mexican ), vertically not horizontally , as I had fitted the previous one , I hadn't realized this is the correct way round for most coils . The Dodge is now running perfectly ,well almost for a 93 year old car.
  3. Stakeside, you might find "Halogen side, tail, stop and turn light", partly shown on the right side of your photograph more useful. I have fitted equivalent Quartz Halogen bulbs in my Senior ,they draw a lot less power than a conventional bulb and more importantly can be seen by other drivers. I am a little confused . Fitting 21/3cp and 3cp bulbs need three lighting circuits but there are only two wires going into the tail light................................? Listen to the wise words from uncle Ron.
  4. The two connector, are live connections from the lighting circuit and brake light circuit. There should be two wires going into the tail light.
  5. Following the excellent advice everyone has given me on this thread. I undid all the fittings on the vacuum tank top, founded and removed the filter screen. I didn't think it was the original one. It had been pushed hard into the bottom of the casting, past the three luds that I assume the original rests on, there was a tiny bit of dirt in it but enough with the incorrectly fitted screen to restrict the flow of petrol.I have now pushed it to the bottom of the brass union allowing the fuel to pass through a much increased area of the screen . There is now a lot more fuel going through the inline filter at greater pressure and for a longer time. A long test drive on Friday, fingers crossed !
  6. I had a look at the inline fuel filter ,There was a large air bubble ,I have managed to deduce it by 50% . The engine was ticking over when I took the photographs. When the vacuum pump kicked in the fuel, before going through the filter element it frothed up and the engine momentary seems to lose power . I think the filter I part of problem together with sludge in the tank. The vacuum tank will need to be looked at again,I was very careful to clean all the parts when I stripped it down last year. Some one ,not me, put the fitting the wrong way round in the past and cannot be changed without damaging the tank.
  7. Thank you everyone. The Valves were set up with allowance for them being cold, when the head and carburetor was off, much easier to set up when the car is on a ramp and they are at eye level. Any idea what the settings should be for today's fuel? I have a new Bosch condenser which I will fit.
  8. Over the last three years my Dodge Senior has suffered from what I can best describe as random fuel starvation. To minimise it I have had to cut down my speed to about 35 MPH . When the engine is hot I might have driven for about six miles when the engine starts to cut out then run, cut out , run, ect ect, in quick succession, sometimes it will then stops, after a minute I can restart it and it will run again, the problem may or repeated. This year I am chemically cleaning out the cooling system , last year I overhold the Vacuum tank, striped the carburetor, rerouted some of the pipework ,replaced the coil and condenser. I also fitted a newly restored head, in spite of all this the problem persists. I have replaced a very old inline fuel filter that is between the tank and the vacuum tank. Is there enough vacuum to pull the fuel through a modern filter or should I be fitting something else? Will rust in the tank stop the flow of fuel? Or is the problem just moden fuel ?
  9. Ron, thank you. Did the Crankshaft number change at the same time as the block number ?
  10. The rear oil seal housing part No: 200103 is made of "monkey metal" and most examples have now deteriorated beyond use. I suspect problem first started to appear in the 1930's Was 200103 was fitted to the complet Dodge Senior series and the DB engine ? Did the part number change because of metal failure or a redesigned crankshaft / engine ?
  11. It also has "London" "New York" stamped on the handle.
  12. Has anyone come access a "Universal Pacific Flange Replacing Tool" by the "Universal rim and tyre tool co Ltd" and how is it used?
  13. Any idea what model Dodge this is for? unfortunately It doesn't work with a Dodge Senior . Overall length 8 5/16 or 220 mm
  14. The numbers on my spare head now fitted to the engine
  15. You are quit right it has 19 stamped on the raised rectangle