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  1. Hi James, I am one of those guys who almost never takes a photo of something, and have to have my wife take the photos and post them. However, here are the two cars in a R&T article, my Coupe is Italian Red and the Zagato is in black. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a28772/archived-drive-1967-lancia-fulvia/ any other Lancia info, I can try and help. American Lancia Club has a website, Viva lancia from above is also a good source, the website owner, Huib Guerink, was the owner of the aforementioned Flamina PF Coupe. I am certain that
  2. I happened to drive a v. similar car back in Sept, 1998, at the 25th Dutch Lancia club meet : https://viva-lancia.com/huib/tulp98/index.htm These are very expensive cars to repair/restore, and the then current owner was worried about a engine knock that would appear... The greatest problem is that many Flaminias just don't bring much when its time for resale, with the exception of the Zagato bodied version, which has entered into silly money levels. Here is another article concerning a Flaminia Touring boded coupe, which is a real beauty when finished :
  3. Well, at least I will not have Ed, Rusty and Matt, et al., bidding against me at this auction, what a relief. Fellas, please spread the word that this car really stinks, and maybe I can snag it for a great price. Ciao, Jay
  4. I'm considering bidding on Lot 433 at Bonham's Tupelo auction, but...its more than a 12 hour drive to check it out. and I am wondering just how much I can check, assuming : The engine crankcase is empty, as well as the gas tank, so, the car will not be able to start to demonstrate the engine running, nor whether the piston rings, or tranny gears are stuck, nor any serious leaks once the engine would run and come up to temperature. Bonham's themselves must have great experience with these issues, and disclaim any potential or real problems. So, aside from ju
  5. We are closing on a home in the Lakes Region of NH, near Wolfeboro, and I am going to want to register some antique cars, 1918 up to 1932. I have looked up the DMV info, much as it may be, and they seem to want to restrict me to only shows, parades, special events...nothing about occasional driving....that's not going to do it. If NH resident would chime in, would I be better attempting to get a full registration in lieu of a antique tag..? Just a side note, today is the first day that I finally adjusted the clutch linkage on my 1918 Scripps Model G, to shift into all gears smoo
  6. Thanks kbeach, they do rotate a bit and then pull out. I did have to use a older, thin bladed knife from the kitchen to insert between the bezel and the bucket, working it around the circumference, and then could twist the bezel off, with the button depressed... of course. Hmm, my wife informed me later that the knife is called a *spreader*, a flat knife with rounded end, not v. sharp....just don't get caught using one.....
  7. As silly as it sounds, I am trying to remove the headlight bezels from a 1918 Scripps Booth Roadster, Model G. There are no clips or screws or tensioning devices, but, there is a small button that one can press, as much as they like. Now, would the bezel rotate a bit and be released, or just slide one edge forward? The bezels have been on a long, long time and may be corroded in place. I am trying not to do any unnecessary damage to the buckets themselves. These headlight buckets may be identical to some Chevy 490, but I don't really know. This particular car is a tr
  8. Fellas, I thought I would weigh in a bit, to my eyes, this is a 1925-26 Chevy Superior roadster, and it does not have a Mercury body. A Mercury Sportabout body would have had a single passenger door, fittings for a canvas top, a different windshield frame and tell-tale air vents on at least the side for ventilation. In this case, someone has altered the stock windscreen and made up different panels from the original cowl back. I think its a 1925 due to the early thin round headlamp bar I think i am seeing, and then, there are what look like Model T headlamps....eeekkkk... Still, a very s
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