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  1. Looking for a picture of the 33/34 Dodge or Plymouth Convertible Coupe inside rear view mirror bracket. Thanks Mike
  2. Looking for the Sheetmetal piece below the rumble seat lid for a 1933 or 1934 dodge or plymouth coupe. Any condition is welcomed. Thanks, Mike
  3. Looking for a 1933 dodge Convertible Coupe for the collection
  4. Hi, horns are from a 1933 and 1934 Ford. Mike
  5. Hi Tom, Thanks for the dimensions. Please clarify; 1) are the edges "rolled inwards" on the sheetmetal holes or just straight cut 2) I see the distances between the holes and the size of the holes, but need dimensions from one end to the hole or the centerline of the piece to each hole 3) also the picture #5 shows the dimension of the hole is 3.75 inches from the top reveal (bend) to the bottom of the hole? correct? 4) Have you found anyone who makes the rubber grommets for the coupe trunk rack brackets? Thanks for your help. Mike
  6. After further review, I think the car is a 1934 Dodge Cabriolet, due to the hood side vents. Mike
  7. Hi All, Just bought this picture off of ebay. Always looking for period correct photos. Here are a few notable observations; 1) photo dated May 3, 1934 from Acme Photography (New York City) (stating 1933 Dodge convertible coupe) 2) photo is to advertise the "electrically heated women's scarf via the cigar lighter" 3) several posts ago, Scott B posted an artists rendition (car in parked in front of a theater) of a 1933 Dodge Cabriolet. It was noted that the driver door (top of door to the first reveal) was painted a different color, orange like. If you zoom in on this photo you will see that this car is painted in the same location with a lighter color. Mike
  8. Hi, do you know where the running boards were refinished? It seems my 1933 dodge cabriolet (convertible coupe) was made prior to April 5, 1933 which makes it a smaller wheelbase. The DP reproduction running boards are 4 to 5 inches to long. Any help is appreciated. thanks, mike
  9. Hi Tom, i hope your project is going well. Any chance you could measure the hole dimensions and placement for the trunk rack on the gas tank cover? thanks, mike
  10. Hi, i am looking for the same rubber grommets. Did you find a sourc? thanks, mike
  11. Hi, how much for the "ex-hatch" piece. tks, mike
  12. Dave at dodge city vintage in Jamestown, California has an engine. I spoke to him today. His handle on aaca is country travelercountry traveler
  13. Hi All, Just found this positing on Craigslist (San Francisco Bay Area) for a 1933 Plymouth Cabriolet (pictures at Craigslist listing). Mike [h=2]1933 Plymouth PCXX Convertible GOOD COLO. TITLE[/h]http://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/4295263721.html
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