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  1. Looking for a picture of the 33/34 Dodge or Plymouth Convertible Coupe inside rear view mirror bracket. Thanks Mike
  2. After further review, I think the car is a 1934 Dodge Cabriolet, due to the hood side vents. Mike
  3. Hi All, Just bought this picture off of ebay. Always looking for period correct photos. Here are a few notable observations; 1) photo dated May 3, 1934 from Acme Photography (New York City) (stating 1933 Dodge convertible coupe) 2) photo is to advertise the "electrically heated women's scarf via the cigar lighter" 3) several posts ago, Scott B posted an artists rendition (car in parked in front of a theater) of a 1933 Dodge Cabriolet. It was noted that the driver door (top of door to the first reveal) was painted a different color, orange like. If you zoom in on this photo you will see th
  4. Hi, how much for the "ex-hatch" piece. tks, mike
  5. There is a full front seat from a 1933 plymouth coupe (frame, tracks and covered cushions) on craigslist Cleveland. The guy just took 10 sets of artillery rims to the scrap yard.....better hurry.
  6. Hi All, Just back from the garage. I was looking at the 1933 Dodge Cabriolet dashboard and see that there are 6 knobs. The 2 on the drivers side closest to the door are the headlight switch and cigar lighter. Does anyone have a picture or information to share? Thanks, Mike
  7. Hi, could you post the casting numbers of the transmission? I am not sure what I have. Thank youThank you
  8. Hi all, just pulled the passenger door card and found "timagani green" written in script. The original paint seems moe like a medium blue (see dash photo). If it is this color does anyone know the wire spoke wheel color? Also what is meant by molding color. how do I tack down the proper paint mix? tks, mike
  9. I spoke to the dealer last evening. He realized that it stated both engines. It is a SBC at this point. I saw the car 10 years ago when they restored it a Hennessy's in San Jose, CA. Nice car. Mike
  10. Just found out that the Gray 1933 Dodge Cabriolet in my pictures is for sale on Craigs List for $24,999.00. Here is the link; 1933 Dodge Convertible
  11. Hi Scott, Any chance you can post a picture of the front cover; "Pre-1934 Plymouth Master Parts List". Thanks, Mike 1933 Dodge Cabriolet
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