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  1. You know Derek....we can almost sound like the "Dues" or "©lassic" debate. ....it looks Green to me
  2. Even if that is the case it should indicate that the picture is of another car. He may have one to sell as well but using a pic of another car without informing the buying public is fraud to me.
  3. Great thread! I too am attempting the very same thing. I have experimented with removing the Tar undercoating....scared me and the mere thought of removing it all puts me on the floor in the fetal position shaking and speaking in tongues. Mike your posts always inspire me, I will be sure to save this thread for reference when I work up the nerve to get under the car and do it right. Glad to hear that it is not only ok to leave the body on but you can still get award results if you work at it hard enough. Thanks Jim for starting this thread...required reading for newbies like myself.
  4. Angers you??? I guess so, thats personal man! Just checked the add is still up, maybe by the start of the business day it will be dealt with. I'd be tempted to mess with him, get an address to send send money to then tell him the Feds are on their way to hit him with Mail fraud.
  5. I want to be Rick Young when I grow up.... ....or adopted by MrEarl and live at Buick Gardens Either one will do.
  6. Give it a day or so and Google spiders will have tagged this post.... A Google search for "Trim and Colour options for 1957 Buick" should link to your post Truth be told, the insane level of data mining that Google does is disconcerting to say the least. Nice post BTW....should be very helpful to many.
  7. You missed some other items from your cupboard MrEarl... Keeping with the health food and pork product theme of this nice SPAM thread....anybody for some Pork Brains in Milk and Gravy? It's the gravy that gives it the extra brainy taste. ...and for those of you who like your food to have a BITE to it:
  8. Catfish.....bahhh!!! Filters for the river, as a young lad my buds and I would catch some and bring them to the local store/restaurant and trade for Pizza! ....what he used the fish for I'll never know:eek: Come to think of it, he used to use sliced spam on his Pizzas. A repressed memory just came out I think...wonder what Spam is made from fish? Spish?
  9. Nothing better than a satisfied customer! ...truth be told, that would have bothered you for months right?
  10. Gee I wonder why:confused::confused::confused: ...sounds like they make regular Pork Rinds seem more like a health snack. You guys still have those Non-Filtered Marlboro's down there?
  11. I can feel your pain... I used to work with PVC plumbing and you can have a whole manifold made and forget to put a fitting in right and bammm...the whole thing is ruined! I would think that you could find a 1/4 " somewhere....only you will know that you "cheated" the line a little
  12. Please for the love of GOD let us all in on how this "Work Around" is accomplished! :eek: ...the "Easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission" thing has never panned out to be true for me.
  13. I did that a while back...made a write up. I totally agree, attaching that shaft was pure luck as it is done completely blind. You will love this Quote from that write up as I know your feelings about the subject: hehehe ......here is the link for the story and pics
  14. Dave all jokes aside...you must be a hell of a guy to party with! I'm guessing this pic was taken right between when you said "Is that a dare?" and "Where am I and where did I get these clothes?" ...too funny man!
  15. This can be done?? My greatest fear is the Cam break in...I would love to get her started before the final installation. Maybe I should start a new thread...
  16. Like I said earlier we have a thread just on the engine bay at 54B...basically the engines were test run before installation. If good they were sprayed right there and off they went. So anything that was provided from the test station was not green.
  17. .....oh JOY!!!! I just love that contrast with the black fan...
  18. Well as the typical proud poppa who always has his kids pics at the ready.... ....yes I'm that guy I think you mean this one right? ...but just in case here is the slide show of the set of pics. :eek: Kayla and Shelby I told you guys I was that guy right
  19. Yea...was this the one colour that is acceptable? Love the look of a fresh engine....next pic is all dressed then right? Any chance of a Youtube startup? We also have a thread on the '54, in regards to correct engine bay. Colour is always an issue as I'm convinced there were shade differences from the different factories. It does seem however that only one shade from one supplier is now correct?
  20. Yep, me too. Please forgive me...I posted this one many moons ago, just keeps getting better: My Buick, My Girls:
  21. My best advice to you would be to take no advice from me
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