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  1. Sure looks like a low-buck from Lubbock 1937 Buick Hybrid if you look at how the rear tires fit the wheel opening . . . the longer Century body on the 4"-shorter Special chassis. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  2. - The apparatus protruding through the floor on the passenger side (on the right in the picture) is the operating valve for the 4 hydro-lectric cylinders: 1 each for the rear quarter-windows and 2 for the convertible top. - The underside of 1953 Buick body tubs left the factory with a coat of red oxide primer. - Buick factory did not offer undercoating in 1953 as an option. - Looks like a modern replacement 1953-style PBC that Bob's and CARS now offers . . . with a bunch of extra hydraulic brake-line lengths. Al Malachowski BCA #8965
  3. Thanks for posting the requested pictures. Did you feel around to verify if the sliding rods were removed? The tapered-end of the internal sliding rods should be visible from an angle. I don't see them. You should also be able to stick your finger further into the guide plate hole to verify whether they were removed. I'm now thinking that if they were removed for some reason, maybe the metal surgery was done from the topside. If so, it might be easier to fabricate a pair rather than trying to find a front roof rail replacement. Handles are advertised as being available
  4. FWIW: found this ad on eBay this morning . . . https://www.ebay.com/itm/1950-53-Buick-Fender-Skirts-New-Steel-Super-And-Roadmaster/363071129908?hash=item5488b9c934:g:KG4AAOSwVVlcZGMx
  5. It appears that you have the center and two outer studs with the horizontal holes in them on top of the windshield surround. A picture of the underside of the front roof rail (if you have it) showing the three guide plates and center crank-handle would answer a lot of questions. It's hard to imagine removing what I'm calling internal sliding rods (you are calling them pins?) without removing and noticing the underside of the front roof-rail sheet metal was worked on. Those horizontal internal rods (pins) connect to the crank-handle (EJ in the picture below) and when the handle is p
  6. From a similar experience four years ago: screw the idea of hiring an attorney — use common sense. - Gather up all originals or copies of pertinent documents to submit to the State: name, address, DOB, record of time your former renter who you received the car from paid rent and didn’t pay rent to determine the value of the car; rent receipts; obit; pics of the car from all four sides; disassembled parts; copy of VIN plate so they can do a record search, etc. The more info, the better. You will most likely have to fill out MN Form PS2002-01, Statement of Facts. - The
  7. This might help. Nice work. https://www.hometownbuick.com/1950-buick-lights-lighting-system/
  8. I love these kinds of posts. 1. The reason why you don't see many 1953 Skylarks in that color is because it was not a standard color choice offered by Buick in 1953. It's not REEF BLUE as advertised. The top of the cowl is the OEM and TRM hue. 2. The license plate was never installed on the trunk lid. The OEM location is below the chromed horizontal-cross bar between the two rear bumper guards. 3. The questionable area on the trunk lid used to have the striker plate for a continental kit wheel carrier that was removed. 4. That style of continental kit required ± 20 hol
  9. Nice and shiny. But in all those years, has a judge at a National Meet or anyone else ever mention that your colored-emblem insert is installed incorrectly? I'd be interested in seeing pictures of your four other mounted tires and hubcaps for comparison. Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  10. Close but no cigar on the one Summit Racing sells: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/gmk-4030-519-641 Here's what a 1953 Buick setup looks like. The front return-spring clip might be different for a 1957 Buick. On a 1953, the parking brake cable passes through the upper hole and the clip bumps up against the front of the sheave. The lower hole receives the spring's front hook.
  11. Ionia-built Estate Wagons through 1953 started life as Buick-built 4-door sedans, that's why Body by Fisher has their style number 4519 and body production number info for a 4-door sedan stamped on the second and third lines of the 1952 number plate. Ionia was sent the 4-door sedan, they converted it to an Estate Wagon and then put their own Ionia tag on the end of the front seat, passenger-side, plastic trim-skirt. In your case, my understanding is that the number plate shows that the Wagon started life at the BL assembly plant (Linden, New Jersey) as the 4813th 1952 Super Model
  12. Have you tried looking for a stamped alpha-numeric code on your skirts? The following was taken off a H.A.M.B. forum: . . . Foxcraft stamped most of their skirts on the flare on the bottom of the skirts. One side will be on the bottom of the flare and the other on the inside. They used codes like: cws57 for 1957 Chevrolet / fws57-57-58 for Ford / dws –Dodge / pws- Plymouth, and similar codes for others. There are exceptions to every rule however . . .
  13. Since the box was labeled "1953 Buick" and they don't fit the Roadmaster 70-Series/Super 50-Series models that are the same, you're down to the only remaining 1953 Series — the 40 Series Models. Try to get a dimension from a 1953 Buick Special 40-Series (U.S.A.) or 1953 Buick Custom 40-Series (Canada) owner to verify if what you have would fit their Model with the rear-quarter panels (not bolted-on fenders). As a last resort, a member of the J.C. Whitney or Roy Warshawsky fan club might have the answer for you. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles
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