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  1. I don't trust your answers. Please clarify the following: (1) Your item #1: Where does it say that the Body by Fisher Number Plate lists the Paint Code from bottom-middle-top and NOT top-middle-bottom? (2) Do you agree with the document in the following link referring to how the Paint Code is listed on the Body by Fisher Number Plate? If not, why? https://www.hometownbuick.com/1956-buick/1956-buick-colors-exterior-paint/ (3) Your item #2: The topic of this thread is 1956 tri-tone paint combinations. I mentioned 1955 in my post for a reference. I'm only seeing the information at the end of year 1955 with four tri-tone paint combinations with 1955 paint code designated letters. What three years are you saying that the Judging Manual has information for tri-tone paint colors? (4) Another item #2 question: What color are you referring to that is "not even available in '56?" It's a known fact that showroom brochure information can be changed or discontinued anytime without notification. That includes adding Easter egg colors and discontinuing others during the Springtime production months. Thanx. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  2. ~ Check out the 2005 BCA Judging Handbook FWIW. It only lists four 3-tone combinations available on 1955 Buicks: ADB, EKH, BML, ASC. ~ The Handbook makes no mention of 3-tone availability for 1956 or later years. ~ Make note that all the letter designations for 1955 colors differ from 1956 colors except that "A" = Carlsbad Black for both years. ~ The picture below was posted on the H.A.M.B. site . . . looks like a CNA paint code. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  3. Not mine but here in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I thought I remember somebody saying that a 1958 Dynaflow was kind of difficult to find on this Forum so that's why I'm listing it. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/pts/d/minneapolis-1961-buick-401-v8-engine/6807212896.html That is one long transmission!
  4. 1953mack

    1957 Ride Height

    It's a crap shoot to determine when you have the car disassembled. Depending on the Century Model Number, paragraph 7-13 in a 1957 BUICK SHOP MANUAL shows where to measure and what the dimensions should read with car at curb weight. Buick defines curb weight as including gas, oil, water and spare tire . . . and excluding optional equipment, undercoating and passengers. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  5. 1953mack

    need help with i.d. on 50's buick

    It's a 1949 Buick SUPER (3-holer) 56C model with what appears to be custom lower front fender trim and the later-1949 Roadmaster sweep spear trim look. IYAI, the Rain Man Buick was an early-1949 Buick Roadmaster (4-holer) 76C model. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  6. 1953mack

    Interesting photos of a nailhead oil filter

    If you believe in Santa Claus, here's what you do when you don't get a bid on an eBay item that you originally listed for a $59 starting price . . . https://www.ebay.com/itm/Early-Nail-Head-Buick-NOS-AC-GM-Oil-Filter-Green-Orange-Spin-On-RARE-Ratrod-/372547130054?oid=312389182118 HO HO HO ! Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  7. 1953mack

    53 Super fog / driving lights

  8. 1953mack

    53 Super fog / driving lights

    Just because an accessory isn’t mentioned in a manual or parts book doesn’t mean that it wasn't an authorized part or Buick didn’t offer it to a potential new car buyer. Did you ever read the small-print disclaimer usually found on the bottom line or back page of a showroom brochure or a Buick Salesman’s Facts Book? Here’s how a 1953 Facts Book words it and BCA 400-point judges should take note . . . GMC/Buick reserves the right to make changes, at any time, without notice, in prices, colors, materials, equipment, specifications, and models, and also to discontinue models . . . The fog lamp accessory could have been purchased from a knowledgeable multi-marque dealer where the accessory was offered on, say Cadillacs only, and the dealership also sold Buicks, Oldsmobiles and Pontiacs. Maybe they offered the Buick buyer this same accessory. Case in point: the Guide Autronic Eye headlight dimming accessory that was advertised as being introduced on 1952 Oldsmobiles and Cadillacs only. It was never advertised by Buick as being available on 1953 Buicks nor does it show up in a Buick manual, price list for accessories or parts book, yet there are a few 1953 Buick Skylarks out there with this factory-installed accessory. Guide was a division of GMC and was a major supplier of front headlight and rear tail/turning/brake/license plate light assemblies plus a whole lot more. Their two-page brochure lists two different part numbers for 1953 Buick custom fog lamps: one with 6-volt bulbs for the SPECIAL 40-Series and one with 12-volt bulbs for the SUPER/ROADMASTER 50 & 70 Series. They are not the universal type that has either a threaded stud on the bottom of the light housing to bolt thru a hole in the gravel pan or a stanchion that gets attached to a front bumper. 1953s fit within the recessed area once you remove the front bumper guard ornament as noted above. A circular retaining ring similar to what holds the headlamp to the headlamp bucket is used to attach the fog lamp assembly in the recess using the existing two holes. I have a NOS pair in the box but I don’t have time to locate them now. I will post pictures once I find them. This picture is of a 1953 Skylark that I have information on and is listed in my 1953-1954 BUICK SKYLARK OWNERS REGISTRY. The picture was posted on eBay when it was up for sale a few years ago. I'm thinking that UNITY might have offered a similar fog lamp but don't quote me on that just yet. Thanx. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  9. I thought the photos in this eBay ad are worth noting and might confirm a few issues for a 1959 Buick nailhead engine detail: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Early-Nail-Head-Buick-NOS-AC-GM-Oil-Filter-Green-Orange-Spin-On-RARE-Ratrod/312389182118?hash=item48bbd8a2a6:g:TJIAAOSwTPRatyTn:rk:1:pf:0 ♦ replacement filter is already painted engine green ♦ paint is a wrinkled finish ♦ no decal . . . the wording is silk-screened in orange Does anyone know when they started with the textured paint? Thanx. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  10. 1953mack

    52 Super Estate Wagon model 59

    It's a three-holer Super Model 59 Estate Wagon . . . not a four-holer Roadmaster Model 79R Estate Wagon. Nice ride but IMO the 1953 Skylark Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels + a hot-wrench job on the coil springs would look better. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  11. 1953mack

    1953 Skylark interesting article

    That article is NOT interesting. The only way that the article could be re-written to make it interesting would be if the author (Dave Kinney) would tell all his readers . . . 1. Who anointed him or did he anoint himself "an expert" on the US market scene, and 2. Which article did he copy the production number misinformation from? IMO, he is an expert on plagiarism. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint" Anything is possible if you don’t know what you’re talking about.
  12. 1953mack

    For Sale Two 322 Engines

    So what is it? I might have someone interested if it's a 1953 and complete with a Carter 4-barrel carburetor and a harmonic balancer. Pictures would help. Thanx. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  13. 1953mack

    Buick Smokers 9" Logo Ash Tray - SOLD

    . . . Friends and visitors will remark on your good taste. Ford performance enthusiasts will leave shaking their head. They though a Ford 9" was a big deal. Wait until they see that Buick guys use 9" ask trays! . . It looks like your tape measure something needs to be recalibrated. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  14. 1953mack

    Cross fire ignition wires

    Rule of thumb is if there are two cylinders on the same bank firing consecutively, the wires should be non-adjacent to each other eliminating potential cross-firing, engine missing, and/or short spark plug life. Since the firing order for a Buick 1953-1956 V8 engine is 1-2-7-8-4-5-6-3, wires #8 and #4 on the driver's side bank along with #3 and #1 on the passenger's side bank should be separated. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  15. 1953mack

    For Sale Two 322 Engines

    If the first number you are saying matches what's stamped on the block, 1533917 is a 1953 Roadmaster engine block number that should have a "V"-prefix and the 1"x1" access hole on the topside of the flywheel surround for finding 5° before UDC of cylinder-piston #1. You're missing a digit if it was a 1956 Roadmaster engine number. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"