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  1. Close. The facts book says that the rear seat back and bottom of cushion and deck platform in a 1956 Buick Special Model 49 E.W. are vinyl-covered rubber, whereas the floor and platform in a 1956 Buick Century Model 69 E.W. have full carpeting.
  2. If you're not concerned about speling accuracy, consider narrowing the width of a 1953 50-70 series upper grille bar (mustache) to fit your 40-series Special. The grille on the 40-series Special is narrower by two teeth or 4 1/4" in width than the Super 50-series and Roadmaster 70-series grilles. These pictures were made possible courtesy of the United Parcel Service company. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  3. Your asking price is close to what a Buick owner would be looking at today if he started from scratch without any cores. Consider and compare the costs for 5 good cores + re-chroming and rebuilding 5 wheels + 5 hubcaps + 5 emblems + 5 sets of hardware to attach the hubcaps to the wheels + 20 chrome-plated bolts + shipping charges + your time. When looking for good cores, I would advise anyone to pay attention ONLY to the outer wheel (some call it a rim) and the inner hub. Old, high-mileage OEM chrome-plated spokes and nipples are junk. Weed out the cores with bent flanges and deep pits, especi
  4. IMO, skirts look good on certain Buicks built in 1957 and women born in 1957. If your Roadmistress has four doors, a continental kit, dingle balls around your rear window, fuzzy dice hanging from your rear-view mirror matching in color with your fuzzy steering wheel wrap and a ‘coon tail hanging from your antenna, you got the right look. All you need is a crying doll leaning up against your front fender and a lawn chair that matches the paint on your car and you’re all set to sit back and listen to all the comments you’ll likely get at the next car show . . . my grandpa who worked
  5. FWIW: - Kelsey-Hayes wire wheels were stamped with the size, in your case 15"-diameter x 6" wide (6" inside flange to inside flange and 7" outside flange to outside flange), the build-month & year (February, 1954) and the rim contour (L-style). Your other four wheels could have a number other than a "2" for a different month. The 1954 Buick Skylarks were fitted with a bias-ply, tube-type 7.60 x 15 whitewall tire on these wheels. - The flap to cover the spoke's nipples for protecting inner tube puncturing is missing in the picture above. Flaps are not that expensive. - Yo
  6. Forget about digging back for the history of your car — you need to know what the OEM Daytona carpet and the installation looked like when it left the assembly plant and compare it to what you have. Tell us more about what you have. Colored pictures would be helpful. - type of fabric (nylon, a blend of cotton-nylon-rayon, polyester, wool or ?) - loop pile or cut pile - heat-molded or cut and sewn - location of seams - carpet edging - does it have the OEM heel pad in the driver’s foot-well area - foam backing or not - color of your ca
  7. - The location of the stamped Engine Serial Number pictured above, between the middle branches of the driver's (left) side exhaust manifold, is correct for 1953 thru 1956 Buick V8 nailhead engines. - Starting in 1957, the stamped E.S.N. location was changed and engines were now stamped on the top surface of the crankcase, just forward of the valve lifter cover, viewable by standing in front of the car facing the engine. - The format of the E.S.N. in the picture above is incorrect for 1953 thru 1956 Buick passenger cars with the V8 nailhead engines. - The format of the
  8. - The Buick Shop Manuals have all the numbers to compare. Go with the 1956 unit that pumps more juice per minute than the 1955 pump at lower RPMs and increased pressure. - FWIW. The 1956 steering gear ratio was also quicker than the 1955 and the lock to lock turns decreased by more than one revolution in 1956. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  9. Are you referring to the water hose nipple on the timing chain cover?
  10. The 1959-1960 Buick 364"-401" engines used the spin-on filter assembly (without a canister) as shown in 2carb40's post above. The 45-degree angle installation should not interfere with exhaust manifolds on 1953-1958 Buicks with the V-8 engine.
  11. This pic is from the October-1992 BUGLE covering the BCA Nationals in Overland Park-Kansas. I was there and I want to say that the middle color was a bronze-tone (non-original ? as the picture shows) and not Garnet Red. It was judged a 2nd place award (before the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards) and received the Buick Motor Division's special award "selected because it best expresses Buick's theme of Premium American Motor Car." Owners were listed as Art Wright out of Chandler-Arizona and Mike Kamen from Simi Valley, California. Who knows, maybe the non-original color knocked
  12. Sounds like you're saving $10 before shipping and handling . . . not $100 . . . for a black one.
  13. J = built in September. The Delco-Remy month codes started with "A" for January — the letter "I" was skipped and not used. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  14. You might want to spend some time comparing your front brake backing plates for any differences or needed adjustments. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
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