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  1. The original assembly didn't have a box, exterior sheet-metal support nor a separate vent. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  2. 5/32" (.15625) inside diameter hose . . . Group 8.798 . . . Part Number 601585 If the outside diameter of the vacuum hose is smaller than the inside diameter of the grommet, improvise with either a wrap of black electrician's tape, plastic/metal bushing, caulking or a wad of Black Jack chewing gum to fill-in the gap.
  3. A final comment on this Thread before the "official decision" announcement . . . The coronavirus pandemic is not a talent contest — it’s an intelligence test. When you’re at the bottom of the totem pole . . . after the POTUS, the Ohio Governor, Holiday Inn and BCA’s insurance carrier . . . talent is not required and your opinions, votes and decisions don’t mean jack. What is required is to get in line, obey the law, follow the mandated-orders and respect the health and safety of all others. The only suspense remaining in the BCA’s forthcoming announcement is how it will be worded. Don’t try to convince the General Membership by claiming that WE (the NMC, NEOC and the BOD) made the right decision by canceling the 2020 Nationals. Taking note of previous posts above, it appears that the host hotel already made the decision for you and pulled the plug several days before the NMC met and voted on April 7. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint” 04.14.20
  4. Cancel it. If the NMC decides to proceed with the original July 15-18, 2020 dates or postpone it until late-August or September, I would strongly advise to have the BCA's insurance agent and the Host Hotel's insurance agent to be part of the teleconference meetings. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  5. An update for the General Membership would be appreciated: - The hotels filled-up fast. How many Buicks was the NMC expecting to draw this year? - With three months out, what have you received for registrations and number of cars expected as of today? - Number of cancellations? - I want to say that last year's 2019 Midwest City-OK Meet with ± 125 cars (2%) had to have been the smallest turnout for a Nationals in years. Being the Secretary for so many years, can you confirm the final numbers and state what the previous least turnout was for a BCA Nationals prior to the 2019 OK and the 2018 Denver Meet with ± 167 (2%+) cars? Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  6. Don't forget Da Coach . . . MD . . . The Doctor . . . Iron Mike . . . tight end . . . HOF . . . former 1953 Buick Skylark owner . . . . . Mike Ditka. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  7. February 6, 2020 All readers: read and comprehend the following facts. If you disagree with any, state in your post what they are and why you disagree. A no-post from everyone else = everything is cool in my books. Cindy, I love responding to a pick-and-choose reply. Out of my 1,000+ words, you decide to pick 4 . . . “lack of a proof reader” . . . Geez.. stay away from the forums for a few months and come back and it's like missing a year of the soap opera As the World Turns . . . Not as bad as missing the adult beverages at a wedding reception when you show up five minutes after they shut the open bar down. . . . Tune in one year later and it's the same old story. You haven't missed a thing . . . I totally agree with you when you start talking BUGLE issues . . . same complaints addressing the same aspects that I noted above, like knowing that an item is false yet still publishing it. Not a first. Same thing happened within the last year. . . . I won't comment on most of what is written . . . Has it anything to do with agreeing with all the facts? . . . nor do I care about most of it . . . Sad to hear you say that, both as an individual and as a team member. The cost of putting out 12 monthly BUGLES is 80%+ of a member’s dues. The General Membership is paying your salary. . . but I do have to defend our Bugle proof-readers who have VOLUNTEERED so many hours of their time over the years. I don't know of even one Bugle issue that has gone out without proof-reading input. Nothing is ever perfect, but thank you to those members who have something positive to contribute and continue to do so. Quick to defend your proof-reading volunteers but you ignored defending whoever is responsible for proofing the facts and publishing disinformation. Why? GOOD TO KNOW FACTS ● Shortly after the General Membership peaked at < 9900 in 2003 (never reached 10,000), the BCA’s BOD panicked when the numbers started its decline. In 2006, new hires were appointed as Editor, because he owned a Buick among other reasons (check your old BUGLES) and Art Director, to slowdown the declining membership renewals. Membership renewals have been declining at a faster pace than pre-2006. For those with short memories, here’s what the late-Paul Meyer had to say in his JUNE-2006 BUGLE President’s Message, your first issue as Art Director: ● Numbers don’t lie . . . ± 12,000 membership renewals have been lost during the past 14 years (2006-2020). The Editor mentioned that he didn’t have access to all the information that the BCA Office or BOD have for membership info. (If you didn’t hear by now, neither did the auditors.). Don't agree with my numbers? All you need are three or four old Buick BUGLES and a few BOD Meeting Minutes. Let everyone know if you are coming up with a different number and how you arrived at it. ● Out of the ± 12,000, the Editor attributes an approximate one-third of that number to his five well-educated guesses: death; combined old-age/sickness/disabled/nursing home; lack of interest (In what?); selling a Buick and/or not getting enough (out) of the Club. The Editor did not mention the BUGLE. How did I come up with 33%? By arbitrarily assigning a generous one-plus per-week number to each of his five WEG over 14 years . . . 33% is not considered a “vast majority” for anything. ● The changes in the BUGLE during the past 14 years were minimal. Complacent? The JANUARY-2006 issue had 42 pages, the JUNE-2006 issue (your first as Art Director) increased to 44 pages and the JULY-2006 issue was the first for 48 pages and remains today except for the annual BCA Nationals report issue and the repetitious 6-page fish-wrap (my opinion) covers. With ± 25% advertising per issue, members are receiving the equivalent of nine issues, not 12, of three or four-month old Buick news every year . . . more like a AAA Travel, Vacation and Dining Guide social rag with more pictures (my opinion again). Where are the monthly BOD reports, tech articles from the 50+ tech advisers that are listed on the covers every month, news (not pictures) from Regional and BCA Chapters? MORE QUESTIONS With few exceptions, the remaining 67% (two-thirds) of unknown reasons for not renewing a membership point to either the BUGLE or the inactions of the BOD. The BUGLE is considered the mouth of the BCA. For the majority of the members, the BUGLE is the only contact they have with the BCA organization save for picking up a few items (truth, rumor or B.S.) by belonging to a local Buick Club. That’s it. The BCA Nationals are not part of the $50 BCA Membership dues. Everything is extra. (1) Slice and dice apart the ± 8,000 unknown reasons (570 per-year averages) and let everyone know what percentage you would attribute to the BUGLE and what percentage would you attribute to the inactions of the BOD as being responsible for a member deciding that a membership renewal isn’t going to happen. Were you okay with knowing that the inactions of the BOD might have prevented you from obtaining better results? Did you ever discuss this with the BOD? (2) As mentioned above, everyone should be held accountable top-to-bottom. Can the General Membership expect to see a few paragraphs from you, an accountability report, in a BUGLE? The General Membership would be more than interested in knowing what your original goals were as an individual and as a team member when you were appointed Art Director vs. what you or your team didn’t accomplish in 14 years? If your answer is no, explain in detail why. (3) Are you okay with the results of the loss-in-membership renewal numbers that didn’t meet the BOD expectations? Is the BOD okay with your results? It’s my understanding that they approve and sign your paychecks. Members might want to revise their opinions once they read your detailed answers. Thanks. FINAL COMMENT The BUGLE is long overdue for a major overhauling. I will state my ideas in a new Thread on this BCA Forum before February 24, the deadline for the APRIL-2020 BUGLE. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint”
  8. To all readers: Some things are worth repeating . . . this is one of them. I have a short fuse when it comes to self-anointed experts, liars, B.S. artists, those who want to bend the rules in their favor and those who have a hard time admitting that they made a mistake. I don't have a problem acknowledging that I made a mistake or two once I know what they are. I learn from my own mistakes but I can't learn from them if I don't know what they are. I don't apologize for stating the facts or telling the truth. To Pete, I’m asking you to confirm herein . . . (1) What is your intention on publishing my two-part “letter to the BUGLE editor” (Board Candidate Questions and DISINFORMATION / JANUARY-2020 BUGLE) in a BUGLE, and (2) What are and why do you "disagree with one or two of my facts?" Be specific with your answers so everyone has a clear understanding. I will respond to your answers along with commenting on your second post on this Thread . . . reasons for not renewing a BCA membership . . . at the same time. Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint”
  9. For starters . . . there are numerous people on this Forum and within the BCA organization (do you want a list?) that don’t like me or my style of writing. Doesn't bother me one iota. My style is based on facts and information that were published in the BUGLE, BOD Meeting Minutes, Buick documents or admissions documented in an e-mail letter. Numerous people don’t like hearing the facts and have a problem admitting that they made a mistake. This Thread is based on the first and last sources noted above. The January-2020 BUGLE published false information. I’ve been accused of bashing people, a trouble-maker and many other names for telling the truth. This Thread is not bashing. This Thread is based on just the facts that the General Membership with short memories deserve to be reminded of. January 24, 2020 To Pete: Consider this as Part 2 of my “letter to the BUGLE editor” for the March-2020 issue. It is my understanding that the deadline is today, January 24. Part 1 addressing BOARD CANDIDATE QUESTIONS was posted on January 21 on this same BCA General Forum. You shouldn’t have any questions why I’m going this route and posting this on the Forum rather than sending you an e-mail. I’m asking that you acknowledge having seen and read this before the deadline and state herein if you disagree with any of the facts below. …………………………….. To President John Steed, The following picture is part of your message from the board that was published on Page 4 of the January-2020 BUGLE. It’s a well-known fact that Rick Schick never served as Treasurer on the BCA’s BOD. Saying and publishing just the opposite is disinformation. More on this later. Pete is always looking for interesting articles for the BUGLE. IMHO, a detailed article from you explaining to the General Membership what the duties and responsibilities are for the following titles/positions and how they differ from one another would be more than interesting and informative for all. Be specific with your answers. - appointed Assistant Treasurer (A first that I can recall in the 54-year history of the BCA. What dictated creating this title/position now?) - elected Treasurer - appointed Chief Financial Officer (A title/position that was “created” in July 2012 and “disappeared” in June 2019. The BCA had an appointed CFO thru 2021. What happened? I've always contended that this was nothing but a sham appointment to skirt the one-year hiatus requirement after serving two consecutive terms on the BOD.) - combination non-elected Treasurer/appointed CFO (Bill Stoneberg’s title from July-2012 thru June-2018) More questions: (1) Your first sentence in the above picture is vague. What positions do you consider as the “various critical positions” on the BOD? (2) What does it take for a member to be considered qualified for an appointed position? Does it help knowing someone on the BOD? Back to Rick Schick . . . - Rick was elected to the BOD for the July-2015 thru June-2018 fiscal years. - In his July 24, 2018 e-mail to me, Rick admitted that he never served as a BCA Treasurer. Rick copied President Oldfield and Office Manager Mike Book at the time, the BCA Minnesota Fireball Chapter membership and many others in his e-mail. - In my May 22, 2019 e-mail sent to the BOD and Pete Phillips, I stated this same fact along with legality questions and concerns about the 2019 BCA Election candidates. John, you were on the BOD at that time. Do you acknowledge receiving and reading this e-mail? Pete acknowledged my e-mail saying that "he doesn't want to get involved." - After one of the most impressive bio/profiles (for a Treasurer’s position) that you will ever read in a BUGLE (April-2015, page 16), one needs to ask themselves why things went haywire during Rick's term on the BOD: financial statements were not published in the BUGLE, the parking issue at the Nationals was still an issue and the hot topic of an IRS audit came up. The incomplete financials were finally published in the August and September-2018 BUGLES. Check out the bottom lines too. - Back up a couple of years. The BUGLE incorrectly listed Rick as Treasurer for his first of his three-year term, July 2015 thru June 2016. - The BUGLE correctly listed Rick as Director for his last two years on the BOD, July 2016 thru June 2018. - Rick did not seek re-election beyond June 30, 2018, yet eighteen months later, Rick was issued a free pass and appointed Assistant Treasurer. As of today, the BCA's 6,000+ renewals is as low as it was in the mid-1980s. The BCA had ± 60% more members in 2003 without an Assistant Treasurer. Why do we need help with all the software that is available out there today? As of today, the BCA has an Office Manager, an Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer and CPA knocking their heads together and massaging the same numbers and even after the May-2019 auditor’s findings and recommendations, detailed financial statements coming from the CPA on the CPA's letterhead for those Nationals have yet to be published in the BUGLE. John, be specific and let everyone know what the holdup is and why you can’t crack the whip and get your job done. The General Membership deserves knowing just the facts. Thanks. ……………………………… To all the readers on this Forum: should you decide to add to this Thread, let everyone know if you disagree with any of the facts stated above. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  10. For those of you who do not know me by now, let me re-introduce myself before I get started. I have a short fuse when it comes to self-anointed experts, liars, B.S. artists, those who want to bend the rules in their favor and those that have a hard time admitting that they made a mistake. With that said and without further ado, read and comprehend the following . . . January 21, 2020 To Pete: Consider this as Part 1 of my “letter to the BUGLE editor” for the March-2020 issue. It is my understanding that the deadline is January 24. Part 2 addressing an issue in the January-2020 BUGLE will follow and be posted on this same Forum in the next day or two. You shouldn’t have any questions why I’m going this route and posting this on the Forum rather than sending you an e-mail. I’m asking that you acknowledge having seen and read this before the deadline. To Pete and everyone else: Here’s my take on how the archaic way of electing Candidates for the 54-year old Buick Club of America’s BOD should be changed. The majority of these ideas were e-mailed to the BCA Minnesota’s Fireball Chapter membership along with a few others on April 4, 2019. BCA President and a Fireball Chapter member at that time, Alan Oldfield, received a copy of my ideas but no response was received back from him. Send him an e-mail if you want to receive a copy. Note that my April recommendation of changing the fiscal-year ending-date was prior to the auditor’s findings and recommendations that were made available to the BCA General Membership after the June-2019 BCA Nationals General Membership Meeting in Midwest City, Oklahoma. ……………………………………………. TO ALL INTERESTED 2021 BCA BOD CANDIDATES, Thank you for your consideration to run for a position on the Buick Club of America’s Board of Directors. If you are not aware by now of the recent auditor’s recommendations to change the next fiscal year-end date from June 30, 2020 to December 31, 2020, you know it now. Likewise, the dates for electing and seating candidates will be changed to conform. This year’s three newly-elected BOD candidates will be seated on January 1, 2021. The format will also change to provide the General Membership a better understanding of all candidates’ ideas for comparison purposes before casting their votes. What hasn’t changed is the assumption that you have the time and are able to participate in telephone conference-calls, meetings and traveling, along with having a computer and are knowledgeable of, or you have someone in your household that is, of sending and receiving e-mail messages for you. NEW ELECTION FORMAT Briefly, the new format will consist of the following three required items: (1) A not-to-exceed, one page typewritten bio/profile to be hand-delivered any time before the start of the General Membership Meeting to the designated Candidate Chairman (a non-BCA Member, impartial outsider will be selected) at the July-2020 BCA Nationals in Strongsville, Ohio, will be required. Your bio/profile will be reviewed for misleading/disinformation by the Chairman at a later date and if approved as submitted, it will be published in the September-2020 edition of THE BUICK BUGLE. If misleading or disinformation is found, you will be asked to correct same before publication. No other changes will be allowed. Voting ballots will also be included in this same September-2020 BUGLE edition and a voting deadline date will be announced. (2) Attendance at the July-2020 BCA Nationals in Strongsville, Ohio will be required. During the General Membership Meeting, each candidate will have the opportunity to make a presentation (approximately 15 minutes) in front of the BOD and General Membership audience. Picking numbers out of a hat will determine the order in which Candidates make their presentation. The suggested order of topics for easy comparisons is listed below. Organize your speech on the premise that you are trying to convince everyone WHY I WOULD BE THE BEST CANDIDATE TO VOTE FOR. Cheat sheets will not be allowed. Neither will wives or partners be allowed to be part of your presentation. After your presentation, the General Membership audience would have the opportunity to ask questions or for clarifications regarding your stated ideas. You would be given additional time to respond. A video will be made of all presentations and made available to the General Membership before the voting deadline. (3) If elected and whether or not you decide to seek re-election, you will be required to submit a detailed follow-up accountability report before you seek re-election or before the end of your three-year term on the BOD should you decide not to run for re-election. All reports will be published in THE BUICK BUGLE. The report should compare what your original stated goals were vs. what you actually accomplished. Presently, few BOD Members have “accountability” in their vocabularies and the voters that voted for them have no clue on what they accomplished during their three or six years in office. Good luck. SUGGESTED BIO/PROFILE AND PRESENTATION SEQUENCE To enable intelligent voters to make intelligent comparisons of all the candidates and decisions who to vote for, organize your bio/profile and presentation accordingly. YOU ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO ADDRESS OR ANSWER ANY ITEMS IN TOPICS 1 THRU 5. TOPIC 1: Bragging rights Suggested items to include: age, education, years as a BCA Member; what experience and new ideas can you contribute and bring to the table that would improve the BCA operation; what are your strong and weak points? TOPIC 2: BCA organization What do you like and dislike most about the structure of the 54-year old organization, how would you change it, do you recognize any cronyism going on, would you vote for having impartial non-BCA members as CEO or CFO and reducing the Board by three members down to six (replacing two, not three every year); are you okay with the “sham” titles and appointments, officers holding 16 consecutive years in office and incomplete financial reporting? TOPIC 3: BCA Nationals What are your likes and dislikes about how the Nationals are run, locations, parking, changes that you would implement, outdated Judging Handbook, weeding out uninformed judges that shouldn’t be judging 400-point competition, lack of detailed financial reporting, etc. TOPIC 4: THE BUICK BUGLE What do you like and dislike most, what would you change, do you favor eliminating the paper BUGLE, comment on the existing un-equal time given for all aspects (pre-war/post-war/super-size pictures/24-page write-up of Cuban rat rods/electioneering or “administrative junk” as the Editor calls it), lack of a proof reader, knowing that an item is false yet still publishing it, etc. TOPIC 5: Membership BCA Membership has declined since 2003 to the tune of 800+ members per year (fewer new members signing up + fewer renewals). Prove in detail to all the listeners that turning things around is realistic in 2020 and beyond. TOPIC 6: Goals Be specific and address your top two goals and how you plan to achieve them. Do you have any objection to submitting an accountability follow-up report comparing what your stated intended goals were vs. what was accomplished after three years in office? Should voters that voted you in have the right to know what you did or didn’t accomplish? ………………………………………….. IMHO ● The presentations alone might be an incentive for more members to attend the BCA Nationals. ● A presentation will indicate quickly whether the Candidate has good organizational and communication skills or not. ● The BCA is overdue for major changes before its demise. ● Top to bottom, everyone needs to be accountable. ● The General Membership deserves knowing the truth. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint”
  11. This is not my final response. This is my second request for answers and clarifications to my same questions . . . numbers 2, 3 and 4 that I posted above. (2) The topic of this Thread is about details on Fred’s 1953 Buick V-8 engine. Are you saying that the painted-green fuel pump might be a 1955-only item and doesn’t pertain to the 1953 or 1954 Buick V-8 engine fuel pumps? (Fred is asking if painting his 1953 fuel pump green, like yours, would be correct . . . NOT whether the fuel pump got over-sprayed with green paint or if the fuel pump was installed when the engine was tested. Pictures of Buick documents posted above address 1954 and 1956 Buick V8 engines.) (3) After your discussion with Dave, what was and remains today as to your understanding of what years Buick used gasoline and what years Buick used natural gas (not methane) to test their engines? (You stated ". . . gasoline was used in the past . . . later engines were run on natural gas . . . in 1988 the engine plant used natural gas . . . and in 2003, engines were being pressure-tested . . ." Which is it as it pertains to the 1953, 1954, 1955 and/or 1956 Buick V8 engines?) (4) What made Dave change his mind (contrary to Buick documents . . . one of them pictured in another post above) to agree with you to say that Buick fuel pumps were painted green by the Engine Assembly Group after they were tested? (What did the observation “due to evidence of paint on the vacuum connections at the fuel pump on unrestored cars” prove to Dave to change his mind . . . that the fuel pump was installed when the engine was painted, that the fuel pump got completely painted green or that the fuel pump got bits of over-spray at the vacuum connections? The year of unrestored Buicks that were observed to come to this conclusion would also be helpful to know. Once I receive the answers that I’m looking for, I will respond and compare your answers with what I came away with as an understanding after Dave and I talked at a BCA Nationals. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  12. An OE 1953 Buick Skylark pinch weld detail is not even close to a 1955 Buick. Here's what the body tub end looks like. Add this to what Steve described and noted in his pictures above. ▲ The OE laminated cardboard tack strip was inserted in the channel and both were riveted to the body tub as a unit. ▲ This detail is of the 12 metal backers that are used to prevent the snap's screws from pulling away from the cardboard . . . they are tucked-in behind the channel's flanges. Nowadays, a solid plastic tack strip is the way to go, replacing the laminated cardboard or the fiberboard ones that hold water. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  13. Interesting comment to say the least. Care to share with Fred, myself and all others and elaborate on your discussion with Dave as to the following? (1) Did the discussion occur before you painted your 1955 66C’s fuel pump green in the mid-1990s (prior to the 1997 BCA St. Louis-Missouri Nationals)? If after, an approximate year would be helpful. ▲ This picture was taken from your website. (2) The topic of this Thread is about details on Fred’s 1953 Buick V-8 engine. Are you saying that the painted-green fuel pump might be a 1955-only item and doesn’t pertain to the 1953 or 1954 Buick V-8 engine fuel pumps? (3) After your discussion with Dave, what was and remains today as to your understanding of what years Buick used gasoline and what years Buick used natural gas (not methane) to test their engines? (4) What made Dave change his mind (contrary to Buick documents . . . one of them pictured in another post above) to agree with you to say that Buick fuel pumps were painted green by the Engine Assembly Group after they were tested? I will respond to your and other posts above. Thanks. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 “500 Miles West of Flint”
  14. Don't do it just yet. This thread will become interesting and will change your mind. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"