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  1. Ronnie 27 The motor mounts look fine and the transmission mount fixed the vibration at 2000 rpms in park also.
  2. I wanted to pass along that I figured out why my 65 Riviera had a vibration when I would decelerate. I replaced the transmission mount and when I installed the new one I had to raise the transmission up approximately one inch. Once install the vehicle did not have the vibration at all. If you do replace the transmission mount make sure you test fit the bolts because the new one I purchased had a different thread pattern. Thanks again for all the responses and help.
  3. Thank you to everyone for all the responses. The car starts vibrating on decelaration between 50-55 mph and in park at around 2000 rpm's. The car does not have A/C. The vibration started after the installation of a complete exhaust system and after the transmission was removed and resealed. These were done within days of each other so I am uncertain and cant pinpoint if it started after the exhaust or transmission. The vibration can be felt throughout the whole car (if that makes any sense) - had the driveshaft rebuilt- still vibrates and did so prior to the rebuild. - rotated the torque converter and checked all positions. Vibration did not change and also ran vehicle with torque converter unbolted from flywheel. No change in vibration. -removed belts and ran motor and still no change. - checked exhaust and no pipes were touching the body but I need to get it on a lift to do a better inspection.
  4. It's a 63 Buick Wildcat. The cable which drives the front and back motion was damaged because the transmission was not operating due to it being seized. The plastic which covers the cable was torn off at one end and the plastic end which holds the cable in the transmission is broken off.
  5. The problem has not been solved and still haviong the problem. I think it is the exhaust and have to get it on a lift to check it properly. Gerry
  6. I am looking for a power seat drive cable and would like to know if anyone has one or knows a place that might make it if you send them your old one. Thanks Gerry
  7. He said he can cut the pattern for you or sell you the material. He just said he did not have the pattern for the 65, but like Ed said I think they should be the same.
  8. Dick thanks for the photo. Is that material from Jenkins? I called a few times and got in touch with the son. He said his father passed away and was in the process of getting back into business. He said he had the material and it was 55 a yard. He said he only had the pattern for a 63 and 64 but not the 65, but i think they are the same.
  9. Does anyone know if Jenkins Interiors is still in business. I tried to call and received no answer. I wanted to purchase their trunk material because their sample was close to the original. Any photos of installed trunk material in a 65 Riv and where it was purchased from would be helpful. Thanks Gerry
  10. Buick nailhead motor and Super Turbine 400 transmission removed from a 1965 Buick Riviera with 53,000 miles showing on the odometer. Pick-up only and the motor is located in Palm Coast, FL, which is 30 minutes north of Daytona Beach. $600.00 or best offer. Call with any questions. Gerry 386-931-7118
  11. Here are a few pictures of mine before I painted them. Mine were done with copper/nickel/chrome
  12. Here is a photo of it. Its not as nice as Dick's, but I got one too. LOL
  13. My 65 Riv is a radio delete car. Some genius cut the plate up and installed a after market radio, which I tossed in the trash. I still have the plate but its ruined. My passenger side fender does not have the hole in it for the antenna.