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  1. I have been noticing that all my hubcaps move around on the wheels resulting in valve stems getting pushed severely sideways. Actually had one fail. Never heard of this but never had hubcaps like these before either. Tires are radials Buick is a '50 Super running original caps. Thx Phil
  2. I'm not running a separator. Bypassed the mech pump. The brass tee has pipe thread fittings so there is a nipple to pipe thread on the inlet. Outlet to carb is a union pipe to pipe thread. On top the return line to tank is a pipe to Swagelok 1/8" tubing. The constant gas flow keeps it cool. Have had zero vapor lock since this upgrade. I now have stainless 1/8" return line for durability. I drilled a 1/8" hole high in the filler neck for return. Good luck! Phil
  3. I run a 12psi pump near the tank. Then to a tee at the filter by the carb. From tee one side goes to carb. the other side of tee returns by 1/8" copper tube to tank filler tube neck. No more vapor lock at any temperature. Good luck!
  4. I tried out the 5th Ave. 6volt alternator. It works really nice. 60AMP and easy install. My push to start still works. Battery stays fully charged now! I only needed one piece of the mount kit and it bolted up so close to the block I am able to use the original drive belt. Nice upgrade. Cheers, Phil
  5. According to the link '53 appears to be when they went to synthetic rubber material. Good to know!
  6. Well I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. The original seals in Buick hydraulic systems are most likely natural rubber. Brake fluid is not a hydrocarbon based fluid and works fine with rubber. ATF IS hydrocarbon based fluid. It DISSOLVES rubber seals. I switched from brake fluid to ATF also. Within a month all my window and top hydraulic seals needed replacement. The seals had turned to a goo like mush. With six new cylinders with non-rubber seals all works fine again. Cheers Phil
  7. My Dad gave me one of these back in the day. I was driving a Renault 10 so the change was rather dramatic. I peeled what was left of the woodgrain off with a heat gun and went on my way with no problems for years. I seem to recall is had a 455 or something huge under the hood. Didn't get the 35mpg I was accustomed to. More like 9mpg??? I found I could fit an entire Volvo 122 hood in the back! For what it was I found it pretty nice. Last seen with my first wife.... Come to think of it my second wife got a wagon too. Hmmmm. P
  8. Welcome! Just a note on hydraulic fluids. If you change over from brake fluid to ATF in your system all the seals in every part will fail. I did that and ended up having failures soon after. Had to replace all 4 window cylinders and the 2 top ones too before it would work properly. Next I expect the pump itself will need all its seals replaced too. (ATF dissolves the natural rubber seals so you have to use synthetic rubber). If it currently works with brake fluid I would leave it...... Good luck! Phil
  9. I did this; 12psi pump at tank bypass the mech pump straight to the gas filter then to the tee fitting with a pipe to 1/8 Swaglok copper line return to tank. Only thing that worked for me. Before you could see the ethylene boil in the filter. Thank the politicians and corn lobbyists for that! Phil
  10. I have one of these in my "50. I'm wondering what the function of this valve is exactly??? TIA, Phil
  11. Good work Jared. Hopefully we will see you on the road around here sometime soon! BTW I found a great metal work guy in Vallejo that got all the filler out of mine and hes not too expensive. Phil
  12. None of the brake hoses I got from In Line Tube fit my "50. Fittings are wrong and you can't install the retaining clips! So much for "Guaranteed to fit".
  13. If the little weighted tab on the end of the riser shaft it up toward 1 O'clock the riser is diverting heat away from the carb base. Otherwise it's more likely to vapor lock and percolate fuel in the carb. Hopefully it's stuck in this position like mine. Phil
  14. [quote=Pete Phillips; I think it was vapor lock, even though not a hot day. Well Pete, welcome to my world. Did you get some winter gas already? Maybe it has an extra dose of gas-o-hol??? Riser checked? Phil
  15. Yep. Bucky is running well with the new alternator and gas return line. Went to the informal cars and coffee at the Blackhawk museum. Hardly any Buicks but found an interesting mix. Really loved the Simplex and my gal loved seeing the GTOs like hers.
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