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  1. Oh MY MY! That my friend is my dream ride...54 76C Carlsbad Black and Red Leather int. and of course the wide whites EDIT...do the door handles look painted?
  2. It has to be the quintessential wedding car...great as always Bob!
  3. Can I have some iced cream with my pie? Smilies work great Lamar....
  4. Great job Jim...glad to have met you both!
  5. Nice....they sure do like to keep bleeding eh?
  6. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Confucius Nice!
  7. Yep...it was the very same comment that made me ask my engine builder to check the cover. He had the same comments. The mesh was replaced and all looks good...I haven't started the motor yet so all the pit falls of a Nailhead has me concerned. Thanks for the video...the info here is amazing.
  8. Good theory....I was going to go with the "access hole" idea but it is rather small. Same sort of thing with my Jeep Liberty. The antenna is on the passengers side but on the drivers side is a "Trail Rated " badge circular and exactly the same size shape and location as the hole required to mount the antenna. The theory was that they got it wrong and stamped all the wrong fenders at the start, used to badge to cover the hole....then just kept using it. I haven't been able to prove it though but it does sound plausible. Great job laying out your resto Jim...I can only hope newbies see it and l
  9. They just keep getting better! ....I especially like the last part, payment for the labor right?
  10. Mine as well....also the crank was .01 under. It was decked, line honed and 2 point full rotation balanced with flywheel and harmonic balancer.
  11. My Math says that it was originally 321.536 cu in...with the 0.030 over bore it would be 326.377. That in HP is debatable but it seems that it would be anywhere from 5-8 hp
  12. Just think of all that extra horsepower!
  13. Saved that one for future use.... Big shout out of thanks to MARTINSR...and for Willie for finding and re-posting it.
  14. ...and that's why I read what I read! Keep up the great work and the great talk about said work. Pics are always nice as well.
  15. Mike-Adam-Mud "50's Buick Trinity" I have to say all three of your threads are bookmarked for reference. Like Matt just said, I doubt you guys realize your influence on some of us... I have a bookmark called "Start Here" and its for this very thread. My frame is about to be delivered from the powdercoater and thanks to this thread I have a step by step on what to do next. All jokes aside...thank you!
  16. When my block was "Boiled" I did not see what was done, but I did see what was left and that was bare cast metal! I was very impressed with what I saw...looked like a new casting.
  17. So do you just try and sand the inside by hand the best you can and then cover the rest? Mine has some of that tar stuff that glued the sound pad in there. Also what are the plans for the sound insulation?
  18. Ahh yes the expected plot change.....nice! ...........btw, nice to see some grass. It's been a while for me.
  19. Ahh yes my favorite program is back on with new episodes! I'm going to go back from the start and enjoy the show marathon to get caught up again....I can't wait until the engine episodes come up again! ......I need me some popcorn!
  20. That was a very impressive demonstration... Makes me want to tackle my 54 Dynaflow. Thank you for taking the time to record that and share it.
  21. Any chance of that video ?? hehehehe
  22. Loving this part of the thread...its the shop tips I see in your pics that are neat. Stuff like the little base you made right to the way you secured it to do the Torque Converter. I look forward to your method of testing for pressures.
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