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  1. What is it about the absolute allure of new shiny metal that makes us go beserk! I too like the bare look, plan on powdercoating some clear on my small bare metal parts.
  2. Love the attached vid!...geeze did you kick the bench there at the end? heheheh Great info...I for one really appreciate the effort to show us what you are doing. Good luck finding those spacers
  3. The things you learn...thanks man. You realize now that my project will carry the same marks.....
  4. Yea but why the top of the bolt and the base as well...almost as if it is like a wax seal to check for tampering or a loosening of some kind. That doesn't really fit either because the base marks are not all lined up with the mark on the bolt.
  5. Damm...these forums have good memory eh? hehehe You too Mike ...n'uff said.
  6. Those "Might as wells" are a very strong force to be reckoned with eh? I started with the notion that I was going to just fix'er up a bit and drive her for a while...well after a ceased engine I ended up down to the frame. Here is a part of my Blog where it started for me... Might as well.... - Blogs - 1954 Buick Highway.... Tearing in... - Blogs - 1954 Buick Highway... Start driving it quick...or else you will be down to another bare frame again.
  7. Here is a whole slide show of old Buick's that are out to pasture: RUSTED FROM THE RAIN Not mine...El Diablo made this fine show
  8. Thanks....just one more step I guess. This one allows me to move the body to another garage that I just put up so I can get my soon to be powder-coated frame back in the main "heated" garage. ....sorry for the diversion here in this thread, this is a "Frame On" thread after all. Again....I was to try this frame on resto myself at one point, there are days I wish I had stopped there but then again there are no regrets here. I think a major aspect to consider what to do is if you have the dreaded undercoating. I can't imagine how some of you guys out there did it on your back.
  9. Thanks, it is and I have been meaning to get a build post on it...unfortunately I took no pics as I built it. It works quite well and was really cheap to build ($400).....I am new at welding so I'm pleased it held together.
  10. How about a 39 year old? I was adamant that I was not doing a frame off until I suddenly woke up one day and all that was left was to lift the body off. Honestly I should have waited, I would have been driving this car by now but once the engine ceased and that gave me time to do the engine bay...the rest is history. I am enjoying this adventure immensely, my only regret is I don't have an old Buick to drive. So as some advice to those who are thinking about it....understand this; its a huge commitment. No corners cut no "That will do" its an all in at this point. So if you want a nice lookin
  11. ....way to make us all look silly for questioning your progress. Yikes, you know how to get things done my friend!
  12. I still want to be adopted by MrEarl......
  13. The supply blows a positive pressure into the garage...where a door and other small allowances allows drafts to come in. Look if you have a man cave garage like I do it is of no consequence until you try to sell...keep the petrochemicals out in a shed and your fine. Also I am using your project as one of my templates for my own so I concur with John..keep it up!
  14. Geeze an air conditioned garage??? 72 degrees...sweet! Nice to know I'm not the only one who has to repeatedly remind the natives and constantly scream "Close the Door!!!" ...oh yea nice wall art.
  15. Always time for Pie, Sometimes better than others though...... Spam Pie Recipe Ingredients: 1 double pie crust 1 can Spam, cubed 1 cup partially cooked potaotes, cubed 4 oz Velveeta, cubed 8 oz Mozzarella cheese, cubed 1/4 cup bell pepper, chopped 1/4 onion, chopped 3 tablespoons milk Salt, pepper Mix all ingredients adding enough milk to keep the mixture moist. Pour into the pie crust and put second crust on top; slit. Bake at 350 degrees until browned. Serve with tea in the afternoon.
  16. Just go back a page...that issue is discussed. Nice work...enjoying the hell out of this thread!
  17. Now back to our regular scheduled programming.... <iframe width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cdpsfBsN_Dg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. That auxiliary vac pump on the 54's was for the power brakes during an engine stall at speed. No Vacuum=No Brakes! They only ran when the ignition was on but the engine was not so I doubt full time duty would be ideal as that would wear them out quick. Also they are a little dear as it pertains to cost There were two models, Trico and Morvac.
  19. Yea that J5V was a real SPAM crusher!
  20. ...and so are our balls Comparison of American and Canadian football - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  21. ....yea but it's a dry heat
  22. All good here....open door on the man cave and little bugs (thanks to the old school mosquito coil) It can stay like this all year Oh yea almost forgot..............................SPAM
  23. I'm not up on the heritage of Perth but did find this....Perth's mills are mention about half way down. http://www.perthhs.org/user/image/Mills%20of%20the%20Tay%20and%20Area.pdf
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