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  1. Agreed, the Barrett Jackson effect is strong with this one...
  2. Please feel free to forward my thoughts.....
  3. Yea, if you want the true experience then why change it....even incrementally? "Might as well" is a powerful force, its hard to see it in real time but there comes a time when you realize you may be chasing something you dont need or even want.
  4. I sincerely regret not getting one back then...I was not ready to work on the car at that time so I put it off.
  5. It was meant to be used....finally found a home! As to a previous statement about parts availability, I continue to be happily surprised how many parts are so available for my 54. My parts guy at a local shop loves when I walk in...he gets to look for interesting things but really they end up too easy most of the time.
  6. All I see is that is very close to Buick Engine Green....nice find Lamar
  7. Nice account of your fun times with your "Beautiful Buy"...you sure are a good custodian for this car and it's next owner will sure appreciate it.
  8. It just goes to show that no matter what...your neighbors weather is always greener...errrr better. Bahh...at least if you don't like the weather around here all you have to do is wait 15 minutes. This weekend coming I would say is a good one for all typically, lets all get out and enjoy it in our Buick's! Make sure to take pics and post em like wildcat did.
  9. Perfect! When handling a sale always say that you can come by or someone you know can, if he says no then no sale. If he says yes, another step to prove he has it is ask for a picture with the item and a current newspaper cover in it showing the date, if he says no then no sale. Always be clear you want tracking and pay by paypal, or money order/bank draft. That way you can prove you paid and he cashed it and you can prove it it was sent or not. One has to be vigilant these days, an honest seller would do this for you...especially if it is a high dollar item.
  10. Disgusting???? You have no understanding how that comment disgusts us nawtherner's Up here we have 5 seasons: 1-nice temped weather where you can enjoy the outdoors. =1 week 2-Blazing hot humid and mosquito filled days and nights =1 month 3-Tollerable weather where its cold and you should not wear shorts but you do anyways cause you are wearing socks with your sandals and winter is comming and you want to push the season 1 month 4-Really cold weather where you dress up but still try to enjoy your patio, BBQ and driving with your windows down but the heat on full=1 month 5-The rest is waiting for options 1-2-3-4 to come back
  11. That Special has the uber rare PS for the 264....that double grove crank pulley is worth some money.
  12. Well at least you got it in the same year as the meet was held.... Also anything broken? Stevo is too nice to say but I have a confession, the dammed glass broke in the box!! I must have not packed it as good as I thought I did, hard to ship a hunk of metal and a beer glass in the same box I guess. Sorry Stevo, I will bring you something nice the next time I am by.
  13. I was shocked one day when I went to NAPA looking for bleed screws with the nipple on them...out walks the guy with a brand new cylinder for my Buick just to have a reference to find the right screw. He had all 4 correct cylinders in stock all for $70 with the wanted bleed screws, I bought them all and ran home. Since then I go there first for everything...then start elsewhere. They guy just loves hunting for these parts for me, I have him building a front end complete rebuild kit for me. This may not be as easy for you pre-war guys and won't help the non NA guys but certainly is an easy first check option..
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