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  1. Terms Of Service Usually used in contractual situations....
  2. 1954 Model 60 John Deere What a year that was..... Look at that extra plush seat and toothy green grille. That space just above the John Deere emblem is just screaming for a set of 4 portholes.
  3. An old car bringing out "Old Time Values".... Nice
  4. Ahh yes... The glossy Green and Yellow combo...great ride and famous durability. Slap a set of 4 port holes on it and it would be the "Beautiful Buy" of lawn equipment.
  5. I just joined tonight because of the high quality of the on-line version, I was able to see what I was missing. The article on the Buick that slept for 53 years...wow! I was going to join anyways but I don't have the car yet and was going to wait a bit. It was the experience of reading and seeing what was offered in the Bugle that made me to jump on it, can't wait now for my hard copy. So all that being said, as a new member, I think that the on-line version is great and can be used to attract new members as an example (maybe use just one example), they get to see what it looks like but sure
  6. I'm just glad that the "pissing Calvins" peeing on a Ford or Chev or what ever seem to be going away. People have always borrowed flashes of flair from other vehicles....hell i just saw a Super Bee Smart Car last week, yellow with the black stripe. There outta be a law.....
  7. Well I just got off the phone with my uncle... This whole thing has me getting some neat family stories. It turns out that it was my Uncle, who was with my Grandfather when the car was purchased, made the deciding call for the Roadmaster. They were at the lot in '60 and were looking at cars, my Grandfather was looking decidedly at a 57 Chev when my uncle spotted the Buick! He described the first impression as a mountain of chrome and was very persistent to not get the tame "Canary Yellow" Chev but to get the flashy Buick...the problem was that the Buick's engine happened to be in the trunk! he
  8. Thanks for the great info.....good to know because I think getting a rust free car is my priority and getting that here will be difficult. To be clear I'm looking to get into the community first...get some knowledge and make some friends. The purchase will have to wait until next year My goal at this point is to learn about the hobby and the cars themselves....maybe I want a different car more, one I don't even know about yet. Mostly I want to be past the newbie stage before I layout the money for my next life commitment. Again thanks for all the info...gotta love boards like these and the
  9. Nice...my son is getting baptized on Sunday so I hope I can get away for a bit on Saturday. I'll check into getting that old pic from dad. It was a 2 door hard top '54. I talked with him about it tonight and I think he is more excited than I am....while I doubt he will get involved in the whole community thing he sure would love to see that ride again. I also think that he thinks it's neat that the Roadmaster is my car of choice, as it sure would be his. He even took the time to get a link of what it looked like, kinda a funny thing if you knew him.
  10. Somebody say Beer? I'm in........where now? :cool: As for the car...I like the look of the 52 but Dads was a 54. Were there many differences other than the look? Also how much is it to restore the chrome on that behemoth front grille?
  11. Wow...great stuff guys! Yes I am in the Ottawa area, actually Perth so looks like the show n shine in Carp is for me this Saturday. JZRIV...I recognize the great advise on the rust issue, you hit the nail on the head. Who enjoys rust repair...nobody I'm sure. My hope then is to start to "integrate" myself into the community and maybe gain enough contacts to assist me in a Picture and a Story purchase down the road. I have to say I'm quite excited, I always knew that "Car" guys are a great group to hang with and soon I will be one as well. I will be sure to keep tabs and get back with a ton
  12. <!-- message --> I have always dreamed of owning a classic car but always assumed it wasn't for me. Be it monetary...wife...other interests that got in the way, I just always put this thought to the back. Well it's in the front now... My car of choice is a 50-52 Buick Roadmaster. I grew up looking at a pic of my Father's first car with him standing in front of it. Him as a young man, with that silly grin on his face as if he just sole it. I guess I always thought of it as the quintessential classic car. I plan on taking a year to learn and to look, next summer I think may be the
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