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  1. I hear ya bud...my Buick Bucks account just got raided for other domestic priorities.
  2. Never mind...carry on!
  3. How does this post relate to spam???? ...careful, need to stay on topic.
  4. I was able to get these from Jan... Here is a little Yellow.... courtesy of 54Fins beautiful Skylark:
  5. Not me....instead of partaking of the double tub, I like to practice throwing my football through a tire swing. SPAMERIFIC!
  6. Red/Black goes together all day long.....
  7. Yea I threw that last one in just to show the colour.... There is a vid at 54B that the Administrator El Diablo made that has some really nice Red examples...I will ask for the pics. In the meantime check it out: RUSTED FROM THE RAIN
  8. I'm sure there was some sort of pharmacology involved in that dietary preference????
  9. Yea I doubt that its a focus issue but more of a chemical fog issue as it perains to the grainy pic. Looking sweet though...this has to be the most gratifying part, where everything starts looking like new!
  10. Very nice... I am an early riser and so is my boy. Even if he is not awake I get him and we go into the garage together to play with some tools...or toys as he calls them. Its our "thing" .....he also LOVES SPAM!
  11. Its funny you remember that because it was my dad that helped rebuild the heads off my Grandfathers 1954 Roadmaster. He remembers it like it was yesterday....he later owned the car and has always revered it. I want to try rebuilding the trans but the last thing I want to happen is to have a break down the first day on the road....or worse the 10th day when I have traveled all the way to Buick Gardens in Georgia. :eek: I will do it one day but maybe not for this project....its very special to me.
  12. Yea you certainly are doing nice work and I think I will go with my gut and farm out the Dynaflow rebuild. Maybe one day get a used core and play with that. I consider myself very adept mechanically but like I said about my engine rebuild...this may not be the best time to "Practice" on a rebuild. I continue to keep tabs on your project, thanks for sharing what you are doing. ...now to go shake the money tree a little harder.
  13. Looks like fun...? I'm curious, is this something that you have done before? I only ask as I would love the challenge of doing mine as well but I have never touched a transmission before. I am leaning to farming mine out but I sure love to experience new challenges and learn new skills. The book is so explicit and thorough...surely if I follow that exactly I should be good? Any pit falls or things to consider that the book doesn't cover? Other than getting the wrong kit it looks like a whole lotta fun!
  14. Ooooh baby! Man what a turn eh....you must be completely bonkers right now! Your progress is rapidly getting rapid...geeze a little interior work and some tires and your off to Danvers!
  15. .....Please pray tell for those of us who were not around to witness the next step in toy evolution from the cup and ball.
  16. They all suck....at some point!
  17. These are fun times I bet...looking great!
  18. LMAO! Too funny, of all threads to SPAM! Can you say validation?
  19. Looks like we attracted some REAL SPAM! WoW were are good.....
  20. I like your Rotisserie...I plan on building my own so I don't think I'll have the jacks. I need to mount mine (54 76R) soon, any tips and advice?
  21. Actually that was a pic of what they thought the home PC would look like in 2004! :eek: I just don't get the steering wheel....:confused: This one is real and real shocking for the price! ...hell I just bought a 2 TB drive for 80 bucks the other day!
  22. Well better the puter have the virus than you MrEarl... Too bad Buick doesn't build computers....they tried once but it was just too big That's Marley Earl standing there....Harley's geeky kid brother:
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