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  1. Thanks, Ronnie. Goyo did contact me and I got back to him. I do have all years of the headlight switches available rebuilt and tested.
  2. The price might be a good deal. I parted out an '89 a year ago that had 399,000 miles on it and it looked and ran good. It looked like a 50,000 mile car both inside and out. I also have parts cars that have around 100,000 miles and look like someone lived in them. Bad paint torn/worn interior. The key is if it is a southern car with not rust. If so, and the paint is decent and the interior is decent and it runs good it could be a very fine car. Condition, condition, condition.
  3. The wheels weigh about 21# each. That makes them worth $ 11.55 each so I guess you are right with about 50 of them, that is more than I was thinking. Maybe I will take them to the crusher.
  4. Nic, Only four? I have been sitting on these Reatta wheels for quite some time now. My local junk yard has a pile of tens of thousands of aluminum wheels just sitting there. Oops, if someone looks close there are four Corvette wheels in that pile.
  5. Jim

    RKE Question

    It appears there was a mid year change. Some '89s had the antenna fully horizontal in the blacked out area at the top of the glass. This must not have been ideal as some '89s and all '90s had a loop antenna bonded to the glass similar to the rear window defrosters. The button connectors are similar to that of a 9V battery but both are the same and they are soldered to the black area on the glass. I am attaching some pictures of the loop style. The early, I am guessing, is just two bars going away from the buttons. They appear to be not a loop but an antenna going each way a
  6. That is a thought but would be pretty difficult. How much would you bend it and which way. Then you have a problem testing to see if you got it right. This could be done with the tank out of the car and with a known amount of gas in the tank and then a temporary extension assembly of the wiring so you can plug it into the car and use the IPC to get the gauge to read correctly while bending. All this having been said, I am guessing you would might be able to get it near correct at maybe the low fuel end but then the full tank would be off my more. The BCM and IPC are designed f
  7. I agree with Ronnie, nice car and it is actually a pretty rare early car with the 16 way suede seats. The '88-89 Reattas had steel gas lines all the way from the tank to the engine. If you find the leak in an accessible area you can using some high pressure gas hose, cut out the bad area and replace it with hose.
  8. Bleeding the brakes. I believe you can also find this same info on Ronnie's site. 1. It is HIGHLY recommended that all the fluid in the whole system be changed with new fluid to eliminate any built up moisture in the system. 2. Any time the brake hydraulic system is to be opened the brake pedal should be pumped 25 times with the key off to bleed off the 2600 pounds of pressure in the accumulator. 3. Siphon out as much of the old fluid as possible from the reservoir and refill with clean fluid to the top. Another good way is to cut the rubber hose that comes from the
  9. Dave, Interesting you mentioned your gauge is now off. i am sure you are correct that that is the reason for the different part numbers. A while back I was getting some sending units from other Buicks and noticed the resistor that the slide rubs on was different on different models. I remember one was about 350 ohms. The correct resistance for all year Reattas is about 200 ohms so it must be that Cadillac probably using a different BCM and definitely a different instrument cluster will require a different value resistor on the sending unit.
  10. Jim

    '90 idle too high

    Thanks everyone for the thoughts. It was the TPS. First I tried adjusting it and naturally I went the wrong way. I went the other way and still .058. Adjusted it more and the reading went down to .018 and the idle went right down to normal. I then tried adjusting it up a little but it went right up to the .058. I then replaced the TPS and after a couple of adjustments I now have .038 and a nice idle. The '90 manual shows it should be between .033 and .046. My ED21 and 22 were out of spec but now with a good TPS they fell right into place. There is an asterisk/foot note say
  11. Jim

    '90 idle too high

    Heading back out now to look further into the problem. I should have looked at the ED codes first as that would have saved me some time previously. I did change the PS pump and no difference. I disconnected the PS pressure sensor and no difference. I then did the EDs and have multiple issues. I do have a too high ED01, TPS mine is reading .058 I have an ED20 Block Learn Memory of 150. That supposedly means I have a bad ground at the ignition module. I took off the module, cleaned all the surfaces and put on a different module and still 150. Need to trace this ground.
  12. Jim

    '90 idle too high

    Ronnie, You may have hit the nail on the head with your link. I do have too high power steering pressure. When I drove the car a few years ago the steering was too easy. At that time I was worried I might blow a hose or seal or something but nothing ever went wrong so I left it. The steering is still way easier than any other Reatta I have ever driven. Padgett, Thanks for the EDxx settings. I have not looked at how to get them for a long time but will refresh my learning and look at them but I think first I will look at the power steering situation and see why my pressure is too
  13. The convertibles have a much more involved circuit for operating the trunk solenoid. You almost have to have a factory shop manual. One big item is the tonneau cover has go be down before the trunk solenoid will operate. My_Youth----- If yours is not working, open the tonneau cover and then sort of slam it back down and see then if your trunk will open.
  14. I have been driving a '90 for the winter that sat for about 3 years. The idle is about 1400 RPMs in park. I don't remember if I had this problem when I was using the car 3 years ago but suspect not. Very good vacuum. Changed MAS Changed IAC. Changed EGR. ( thought this was going to correct the problem as there was no gasket there but replaced EGR and a gasket, still high idle. ) No codes. I may change today the TPS but am not hopeful. ( it is nice to have lots of parts cars. ) Any suggestions? Jim
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