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  1. Jim


    Many years ago, and I still have them, I wired up two harnesses, one for testing the inverter along with the headlight switch module and the wiper switch module. A second harness to test the inverter, and console pieces. I have tested good, both console and dash inverters available. If anyone needs one please send me an EMAIL at reattas60@gmail.com On a side related topic the dash tops and dash top panels are getting REALLY brittle. Recently someone wanted the panel so i deliberately damaged the dash so I could push up the panel from underneath rather than try and pry it up. Trying to pry it up with a screw drive there is an excellent chance you will both damage the dash, like I did intentionally, or damage the panel. Jim
  2. Padgett, I didn't see the post you are referring to but I have several of he modules, tested and in good working order, for a lot less than you paid for a new one. Send the one back to Amazon and i can save you some money. Jim
  3. Alan, Email me your address and I will send you some, no charge. Jim
  4. Jim

    Delco coils

    ROJ is VERY good. I wish I would have read Padgetts article before going to the junk yard would have saved me some time. Actually I went back there today and got another assembly from a '93 Pontiac
  5. Jim

    Delco coils

    In another post there was some discussion about using the Delco later coils and module. A fellow wanted just the Delco module and the plate under the module and I emailed back. I then tested one unit I had on the shelf and found I had one bad coil. I went to the local junk yard and picked up a coil and another complete module, coils and mounting plate. Got it home and found it was NG. About this time Barney and I were talking on the phone and he mentioned he wondered what year Delco units would work so I looked on line and found all the way up to 2005. With this info I went back to the junk yard and proceeded to remove a unit from a '99. Part way into the removal I discovered the coils and module were the same BUT they did not have the mounting place underneath but the bolts going through the coils and module went directly into the large mounting casting without the "adapter" plate. I then found a '93 Buick and got all the parts I needed. The bottom line is if you want to upgrade to the Delco unit you need to get an early '90s. I do know '93 works, not sure about '94 but all the '95s I looked at were the later design without the aluminum adapter plate.
  6. I only got rid of the excess and ones that were not in the best of condition. I do have more of all the parts I mentioned plus others and can be reached at reattas60@gmail.com
  7. Today i am taking a Reatta to the crusher. ( it is a local junk yard and he doesn't care what I add in the car ) Back when I first got into Reatta parts, long before the high priced sellers, I sold my first vent window for $ 1200. I then sold them for $ 850 then $ 450 then $ 250. Last summer I brought some the the BCA national meet for $ 45 and didn't sell any. Today the car going to the crusher will have the vent windows still in it. I am also including in the car about 20 complete parking light assemblies and about 20 console tops. I would include more non selling Reatta parts but the car is full.
  8. The mounting is also different on the Caddys. Reatta fronts have the mounting hole at a right angle to the sensor and Reatta rears have the mounting hold straight off the end of the sensor. 89-90 Cadillacs have the front mounting straight like the Reatta rears. A Cadillac front could be used on the rear of a Reatta but it is also longer than the Reatta. Earlier Cadillacs also used the Teves system but has different mounting sensors. The first picture is of a Cadillac front and the same as a Reatta rear. The second picture is of a Reatta front. The last picture is of an early Cadillac Seville. If a person needs any sensors, I can be reached at reattas60@gmail.com
  9. That was Greg Ross in PEI Canada. He did most of the work while he was living near New Orleans. Haven't heard from him in years but as I remember he got out of Reattas and into sailing. The supercharged 5 speed Reatta got rusty and is probably still sitting in PEI
  10. I have both excellent used ABS sensors and recovered ones. I also have most parts available for Reattas.
  11. I have lots of seat parts. Jim
  12. I have the piece you are looking for. Send me an email. Jim
  13. I don't know of a list of cars in MN but I am in Duluth and have lots of parts.
  14. The tan used in Reattas was a Reatta only color. Some other Buicks did use the same wheel but not this particular color.
  15. This being an old thread I wanted to add that in a different post I have reduced the price to $ 25 each.