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  1. As you found out it is almost impossible to restore the center caps by the average person. The problem is the very fine lines in the aluminum. If a person had some nice caps but with poor clear coat and could chemically remove the clear without damaging the lines that would be ideal but that is also hard to do and actually once the clear goes bad the aluminum corrodes and ruins the lines. Last week I picked up four VERY nice original center caps and they are available. These caps are nice and shiny like original,
  2. This car did have a perfect drivers side door panel and both blue seats are very nice. I just looked at the paper work yesterday and it was a one owner car. Bought new in Racine WI and spent a few years in NY but 90% of the time in near Wausau WI. Several years ago I was driving through Weston WI and spotted the car and bought it. I had planned on driving it, the way it looked to the BCA National meet in Milwaukee but the brainiacs in the BCA scheduled that meet for the same date as a large swap meet in Iola WI so that National meet is one that I was not able to attend.
  3. Who needs to buy a southern car when you can have a nice Wisconsin car. Here are some pictures of a nice running Reatta with only 256,000 miles on it.
  4. That is the wrong lever. That lever, I am not sure why GM put it there, simply holds the rear bow half way up when putting the top back down after closing the tonneau cover. The lever to release the top from the tonneau cover when putting the top down is located inside the rear compartment behind the drivers seat. You pull that lever and the top releases from the tonneau cover and then operate the switch that releases the tonneau cover so it will come up and you can then put the top down.
  5. It needs to be dark outside for the dimming function and background lights to work and of course the lights or parking lights or fog lights on. When the photocell/BCM detects low light levels the dimming and background lights work. The most common part to go bad in the '88-89 Reattas is the headlight switch. The two biggest problems are the "off" button does not function correctly and the dimming and background lights on the switches, CRT. IPC etc. do not work correctly. Try your dimming slider at night and if the background lights do not come on or if you are having problems
  6. I have a person looking for a front clip for a Reatta in the Dallas area. I have all the parts but shipping is too expensive. Does anyone have a parts car near there that wants to sell the front clip?
  7. Jim


    You can take the glove box out and then watch the rod move as you change the heat setting. On a '90-91 it could also be the temperature up/down button on the ECC but that is easy to to check by moving operating the up/down button and see if it indicates that the temperature is going up and down. If the temp does not change on the '90-91 then try, instead of simply pushing the buttons, try sort of punching them with your finger or the eraser end of a pencil. I have a good heater programmer available if your car is an '89-91. I found out recently that the '88 programmers are
  8. I have about 30 KFOCI Quarterlies Starting with issue 8-3 summer of 1969 continuing with all issues to Spring of 1973 Fall/Winter 1979 Issue 33-3 1997 through issue 38-1 2002 About 60 Bulletins Starting with May 1997 to Nov. 2002 Almost all but a few missing issues. I would like $ 45 for everything.] I will also include some reprint articles of Henry J convertibles and reprints of the Skyline X-50 convertible. Also included is the 1980 KFOC Handbook with more info than anyone needs to know. Shipping would be only the exact cost of shipping f
  9. I have some tested good photo cells available. I can be reached at reattas60@gmail.com
  10. I have a good one and should have your color. Send me an email and the color of your car. Jim
  11. I agree with Dave. There are hundreds of them out there that will go right in. Get one from any larger '88-90 GM car that used the 3800 engine. Goes right in and no changes needed. I just changed, myself, the trans in my '90 winter driver and followed the book even though I have disassembled many Reattas. I mention I followed the book because in my opinion the book is wrong. It say's to leave in the passenger side axle. MISTAKE. It was in the way removing the trans and in the way putting it back in. You already have the left side out so for a little more work, separate the lower ball join
  12. Thanks Barney for the referral but to be honest, getting one from me should be the first option. The headlight switches in the '88-89 Reattas are the most common part to go bad. They are actually getting pretty hard to find in junk yards as the Reattas and Rivieras are now 30 years old and you don't see them showing up anymore. In addition even 15 years ago to find a good one in a junk yard is not likely. I have said for 20 years or more not to buy one on Ebay either unless the seller can guarantee the switch will work on all functions and has been actually tested. These switches are
  13. I have lots of parts cars and lots of extra letters.
  14. Much easier way------- Take a pencil with an eraser or just use your finger and punch the bad button sort of hard. This usually dislodges the dirt and it will start working again.
  15. The $ 5 is the big thing. I am the same way. I only looked at CL and had not too good results selling things particularly my Honda Gold Wing. Ran it several times, before they added the fees for motor vehicles, and didn't sell it. Last Spring I also got onto FB marketplace and sold the Honda right away. Since then I bought a Reatta parts car off marketplace and just recently sold a Reatta on marketplace. What I really like about marketplace is you can see the other persons info before getting back to them. This helped in the car I just sold as the first person to inquire, l
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