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  1. Mike, I stopped by there again yesterday as I was looking for a part for my daughters S10 plow truck and see the car is getting pretty well stripped. I also stopped yesterday in their other yard in Peoria and as I was walking through it I was thinking I have been in probably 50 U Pull its around the country and this was the messiest I have ever seen and all the cars were pretty well picked over. After I left you the other day I went to the really junky yard up the street near the water tower and got an IPC for a '90 but have no way of testing it. If you see this post, could you email me your phone number and maybe I can test it in one of your cars? Jim
  2. I have those parts but am in AZ for another week. Jim
  3. The'89 that was my winter driver last winter unfortunately I had to quit driving it at 398,400 miles because a brake line rusted out and wasn't worth fixing to try and make 400K since I had a red '89 ready to go for this winter. Anywaaaaaaay, That car the ABS worked almost all the time but sometimes would bring in a main valve code. I could have changed the main valve easily as it it right on the front of the master cylinder but never did. If the yellow light was on when I left my driveway, I would go a mile to the next stop sign and shut off the key, pump the brakes about 6 times and then restart the engine and be on my way. The yellow and red lights would be on and a few hundred feet down the road they would go off and I had ABS.
  4. Ronnie, Good thought on the leaking vacuum from the cruise hose. You are also right on the pump being different on the '88s. Dante's car is an '89 so he cannot use the pump/motor from an '88 on and '89-90 but he can put on the whole system. I have seen this done a few times. Dante----- The pumps will run even with a pump or two as the pressure drops and even though the red and yellow lights might not come on the pressure drops and the pump brings it back up to about 2600 pounds. These pumps are fluid pumps and will not work if there is air in them. This is why when replacing a pump it will need to be bled before it will work. It is recommended that the brake fluid be changed about every five years but at this point it will not solve your problems. i would hold off changing the fluid until you find the solution to your problems as you may end up changing the fluid a second time. Wal Mart fluid is cheap and the correct fluid.
  5. I went back yesterday and got the top assembly and the drivers side door panel. I have a person that can bring them to MN in February..
  6. I was at a junk yard in Phoenix today and there is a very nice Reatta convertible there with a very nice tan top. The weather stripping was pretty good also. I am sure this whole assembly could be purchased quite cheaply. $ 100 or less for a nice top is a pretty good deal. Take out a couple of bolts and get a nice top, framework and weather stripping. When I moved the drivers seat forward there was the complete portfolio with the pen, tire gauge and flashlight. The yard is the U Pull & Pay at 2501 W buckeye rd in Phoenix There was also another convertible in the U Pull on Broadway but a nasty car and picked over.
  7. Jim

    Asheville N C

    Chuck, Get a hold of Ed Farnell. He gets up there occasionally and also know several people in that area. Jim
  8. The part you are looking for is called a carpet retainer. I do have these available. Jim
  9. I recently acquired the remaining stock of convertible visor clip from Kingsley and now have more clips that there are convertibles. I am reducing the price to $ 25 per clip with a limit of 2 per person with possible some exceptions. Jim
  10. Jim

    Blown Tire

    I just sent Keith some other parts and shared my similar experience with him. Maybe it is something in Florida. Back in '06 I flew to Orlando and bought a black Reatta convertible. The same day I drove to Naples and stayed over night with some friends. The next day we drove over to Miami and went to some junk yards and then on the way back across "alligator alley" I felt a vibration but we kept going as my friend had to be back at a certain time. About the middle of alligator alley the same right front tire blew the tread off and my fender looked like yours. Fortunately it was only the fender and it damaged the hood a little. I owned the car for less than 24 hours and now had a fenderless Reatta. At the time there was a fellow in Florida selling parts so we drove the next day to the Daytona area and put on a used black fender which made my car look much better for the trip back to Duluth. I then repainted the fender and hood and it came out very nice.
  11. I have a good used replacement hose for your '90 Reatta. I can be reached at reattas60@gmail.com
  12. Jim

    Reatta parts

    I added I also have reconditioned ABS sensors.
  13. Jim

    Reatta parts

    I have been parting out Reattas for over 25 years and have most parts available at very reasonable prices. Some hard to find part I have include '90-91 headlight switches ( outright or exchange ) convertible visor clips and convertible tonneau clips. I also have reconditioned ABS sensors both front and rear.
  14. Barney's fix is excellent and will last for years as opposed to the original plastic band that can age and get brittle and break.
  15. Jim


    The '87 LeSabre T types used the same wheel as the Reattas but with a different center cap. The wheels Ronnie has pictured are from a Cadillac STS and we have the same wheels on our Driftwood convertible. They were about 1999. All GM wheels used the same bolt pattern for many years except for the really small cars. Grand Prix wheels will fit on a Cadillac or Reatta and vise versa.