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  1. At Amelia Island. Lamar and the judges. I suppose we were out-classed.....no award.
  2. No problem, AlK If someone wants to make an offer, I have a spare I can furnish. Bob
  3. I haven`t done anything with the car except remove the Selectronic radio and electric antenna and had both restored. I have too much going on to get to get to it. There is/was no transmission but otherwise very complete. Anyone want to make an offer? Bob
  4. Where in the car does it ride Bob? Glove box
  5. No jack yet. Bill Warner had it and he`s been very busy, lately. Hopefully he`ll send it this week. The `55 69 has been here a while. The brakes are down and am having a problem getting them pumped back up. Next trip for it is the Great Race in June. Bob
  6. If it goes as planned, I`ll have the Landau on spaces SB-57-60 Friday and then on the show field early Saturday morning. Bob
  7. Correct wheels/covers, finally Summer schedule Southeastern Spring Meet - Charlotte, NC April 7-10 NC Regional Spring Meet - Reidsville, NC - April 16 BCA - Danvers, MA July 5-9
  8. David, I`m moving slowly on it. I have talked with a local guy who is an artist at doing fiberglas. I`m taking him the hood next week then the body as soon as I change out the frame. Roy, The original note book came from the Bortz museum. Too long a story to tell here. There were actually three note books. Two were put together by previous owners, Delbert DeRees and Alvin Hamburger. DeRees had a title search done by the state of Michigan and I now have a list of all the previous owners. Bob
  9. The program at BCA - Ames there was a reprint of an artical that appeared in the March 1970 Bugle which mentioned a loose leaf note book/ owner manual in the glove box. It`s back in the glove box, now. Bob
  10. You guys have him figured out. I assure you he got pictures you described. Bob
  11. Dave, It will be more or less garaged until the interior is done. Jenkins has the leather and is trying to locate the cloth. He estimates six week but that`s probably optimistic.
  12. Lamar, Your point is well taken, however if it had original paint, etc then by all means the interior should left alone. Since it has new paint, replated bumpers/trim and carpet this would be only to complete the restoration. You can leave those papers behind. I already have 5 children and all my boys are girls. Heck, I`ve had female problems all my adult life. Bob
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