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  1. PpThe first memorable ride was with a man I’ll call my mentor Harold hoe in his 1911 premier,big beautiful brass car ,I believe I was 12,the car had been restored in the 50 s and this was about 62,the car was later sold to a collector in scotsdale Arizona have since lost track of it,the following week I accompanied him to. His special hardware store about 10 miles away in his 28 Lincoln touring car that he bought from gays lion farm, that car was sold after he passed and I don’t know where it ended up, Dave
  2. I don’t believe so,but if you need one I believe butters in Michigan reproduces many
  3. YI know this is going to sound silly to some of you guys out there,but I don’t think enough respect has beenayed to these pioneers in the early days of collecting,how many people saved 500 cars,or the Long Island auto museum for trudging the barns ,carriage houses and sheds to find these early cars,I know not many of us has the disposable income like bill harrah had,but if we Did I believe view would build the antique auto and restoration facility to preserve the cars of yesterday as they did,I believe a statue of these guys are long overdue at the aaca,I know I’ll donate, Dave
  4. Earlier this year I found a cole roadsterwith a custom body for sale not far from where I live,talked to George thru emails,he was a true gentleman went out of his way to get info for me,unfortunately the friend who was supposed to check it out for me drug hisfeet and it was sold before I could pull the trigger,the hobby needs more George coles, Dave
  5. Wasn’t that guy that had all thos cars tucked away in New York wasn’t his name Richelieu and didn’t he say he had one tucked away, Dave
  6. Hello there just what parts do you have for the 33 olds. Dave
  7. Well if anyone has a 31 or 32 devaux parts car I’m ready and been looking, Dave
  8. Hello frank is there a chance that the guy that worked on the car prior to your purchase had the frt end apart and ultimately reversed the spring, Dave
  9. Hello joe i may be mistaken but I believe your radius rods are furnace brazed,I believe that’s the same way older motorcycle frames are assembled, if you look at an unrestored motorcycle frame you will probably see about the same finish, Dave
  10. Hello everyone are you sure itsfuel related,next time it quits chk your ampmetet for power,try hotwiring the car and take it for a road test,mydadhad a Pontiac that would quit under acceleration he searched for probably six weeks for the problem he finally discovered the ignition switch was bad,changed the ignition switch and the problem went away, Dave
  11. Hello george im looking at a coal roadster,I’m waiting for a reply from seller,seller says it’s a 16 ,it has v8 engine but has disk wheels,is this correct, if. It does not workout I will send you the info, Thanks dave
  12. Maybe it is just me but has anyone else notices that prewar project cars have mostly gone m.i.a.,there used to be several on here at all times and several on eBay at any given time,just seems like people are holding on to them or the market is so depressed that folks don’t bother listing them, Dave
  13. When I was just a kid maybe late 50 s or early 60s I went with my dad to a place called classic cars in Gardena calif,the owner was a gentleman named mike mc manus, I remember he had a studebaker touring he told my dad he bought from the studios my dad was trying to buy it but the deal never happened,I remember my dad telling the story all of his life of how he missed it
  14. Hello ed i completely understand your point and agree to most of it,but isn’t it a fact the cars being judged are supposed to be authentic to the year they where built,I understand making them safer to drive and use,but some cars are trailer queens and authentic to the last nut and bolt,other cars are driven and maybe safer more reliable and all around a better car they are just not authentic,I personally will take a safer and more reliable car to tour with over a trailer queen,just saying, Dave
  15. Hello everyone im not trying to pee in anyone’s corn flakes but wasn’t judging based on how the car came from the factory in the same year,I know about safety precautions and agree with them on drivers and tour cars but if your trying for an authentic restoration why fight the rules,if it wasn’t original equipment then it should not be allowed, Dave
  16. That’s the way I like them a bit of a challenge,parts may be hard to find but that’s part of the fun,to many people see these as parts cars,when I was young my mentor taught me if you don’t save them who will,two many cars lost forever,let’s get as many back on the road as possible
  17. Try Lester Harris in minded Nevada,Lester has been in the antique auto parts business since are lord built the mountains,you should be able to google. His numbers, Dave
  18. Hellotim ive paintedalot of frames over the years,cars,trucks motorcycles trailers etc,there a lot of curves and areas that are hard to get two,,I’m not a big fan of sand blasting but I think on frames and other items it’s the way to go,just remember to always sand even lightly and always metal prep if there whereareas that where real rough metal prep twice it won’t hurt,paint is a funny thing,sometimes no matter what you do. The stars just are not aligned,other times it seems like you can do no wrong,just keep at it two steps forward and one back, good luck dave
  19. Hello xander if you put a cloth covering on that hardtop from 20 feet it would look like a convert which it is,with the top up,just a suggestion,something else to ponder, Dave
  20. Hello tim i think this is sometimes the best way to buy them.generally you can get a great deal on the car if they truly want to get rid of it.you said you had bought a home recently so you had a place to keep it and work on it,the price is usually right,so in some ways it is a win win situation,iknowyour grandpa is looking down with a big smile,good luck with the project and remember at the half waypoint you have to start looking for the next project, Dave
  21. I’ve used the kerosene in a Hudson sprayer numerous times,when it’s time to wash it off I hook the hose to the hot water heater then to the pressure washer works great
  22. I’ve worked in body shops in California For many years never used one or seen one in a body shop, I worked as an apprentice machinist in an automotive machine shop when I was 18=19 years old,the owner used one similar to polish crankshafts, Dave
  23. Where is this car located,do you have an idea on price,youca send me a private message if you want, Dave
  24. after Reading this I believe most folks start out with good intentions, maybe some lose substantial income divorce happens a lot out here in California,maybe a lot have a friend who is going to . help With the. Restoration and then there helper died or moved away,I believe once reality sets in they realize it has to go or he passes and the family realize the value is far less than imagined,either way a person new to the hobby can get a great car for a descent price or the vehicle will getparted out and help several folks find what they need,we can all puff up are chest and act important and think we would never do that but we didn’t walk in there shoes, this is just my opinion, Dave
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