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  1. I checked all my coils, sorry don't have the correct coil for you.
  2. I have a bunch of coils, let me check and see if I have the one you are looking for.
  3. Have Chrysler flathead 6 on a pallet. 40" long x 24" wide x 29" high and weights approx. 450 lbs. Doesn't need to be there tomorrow. Can take your time.
  4. Hi Rick, The engine is also most back together. I put the timing gear on the crank upside down. I'll be going back to work tomorrow, been on vacation. I will bring my puller home from work and flip the gear right side up. I'll finish putting the timing cover, the pulley on and mount the engine to the pallet this weekend. Is there any chance that there is someone in the Chrysler club or the AACA that might be able to pickup the engine? Isn't there a place on forum you can ask and see? I'm figuring that is going to weight around 400 to 450 lbs. As soon as I get the engine on the pallet, I will take some measurements and see what it will cost to ship. I ended up using the front engine mount from my DeSoto engine. This will help securing the engine to the pallet. I have a bell housing that also could help to hold the engine on the pallet, I will give you if you want it. But it's about 40 to 60 lbs. more. Regards, Wally
  5. Need the heater core and the outer cover that holds the heater core.
  6. Also, the discoloration on the hood , was from a renter who poured paint remover on the hood.
  7. No, the engine was never rebuilt. I took the head off and checked the pistons and valves.
  8. I still have the carb on my DeSoto. Let me see if I still have one to replace it with. Will be out of town this weekend, will get back to you next week. If you are still interested. Thanks
  9. Are You still looking for an engine? I have a complete engine, that I disassemble. Engine # CJ618247, it also has the letter B stamp on both sides of the eng. number. That suppose to mean that the block was bored and the crank was turned. Wally
  10. Front axle for sale. Casting # 308270 3522. $100 shipping
  11. Front axle for sale. Casting # 308270 3522. $100 shipping
  12. Have Three axle shafts Two idenitcal shafts; marked 31 Ply. 10 spline 1.178 dia. shafts 2 & 3 Other shaft # 1 10 splind and 1.328 dia. $50 OBO each plus shipping
  13. Have two rear ends for sale. $150 OBO plus shipping Brake dimensions 11" X 1 1/2" Spring saddles center to center 39 3/4" Axle flange to axle flange 53" Brake backing plates: outside edge to outside edge 50 3/8" Axle # 1 has 6 bolt driveshaft flange​ Axle # 2 has 4 bolt driveshaft flange Axle # 1 has 47 -1 axle ratio C422 stamped on axle housing Possibly from 1930 or later DeSoto Axle # 2 most likely has 47 - 1 axle ratio and is from 1929 Desoto
  14. These shocks came off a 30 DeSoto. $25 each plus shipping Casting #'s 1061627 R9 Front 41102 R8 Front 823209 & 823210 rear
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