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  1. Thats the one!! This polish is incredible. So much better than anything else I have tried Thank you so much for the information. Mark
  2. There was a vendor at the BCA Nationals last summer who was selling a liquid metal / aluminum polish. I loaned my bottle to a friend, and it is now MIA. Does ANYONE remember this vendor and know how I can contact him to buy more of the product Thanks, Mark
  3. It may help you if people knew where you were, and how much you plan to charge, maybe go one step further and tell them how they can actually contact you
  4. wonder if the Invicta has the same items your looking for?. I have 62 convert, but never paid too much attention to the trunk. I can look this week for you. Mark
  5. Bryan, Any word from the owner, I am interested in looking at the car. Mark
  6. I agree, TA is a good source for the part
  7. Mike, You may want to put this in the "for sale " section. Describe the car, color, options, good and bad points and put a price on it, per board rules. Good luck. Mark
  8. Had a great time, and got to meet a few more BCA members! Adam, Thanks for all the work you and the guys put into this show. Nice location, easy to get to, and saturdays weather was incredible. Mike Middleton, good to meet you, hope you have a great ride home! Got to tour some great car shops on friday with Gene and Dean from the Iowa chapter, and my father Don. Saw some really nice cars, and had a nice lunch afterwards. Thanks to all for a good time Mark
  9. I sent you an email with a possible source for parts. Sorry to hear about the car, just glad you and Joy were not hurt
  10. Centerville Auto, Russ Martin i dont have his number handy, but do a google search and you will find him. He has the pumps for that engine
  11. I have a set of 5, plus centercaps $475.00 plus shipping
  12. Both my father and I will be there , my dad with his 48 vert and me with a 68 GS
  13. I am interested in the car, Please contact me when you have a moment and issues have been resolved
  14. Phil, Changing lug bolts is a great winter project, kind of a pain in the tush. Much easier to just buy the left hand thread lug nuts, and yes ebay is a good source. Just let your mechanic know if you take the car in for service so they dont break one. Most younger mechanics dont know about the reverse thread. I do agree there isnt a lot of variety in the wheel patterns. have you checked the Foose Wheels site? they have some that I really liked, and something that wasnt run of the mill
  15. I did the same conversion on my 56. For the aircleaner, I bought one of the new reproduction "batwing" style aircleaners. Fit the new E-brock perfectly and looked period correct. It also cleared the aluminum valve covers nicely.
  16. Phil, I would contact your wheel supplier and discuss this. You want to discuss back space as well when you decide on a wheel diameter. I have 18s on mine now and found I needed to install a spacer between the wheel and hub so they would clear the upper arms. I chose a tire that reflects the diameter of the original size, 235/60/18 Goodyear Eagle GTand found the car rides well and handles nicely. I previously had 245/45/18s and they rode horrible and very rough. Good luck on the change over Mark
  17. WWS

    65 floormats

    CARS is reproing the floor mats, and they look very nice. Good heavy wieght like the originals
  18. X2 on Apple Hydrolics They did mine for the 46 2 years ago and they are still like new
  19. They said no on those, same as CARS
  20. I need to find rear upper and lower control arm bushings to fit a 1961 Buick LeSabre. Anyone know a good source for this??
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