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  1. looks like this got entered twice 🙂 I actually do have a second grill for the 64, but it does not have headlight trim or buckets. Just upper, lower, center bar and back panel If anyone is interested, ill get pictures of it. Driver quality only
  2. Still in plastic wrapper. Really just a great looking item from an incredible once in a lifetime show $100 obo plus shipping
  3. Very nice Buick tissue dispenser. $95 plus shipping
  4. More lens, this time for the 65 Cats, may fit other models in that year $85 plus shipping email me for additional info marklob@gmail.com
  5. Rivy centers, still in the box $200 plus shipping
  6. I had the mounted on my shop wall for years as a decoration, had LED lights in the buckets. The unit is in nice driver condition, and can be bolted right on, or polished and restored , or hung back up on the wall. All mounting tabs are solid $250 pick up only
  7. I had the mounted on my shop wall for years as a decoration, had LED lights in the buckets. The unit is in nice driver condition, and can be bolted right on, or polished and restored . All mounting tabs are solid $250 pick up only
  8. Used but nice lens, great for a spare $23 plus shipping
  9. NOS for an Electra $50 plus shipping
  10. Another NOS lens 1964 LH for the Cat $100 plus shipping
  11. RH and LH rear NOS lens, $200 plus shipping
  12. As any T Type owner knows, these are getting very hard to find. $50 is a great price and worth stashing away as a spare Mark
  13. I have upper and lower NOS pieces if needed. I may also have NOS rear grill pieces stashed Mark
  14. Adam the workmanship on the red X was nothing short of spectacular! as was the entire display of Buick GSX's Dr Ajesh Parikh did the coordination of bring this display to reality and should be proud. To to anyone who has not attended this show in Chicago, it really is a must see event as the cars are from all makes and truly each one is unique.
  15. John email me directly please marklob@gmail.com Thank you!!!!!!!
  16. It is my hope someone has a use for them. I have had them available for sale numerous times and they still are in the same box I put them in 6 years ago. The boot and sun visors have never been installed :-)
  17. Pm has been replied to Jake , it is kind of cool to see the progression Buick made over the years. Many times I have sat down in my office and spread these out and spent some great hours reading through them. the man I bought these from started picking them up at a dealership here in Iowa every year from 1946 on. His father would take him there every year when he was too young to drive, so they could see the cars and he could get a new brochure. He still lives here, and retired from medicine many years ago, but still had the collection he started as a child. It was an honor to meet with him and learn of his life's path, and his love for these cars. there is quite a legacy with these, and it his my hope that they will be kept together as a collection and cherished. Mark
  18. I have a complete collection of sales brochures for every year Buick from 46 to 06. 60 years worth of Buick progress and styling all in one collection $200 plus shipping.
  19. I have a complete white upholstery kit for a 65 Cat Custom Convertible. Seats, door covers, rear panels, fold down armrest, visors and rear boot. It was purchased for $1800 and installed in the car for 6 months, and removed when the original upholstery was replaced. its been boxed and stored for the last 6 years, all in very good condition and will look new when installed and cleaned up. $100 includes shipping
  20. I am going to start moving some old items I have collected from David Buick. First item is the prototype Hi Power carburetor he manufactured when he started the David Dunbar Buick Carburetor company back in 1921. I have his carburetor, stamped # 1, a typed letter to an investor about his company and goals signed by Thomas Buick, and the sales flyer and poster he had printed for advertising, and a stock certificate he issued. The carb is in a glass display case, and the related items are framed for display. This is a very rare item, and an opportunity to own an item actually designed, created and handled by David Buick. This carb was being created to sell to all manufacturers of automobiles as a way to achieve more HP and get better fuel mileage, until Durant stepped in and killed this dream. If interested, email me directly Mark marklob@gmail.com Sold
  21. Thank you for that! It should be a great show, the weather gods have smiled upon us and temps will be 79-82 degrees and low humidity all week long. I wish all who are coming a safe trip here Mark
  22. I found this car for sale a block from my house and thought I would post it up for anyone interested. It is not mine, just posting it for the owner 1973 Centurion Convertible, Bamboo cream with black top and black interior. The car shows 71K miles, but can not confirm this. Looks to me like all rusty areas were cut out and new metal welded in, trunk looked solid from what I saw. Paint is nice, and has good gloss to it. Chrome work is all good, a bit of fading on rear bumper. All panels looked smooth and the car looks nice outside. Interior is in good condition, but the seat foams should be replaced, carpets are clean and no issues. Dash does not have any cracks in it. Interior chrome work/bezels has some pitting. Top worked and looked to have been replaced a few years ago. Door panels are good with no cracks. Drivers door lock mechanism is stuck in locked position, we didn't play with it, and it may be a simple fix. As it was rather chilly this morning, I could not tell if the AC worked or not. Its all there, but un tested. Does have the matching hard parade boot for the top. Engine has been rebuilt but the person who owned the car has passed away and there in no documentation of what was done. It ran smooth on the test drive, seemed maybe to lack a little of the power I would have associated with a 73 455. This may be that the engine was never power timed for peak performance. Because of some hesitation when cold, may be a good idea to rebuild the Qjet. Has a slight exhaust leak at the exhaust manifold. Easy fix. Dual exhaust appears to be newer and is clean. Car drove fine, to suit my taste, I would replace the shocks and check bushing in the front end. For someone looking for a little winter project, this may be a great candidate. The car is located in Mt Vernon IA Any questions, please contact Mr Don Thompson at 319-899-1229 He is asking $7000 for the car SOLD
  23. Thank you Roberta, miles are a tad high for me. I will admit, for the mileage, it doesn't look bad
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