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  1. Today I bought one (to be cautious) 18 x 8 Boss 338 wheel to test on my 1963 Riviera. I removed a front wheel to try the new wheel on, and was disappointed to find that the wheel doesn't clear the hub on the stock front end. Everything else about the wheels fits well—backspacing, drum clearance, etc. I've read several threads here about the need for a spacer, but I'm wondering if anyone has a spacer they recommend? I probably need a .5 inch spacer to clear the hub and still have enough lug to safely hold the wheels on. My main concern is finding a spacer that will work with the rivets on the stock brake drums.
  2. Hey I new to the Buick Forum. I have a 1964 Buick Rivera with a 425 nailhead and want to upgrade my alternator, im almost done with my rebuild! My questions is what brand and amp settings do you recommend for an alternator? I plan on putting in a nice sound system with subs later. Would 120-140 amps be enough or go higher? Also any places you might recommend to order some upgraded battery cables thicker gauge? thank you, Gustavo 1964 Buick Riviera 425 Nailhead
  3. The car did arrive. Nice to have finally found one more or less local. I think this one was about 60 miles up the road, maybe 70. The owner had to come to Tucson for the title, so he just brought the car as well! It was an original Tucson car - spent first 30 years or so around here. The guy I got it from bought it about 30 years ago and had it in Nogales, AZ (Mexican border). He's to the point where he couldn't see getting around to fixing this one up, and his preference is Lincolns, so this Buick needed to go. Given my situation with the other cars, the plan is this will probably be on hold for a while...
  4. So, I was having some brake issues (pedal going to the floor) on my 1963 Riviera, and ordered a variety of parts, including the master cylinder (shown here). Then, my mechanic said I needed a booster as well--but the problem was that I couldn't find a booster anywhere, only a booster/master cylinder combination. Unfortunately, by the time we figured this out, the shop had lost the original packaging for the first master cylinder I purchased, and I couldn't return it. Brand spanking new, never installed, $100 including free shipping to the continental US (other locations negotiable). Prefer Paypal, will take a personal check (or, if you're in the Detroit area, we can arrange a live meet and I'll drop $10 off the price). Message me if interested. Thanks!
  5. Hi Guys, My friend has bought a 73' Riviera. It was claimed to be a Stage 1. We know that there are a few ways to find out wether it is a Stage 1 Such as; looking at the #VIN number (must have a W?) in it.??? Engine code XA??? Chrome Stage 1 air cleaner lid??? Any badging or other identifiers that we could look for to prove it's authenticity. Also what is the current market value for a running vehicle of this type? thanks a heap. Tickboom81
  6. Anyone have any luck finding plugs for the drivers side power window master switch? Any models that are interchangeable? Any help would be appreciated. My plug is hot glued together and some of the wire connectors are broken. I'm not sure I can salvage it.
  7. Looking for drivers door manual window regulator for my 1963 buick riviera. Does anyone know if there is a part that interchanges with a 63 riviera manual window regulator? Will a 65 regulator work?
  8. 1966 Buick Riviera Mileage Shows 60,724 (not sure if its 60k or 160k) Rusted: Needs to be restored Asking $3,500 Located in Hackensack, NJ - pick-up only - will not ship Call Carmen with any questions, after viewing photos: 201_233...0294 (better to call than email) Or email any questions to brandon_dimartino@yahoo.com
  9. Does anyone know a good source for interior trim on a 1978 Buick Riviera LXXV? I need one piece of stainless trim next to where the right rear passenger would sit. Right below the opera window. I'd appreciate any help. Thank you. -Graig
  10. Has anyone used any of these headers for their 425 nailhead? Was their any clearance issues in your 1964 Buick Riviera? I wanted to know before I make an investment and what I would need to modify if any. http://www.sandersonheaders.com/Sanderson-BNH2-Shorty-Header-Set-for-Buick-Nailhead-V8-in-64-Up-Riviera.html http://www.taperformance.com/PDF/TAPerformance_Catalog.pdf
  11. Hi, on my Riviera I've a very beefy front stabilizer bar. I want to get an original one. I got 3 different part numbers 397703 (size 0.781") 397706 (size 0.937") 397704 (size 0.875") I wonder if some of you know where to buy this? When searching the net the 397703 sometimes shows up as the stabilizer bar to the 64-74 Chevelle, other A-bodies, some F-bodies and so on. Could I use this one? It's the Dorman 927-175 who shows up at a 64-74 Chevelle at rockauto.com Thanks from Norway.
  12. Has anyone had any experience with putting a 1965 Riviera rear bumper on a 1963? I'd really like to clean up the rear of my 1963 by filling in the tail lights in the body and moving them to the bumper.
  13. An uninsured dude hit my clean, straight 1973 Riv the other day. Now I'm in dire need of some front end body parts, preferably in the Denver area. She got smashed right in the driver side front headlight area, so I'm looking for: -Driver front headlight/turn signal molding, trim, lenses, etc -A straight front Bumper, NOS or rechromed would be nice -Maybe a driver front fender -Driver exterior door handle Feel free to hit me up if you know of any boattail parts cars in the Denver Metro, or if you have any of this stuff. She was ready for paint until this, help me get her back to cherry!
  14. My brother has worked over the last two years to restore a 1963 riviera, and its like his whole world. He works two jobs to afford the costly repairs and I would like to help him find the original owner of his car. I'm just a girl. And I don't know where to start but here's the info I have: vin 7J1046910 original name plate : W. D. Chapin dudes out there ..... Help a lady out ! Please
  15. Hi I'm fixing up a 67 Rivieria that has been sitting for the past 5-6 years and I'm some electrical problems with the instrument panels, courtesy light switch and the climate lights. I took the dash and instrument cluster off, replaced the headlamp switch and I'm able to see dim lights behind the speedometer. I also replaced the lamps, helped a little but far from decent lighting. There are no bulbs behind the the oil pressure, coolant temp etc, but a small rectangular board wrapped in wire...is this suppose to light up? The lights behind the heater control won't illuminate, and the courtesy lights work when the door is open but when using the switch near the clock the lights won't turn on If I remove the wire behind the switch and ground it out the light works...where is the ground suppose to come from, because there is only one terminal behind the switch... Any help is appreciated! Thanks, Brandon
  16. Hi, My indicator stalk in the 64 Riviera has stopped working (doesn't "click" up or down).........resulted in the stalk breaking, which I have removed and can fix. Anyone had this issue before? I have pulled the wheel but can't seem to get the top of the column off to see what's inside.....or does the entire column need to come out to look at it all....? Thanks in Advance Mai Ki-Ki
  17. Have set of 4 (four) '71-'78 Riviera Rally / Road Wheels (Rim Code 895) in good shape available for $200 plus shipping They are 15" x 6" with a 5 x 5 bolt pattern. I believe they also fit the big Buicks in the same time period. I have posted a few pictures if you want the wheels or more pictures to look at send a PM. Rock On gord
  18. Ok. I own a 1985 Fiero GT and Im in love with the 80's Buick touch screen. I would like to to do as full an install as I can into my Fiero. I understand that things like the tape deck and air box pieces need to be graphed and thats no problem. I want to know if this is something that can be done and if so, if anyone can assist with any information such as the wiring descriptions or diagrams or if I absolutely need the speedo cluster. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I am selling a 1983 Buick Riviera located in Boston, MA. For details, please see: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/4543431045.html Thanks, Kevin
  20. Hi, I have for sale 4 great stock rims off a 1964 Buick Riviera 15x5 . See attached photos. I also have an excellent spare with original bias ply tire mounted. SOLD
  21. http://www.ebay.com/itm/141279953439?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  22. Ends 5/14/14...2 days left...$124.99 first bid...http://www.ebay.com/itm/141279953439?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  23. Forgive me if i am posting this in the wrong place. i purchased an 89 Riviera from the original owner with the soul purpose of salvaging the remanufactured transmission to install in my 90 Riviera. The touchscreen and instrument cluster were remanufactured as well. I have stripped the car of all i can use but obviously these two items will do me no good. i have the compass module as well that i cannot use. i removed everything yesterday but as you can see by the date, it was in the car and working fine last Monday. if you or anyone you know might be interested, please respond or email me. Thanks
  24. [h=2]89 Touchscreen and Instrument Cluster For Sale[/h] i purchased an 89 Riviera from the original owner with the soul purpose of salvaging the remanufactured transmission to install in my 90 Riviera. The touchscreen and instrument cluster were remanufactured as well. I have stripped the car of all i can use but obviously these two items will do me no good. i have the compass module as well that i cannot use. i removed everything yesterday but as you can see by the date, it was in the car and working fine last Monday. if you or anyone you know might be interested, please respond or email me. Thanks
  25. 1964 Buick Riviera - Gorgeous Turn Key Car with Smooth Riding Hydraulics & Chrome True-Spoke Rims We are looking to sell our 1964 Buick Riviera. It is a super clean car with beautiful silver paint, gorgeous blue stock interior in great condition, fully functioning hydraulic system, clean true spoke wire rims, and a nailhead engine that runs and drives great. This is a turn key car. The car is located in Pennsylvania and has a clean title. Hydraulic set up. 48 volts to front and rear pumps. Accumulators(shocks) on rear for smoother ride. CCE hydraulics all chrome set up. Very reliable. 2 years driven weekly and never had any problems. This car could be taken to any show today and fair well, it is also in the perfect position to either be customized further, or it could easily be converted back to a stock car by removing the hydraulic system and putting stock wheels and tires back on. We are asking $22,000 or the best reasonable offer. Please message me with offers or call 717-226-3393 and ask for Vinny or Vanessa Scalavino for more information about the car. Thanks for looking.
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