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  1. I need control arm bushing for the rear upper and lowers on my 61 Lesabre. Anyone know a good source for these????
  2. The car has a 3.42 posi rear.
  3. I have sold them from anywhere around $275 for a decent condition to $450 for a nice one on the correct display board. Without the entire display, its more likely $150 depending on quality and overall condition
  4. I am looking to find a nice original 71-72 Riviera. Buckets/console a must. Email me if you have or know of one for sale Thank you
  5. I am looking to find a nice 71-72 Riviera. Prefer an original, unrestored car. Buckets,console a must. Must be in nice driver condition or better. Thank you
  6. Ebay is where I found both of mine
  7. Barney Eaton, who is a BCA member is a distributor IIRC Cover Craft. I purchased covers from him for my 46 Super, 65 Wildcat and 91 Reatta, all covers fit perfect and work as they should. I bought mine for inside storage and ordered the Dust stop series. Light weight, and the car stays clean, even after sitting all winter. Barney can be located in the Reatta section, and I believe he also advertises in the Bugle.
  8. Lares has done numerous boxes for me. Ron is even in my speed dial 1-800-334-5749. Call him and say hi Great company
  9. I would also post this on V8Buick.com.
  10. contact, SMS in oregon, they can make them for you
  11. The FBI ran quite a few of the Turbo Regals as unmarked cars. I had the opportunity to buy one a couple years ago. It had a long interesting story behind it and was heavily modified by the Govt for use on the streets. It was pretty plain jane as far as options, but could run and handle with the best of them. The agent who it was assigned to, wrecked it in a chase during a drug deal in California. He bought the car from the feds and fixed it back correctly. When he retired, he moved back to Iowa and that is where I saw it. BTW, if anyone needs one of those radios, I have one that was new when I bought it 2 years year, had the ipod adapter installed and put it into a 1987 442 I had. Kept the car about 3 weeks and sold it, (pretty car but way underpowered) and kept the radio.
  12. John, I did front and rear with their springs. It sat right when I was finished, level and rode very nicely. I am not near the office where I have the info for them. Do a google search . Believe it is called ESPO Springs and Things. Mark
  13. Martin I could offer you 50.00 for it. It would be good to have a spare for my 61. Mark Email me if you care to do so.
  14. john, When i replaced the ones on my 64 Wildcat, I bought the springs from ESPO Springs. They fit very well. Mark
  15. Agreed, well done ad. Got my attention, very well written, I wanted to look at ALL the pictures of this guys car, and read what he had to say about it. A+ for internet selling class 101
  16. I agree, you just posted pictures, your not "selling" the car, and as soon as I saw that underside shot, I clicked off the ad. Get the car outside, take pictures that will make a buyer WANT your car. All I wanted to do was click off the ad. Best to scrap the underside shots! In all honesty, maybe wait a month or so, let the spring time come and peoples excitement for summer days, and thoughts of taking trips to the lake with the top down will help you sell your car. Best of luck.
  17. Was the flywheel installed back in the correct location. There are some 4 or 5 ways that it will bolt back on, but only one is correct. There is a dimple in back to use as a guide. Or, take it back to the shop that rebuilt it for you and ask them to figure it out and give you the answer. Then you can decided the best way to make the repairs
  18. fouled spark plug timing off valve spring weak and valve not closing points bad spark plug wire harmonic balancer shot carb plugged up and on and on it could be any number of things, got any more clues? how old is the engine? has anything been recently repaired, how long has this been acting up. what do you may suspect to be wrong
  19. Brian, Pack up the wheel centers for me. I sent you an email regarding payment. Mark
  20. Bill, I will take one please. I can send you a check today for it. I used the last one, to convert a 65 carb I had that was rebuilt and ready to go. Stashed the original away for safe keeping Your part worked perfect! Thanks, Mark
  21. I have a rebuilt unit with brackets. $50
  22. WWS

    65 engine codes

    Fantastic, Thank you so much for this. I am hoping the car is a rear "born with" dual quad car Mark
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