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  1. Steve, It is for a convertible, but it is a bench seat with fold down arm rest. Heck at the price for this upholstery, its worth buying a Wildcat just to put this in Mark
  2. Lamar, I don't remember the fellows name, after I purchased the collection, I didn't contact him again. As to the idea of selling them individually, I would hope that whoever purchases these from me respects the heritage and history behind them and keeps this all together Mark
  3. I meet a fellow a couple years ago that started collecting Buick sales brochures on the cars, as a young man, starting in 1946, he went back to the dealer every year and got one or all for the new years models , so there is a booklet for each year, and or model for 30 years. Plus a few additional ones up into the 80s. Two boxes of sales info and specs $250 can be delivered to Springfield
  4. For a 65 Cat custom with fold down arm rest, includes front and rear seats, doors, rear panel and rear arm rest, and rear boot. Color is white Apprx 2 yds of new material is included This was ordered from PUI , professionally installed, and the fellow who bought the car preferred the original black. The materials were in the car 2 months and professionally removed. $500 for the kit. Can be delivered to Springfield
  5. Hang in there Texas
  6. Dang Lamar , got me thinking about doing another car this summer. Anyone know where I can find a 54 Super coupe, I'm thinking rat rod flat black, de chromed and a lumpy sounding 455 ( got to keep it all Buick right) tub the rears and make a cruiser ;-) Oh yea baby!
  7. I asked if this was the Buick that had been burned, he replied that the car had not burned, it had some slight cosmetic damage and all had been replaced. Hmmmmm As it is, the car is well enough known, that there is no reason to lie or try and cover this up. Tell the information about the car and any damage related to it as it should be, and he may be able to someday sell it.
  8. Two suggestions for you, 1, in the Bugle there is a guy in Texas parting out several 67s. IIRC his name is Mark Polostry. I don't have a bugle handy but I have seen the ads 2, look at a website called V8Buick.com for the most part it is dedicated the the "A" body Buicks . Bet you there is someone on that site who has an extra one. Mark
  9. I am going there, and can bring them provided they are paid for. Mark
  10. Lamar, That is a pretty cool idea, Thanks!! OK 2 Left now!
  11. I found a few extra of these All look like new. Some have been on some of my cars in the past. Some have hung on the wall. perfect way to trim up the car before the nationals $25.00 plus 10 shipping. Check or money order. i can be reached at marklob@gmail.com thanks, Mark
  12. Need a set of clean 69 hood hinges thanks mark
  13. been for sale for quite a while now
  14. Not sure if 66 and 67 are the same, but I just bought new ones from the Parts Place for my 67.
  15. Rick, TA Performance in AZ will have everything you need for that 455. They specialize in only Buick parts and know the engine well and have the correct parts
  16. Great product for manifolds, I have used it on many cars and it will last 2-4 years depending on how much you drive them. Just clean off the old scale and crud, rub it in and fire up the motor to cook it on. Run the car outside as it will smell a bit during the bake on process, and your wife may not like it if you do it in the garage. On one car that the manifolds were rather pitted, I added a bit of mineral spirits to the Calyx to let it flow a bit better into all the pits and give a smoother more uniform coating. Used a tooth brush to help work it into the surface and get into areas I couldn't get with my fingers and rag. Worked great and the manifolds really turned out well.
  17. Paul, Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mark
  18. I have one , cleaned resealed and ready to paint and install $100 plus the trip Mark Lob Marklob@gmail.com
  19. I would like to extend a Thank You to the BCA National Meet Commitee for putting together a wonderful Nationals here in Portland Great venue, well organized and just a fantastic show. A special thanks to Mike and Nancy for everything you did to make this show go smooth Mark
  20. I have an extra. $150 plus shipping Mark marklob@gmail.com
  21. drove 3 Buicks this weekend, including one to a car show. Fathers day, got to sneak away to the car shop for a few quite hours with my"girlfriends" as my wife so affectionately calls them
  22. You may also want to try going on another Buick site called V8Buick.com there are a number of Wildcat guys there that may be able to assist you in your searches
  23. Congratulations to the new board members! Looking forward to great things happening this year in the BCA with this dynamic group Mark Lob
  24. You ask that this forum be open to the focus of the elections, I agree. let the candidates speak.
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