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  1. Great photo of a Buick six (1918-1920?) with the Australian Deluxe Holden body. The two square rear windows indicate 1918-19 but I am not certain if this style was also used on 1920 Holden bodies. Nickel plated radiator surround and windshield posts were not seen in North America until the Deluxe models in 1923. Also interesting that the entire car is painted a lighter colour with the mudguards and valence panels not in black as was normal practice. This may have been part of the Deluxe package as factory photos of 1923 Holden Deluxe Buick models are also painted in the same fashion. This car
  2. Two different beaches, 500 miles apart.
  3. Ron, is this for Dennis's car? His car is a Master, not a standard.
  4. I probably should have placed this post in the photos and videos section. Is there any way to move this? Had a quick search but could not find a solution. Cheers Rick
  5. Went for a drive tonight to look at some of the local Christmas lights. Of course here in Western Australia it is in the middle of summer and at 10 pm is still a balmy 26°C (79°F) with the forecast for the next 2 days being 39°C (102°F). Top down weather at night but not great driving in that daytime heat! Last photo is my parents house with my brothers Dodge Viper in the driveway.
  6. Grand-daughter enjoying her day out in the Electra.
  7. Bit of a late post as this run was back in September. Run to historic town of York about 80 miles from here. First organised run since Covid so had a great turnout. About 900 vehicles of all types including 5 Buick's from our club. Eldest daughter's first drive in the Park Avenue. Grand-daughter enjoyed it too. Please disregard the state of the steering wheel!
  8. Finally got the 62 Electra out for a run last weekend. Hasn't had a decent run for quite some time, now I need to replace the battery. Also had my eldest daughter take the 85 Park Avenue for her first test drive today. She will be driving this to a country show with us this weekend. Needed a car that will accommodate a child seat for the grand daughter.
  9. Saturday is out but other days are okay. This is "Buick" Rick, not "Chevrolet" Rick. 🙂 Not sure if you know where I live but I am not far from my Dad's.
  10. Hi Ron, tell Dennis he can borrow mine for a sample if he wants. (Rick Beazley)
  11. All "Buick" bodies by Stewart had chrome headlight shells. They built all of the open model tourers and roadsters in all series; 116, 121 and 129. The convertible coupe is sedan based and is a Fisher bodied car but as it is a 129 series model it had chrome headlights. Both my 1929's have the chrome shells for headlights, park lights and tail light. Here in Australia we mainly see tourers and roadsters so seeing chrome light shells is more common. Not too many sedans survive and we did not get any coupes here except a handful of the convertible coupes similar to the photo. The painted shel
  12. Not a very clear photo but this is my 1929-54CCX around 1951/52 during a tour of the south-west (Western Australia). The owners had just purchased the car due to being posted as a school headmaster in the country in 1951 and wanted a car "with legs" for the long country drives. The caravan was hand made by the owners. I have an advertisements in 1954 with the car & caravan for sale as a pair at the town of Merredin after they traded them on an Austin van.
  13. Maybe a trick with the light but both the headlamp and the park lamp bodies look to be painted black. Records show that all of the roadster, sport coupe & tourer bodies had chrome lamp bodies, plus all of the 50 series cars, including this 54CC. Normally only business coupes and sedans in the 20 and 40 series used the painted lights.
  14. Rest of the shots from our Geraldton trip. 1929 La Salle that won entrants choice Day 3 car display day with the 5 Buick Owners Club cars lined up following the show. Day 4 stopped at an old railway siding with Murrays Skylark on the way to Mullewa for the spring wildflowers. This area is very well known for the abundance of wildflowers every spring season. 1926 Bentley parked next to the unique wreath flowers found here. Day 5 and my first ever ride in a veteran T, 1915. Back roads/tracks to visit a local members farm collection. Day 6 on the way home, parked bes
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