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Found 12 results

  1. I am selling a used Buick steering wheel. I am asking $50 or best offer, plus shipping. Paypal only -
  2. I would be interested in getting any advice/help/experience the group may have on restoring steering wheels for early 30's GM cars. Specifically, I am restoring a 1932 Pontiac. Any advice here? Anybody have experience with the Eastwood or POR-15 restoration kits? Any help appreciated.
  3. I am still in the market for the following items that fit a 1924 Studebaker special six: 1. A wood steering wheel for a Studebaker special six, I have attached a picture of what my steering wheel curently looks like. It is 18" in diameter. 2. A rear double flanged hub (pictured)- either side is fine, only need one but would be willing to buy two if you have them available. 3. Gas tank for a 1924 special six. 4. Cowl lights, I have some parts to the right side but am missing the entire drivers side cowling light assembley. If you happen to have any of these items, have seen one at a swap meet, or could point me in the direction I might be able to find one, it would be much appreciated. Thanks again, John (530)781-3340
  4. I have a 1938 Buick steering wheel that I am looking to make complete. It is the chrome multi-spoke version. From what I can figure out, it is missing the horn button and the horn ring, and everything inside like contacts, wiring, springs, etc. It does have the chrome cast outer horn button bezel. I'm trying to figure out what is all missing and where I can find these parts for a reasonable amount (and what they should look like).
  5. For my '83 Riviera convertible. Will also accept something similar. Like this:
  6. I love my '83 Riviera convertible in Firemist red EXCEPT for the stock steering wheel. Looking to buy a T Type wheel or something similar.
  7. Looking for the steering wheel trim ring and medallion from a '57 Lincoln Premier.
  8. Hello, I came across this steering wheel in a storage auction last month. It says Lincoln Twelve on it and that's all I can really narrow it down to. Is it off a Zephyr?? Was wondering what kind of car it came off of if not. I have only seen 1 other for sale and the add didn't have any more details than what I have, just that it sold for a pretty penny.. I have no use for it, as I do not restore automobiles but have great respect for those who put in the time and $ to bring them back to life. my email is if anyone can help or is interested in it. Thanks! For some reason, I am not able to post my pictures...says I'm missing a security token?? anyways, if you leave me your email I will send them to you from my phone if that's ok?? Thanks again!!
  9. Hi, Found this steering wheel in southern Arizona. Any idea about make and model of vehicle this went to? Any idea about this logo? Thank you!
  10. 53 Buick Solid Spoke Steering, horn components help Anyone had experience with this? There are some missing pieces, that don't seem to be manufactured anymore. I believe I am missing: 1. some kind of spring under the horn cup (attaches to plastic steering wheel housing and pushes up the cup. 2. a strap that goes on top of the horn button piece connected to the wire. It is called a retainer in other horns, and might be a few pieces, a strap with a retainer on each side. Anyone have a pic on the missing parts or a lead? Have searched and called some. Any universal kit that will do the trick? The insides were all wrapped with electrical tape to keep the horn from activating all the time. Thanks.
  11. Hi. The steering wheel on my '63 is badly split and generally in a bad way. I think my best option is to replace the wheel for something like a Grant wood rim. Does anyone know which Grant boss/adaptor I need to order to fit the Riv'? I emailed a company called J C Whitney in the US but they haven't replied. Any help much appreciated. Any UK Riviera owners out there? Dave (AKA Isolated of Wales!)
  12. I'm looking for a steering wheel for a buick super 8. i would like to find one in good shape at a good price mine is busted up pretty bad. thanks