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  1. Work now requires me to work 4 day trips again, so reluctantly I am listing my girl on eBay, same way it all started two years ago, with no reserve. Pass the word around please... https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-Buick-Riviera/264398360383
  2. A metal cased longer than the oem speedo cable will amplify the noise as it did in my case. The extra few inches will create a "bend" right behind the cluster and the metal from the dash acted like a "speaker", on or off the gas. I lubed the crap out of it and problem fixed. My plastic cased old speedo cable did not have this issue.
  3. My 69 did the same thing. Full heat (right stop of the lever travel) would hear a light hissing noise. Once I moved the lever 1/4 " to the left (cold) it would stop. I adjusted the Bowden cable that connects the heat lever to the heater control valve and it fixed my problem.
  4. I used the metal hook for a few minutes, so I could test drive it and take a picture of it. I found an old belt from the kid's closet, cut it to length and this is how it looks now. At some point I will get a longer leather strap like the one it came with and replace the belt, but this is how it looks as of right now. It just rocks now... doesn't roll...
  5. For now, this is how I took care of my lack of tunes. For the most part I listen to the AM talk radio, but this little thing, sounds like my Bose radio, if not better. Plenty of juice, you have to hear it to believe it... https://www.lofree.co/collections/speakers/products/lofree-poison-speaker
  6. It's SO hard to keep my foot off the floor... every time I give it to her, she is more than happy to oblige... What a trip this was. She taught me a lot through out the process, thank you all for all your comments and suggestions... Ben, this is for you...
  7. I really didn't want to wait and compare notes on measurements from what he has and what I have, so I told him to just issue me a refund. Engine is back inside the engine bay.
  8. He is pretty sure he has the correct nos right mount at the warehouse. He will send me some measurements to compare and mean time he told me to mail it back to him... The left one is spot on, I might just use my right one as it looks like new. The plan is to put the motor back into the car on Saturday. Tomorrow will be engine bay painting day.
  9. I thought to go out of my way and buy new motor mounts from BF. I really didn't need them, but since I was there... it seemed a good idea. He sent me the wrong one for the Right side. Does anyone know if the correct right side exists? This one 1231008 does not fit the Riviera. I failed to see it fits the 67 and he failed to see that II ordered two different mounts for the same car... Very frustrating...
  10. I kind of like this one Willie, don't know what it is, but from day one she played hard to get and look at her now... Freeze plugs look solid, nothing but light green antifreeze came out of the block when I flushed it with the hose. This will be my first rear main, I have read every post known to man on the 455 block on how to do it, I watched a series of videos on how to do it, but still wish one of you was here to guide me and offer advice ... First time is always first time... I do have the good Viton seal, I guess I have a couple of days to make up my mind, as I work tomorrow.
  11. I run a straight edge and there were no gaps. I ordered a set of remflex gaskets for them. My question is, should I replace the rear main seal, or not? It's not leaking now, it never was, but will never be that close to it ever again.Oil pan seal was original... amazing!
  12. Rear main seal is dry... the car was not leaking any oil to begin with. Other than the pan seal being original and petrified, there were no other leaks. I ordered a new Viton seal from TA just in case... I am not sure what to do, replace it anyway (and what if it starts leaking) or leave it the way it is... My only concern is, what if it starts leaking when the miles start piling up? Everything is painted, intake, valve covers, timing cover, oil pump cover and exhaust manifolds. I also read that the oil pump idler gear that rides the short shaft, should have a 1/8" oiling hole. Mine does not, should I drill one like the picture shows?
  13. eBay is not what it used to be. Another issue I had with them, when you insert remote picture hosting in the description tab, then somehow the worst wording out of your description, "small scratch, never been in an accident of flood, extra parts included" will read "extra parts from the crash included with scratches" on the first page where everyone sees before they click on the tab to read the actual description. I am done with them...
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