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  1. I would be interested to see what you have. You can send pictures and any other info to marklob@gmail.com Thank you, Mark Also please advise as to where you are located
  2. MY 73 Riviera GS came with that option. Looks the same as the 75 as shown
  3. You can send it to Lares Corp in Minneapolis MN and they will rebuild it for you. I did that on my 46 gear box, and it came back quickly and looked great.
  4. James, Have you tried The Parts Place in Chicago? They have a dandy repro grill they sell. Whole lot easier than finding and fixing an old one. I have bought 2 of them, and the quality is pretty good. Mark
  5. I am looking forward to the nationals in Iowa as well, it will take me about 45 minutes to get there!!
  6. If he is willing to pay that much for the Wildcat, I have a heck of a deal for him on some land in Iowa!! Water front property no less
  7. So Mike, Here is an opportunity to keep the tradition going and pick up some swell cloth for the Buick Mark
  8. Steve, Thanks for the pictures. They were very enlightning!
  9. I found an extra power steering pump on the shelves. Cleaned and ready to paint. Includes the bracket for the 322 engine. $125.00 plus shipping NOS Power steering lower pulley part number 166161. Has shelf weare and minor surface rust from sitting on a shelf all these years. No evidence that it has ever been bolted on to an engine. Even the yellow part numbers are clear and plain. $30.00 plus shipping
  10. Steve, If you were to throw in the 65 GS, I would be glad to drive down and pay cash for the radio, you could just put it in the trunk. Hmmm :-) Mark Lob
  11. John, I have a book,called Presenting the 1956 Buick. I found it at the office. Its full of specs on all 4 series. According to the book, the super did use a different weave than the Special. Looks like the pattern will be only for the Buick Special models.
  12. I have apprx 7.5 feet left on a roll of the black fabric upholstery from a 56 Buick Special. I assume the fabric is the same for all models. This was purchased thru SMS Auto Fabrics. More than enough to upholster another car. $150.00 plus shipping Mark marklob@gmail.com
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