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  1. I am looking to find a nice, turn key low miles 87-89 LeSabre T Type. No projects please. First preference would be a white car. Thanks, Please email me directly marklob@gmail.com Mark
  2. Chuck got the last one, If I come across any more, Ill post them up Thank you mark
  3. Matt I'll contact you Monday regarding this Mark
  4. Ok looks like one left Thanks guys
  5. Cedar Rapids Iowa 52404
  6. Wards vintage car cooler in really very nice condition. Everything works and is ready for display on your car. $350 plus shipping
  7. Before we had AC, we used all kinds of things to keep us cool in the hot weather. This is a vintage car swamp cooler. Solid condition, paint is worn on the side, but still useable for display, to restore it. The decals are still available $100 plus the ride
  8. Three pieces, all in very very nice condition. No fading, no chips, ready for any grill. One still has manufacturers tag on back $75 shipped each Email directly after responding here Marklob@gmail.com
  9. Congratulations to you Roberta for taking this subject on. It truly is one of the best engines ever produced Mark
  10. Pete, Your killing me. The 63 and 64 are two of my favorites.........
  11. I have one of these from Wild Bill, they look great in the den or garage
  12. There is an over the counter engine color sold at many auto parts stores, that is very close to the original factory red. It is Duplicolor Engine Enamel with ceramic, number DE1653 There have also been several discussions on a website www.V8buick.com regarding engine paints for these cars
  13. The lens are available from The Parts Place in Chicago area, I believe they may also have the boxed lower control arms, and I know they carry the sway bars also. The 70 chrome mirror and the other parts will be tougher, depending on how nice you want it. They are available, and pop up on other Buick websites (V8Buick.com) and ebay.
  14. Several years ago I owned a 64 Riviera, and started stocking extra parts. I was cleaning the parts room and found on the shelf a rebuilt AFB carb, been sitting in a box for 3-4 years now. This should go to someone who needs it $150 shipped to lower 50 states
  15. I have a fresh pump, brackets and pulley for this. Email me
  16. The parts Place sells a repro. You can also make one from a regular aircleaner base.
  17. Chris, I had already customized that one, that's why you bought from me :-) Dang good looking car isn't it!
  18. My fathers 48 super convertible was the same, engine number was on the title
  19. It will fit in two medium size boxes. Back seat or in a trunk
  20. Steve, Give me a call if you have a minute. 319-361-6465 Mark
  21. John I don't know off hand but I can get you an idea Saturday
  22. John, Its available, as I believe Steve was needing materials for a bucket seat car. Ask around if someone can do that for you, and if so, Ill take it there. If not, when I get back Ill pack it. Mark
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