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  2. This was standard practice for Microsoft back in the '90s and earlier. Vapourware it was called. Promise then delay. Then delay some more... and more.
  3. Diesel has very high ZDDP content. More than you need,and possibly too much. Someone else will have to tell you how much is too much, and the problem it may cause. - Carl
  4. William, The vacuum tank is "too high" in elevation from the fuel tank to hide a fuel pump in. The pump could be installed in the fuel line along the frame. Then you have to make the vacuum tank a pass thru, which you could do with some hose or tubing inside the canister, if you wanted to make it look authentic. The last big hurdle is the needle and seat in the carburetor. It can only handle about 1 psi, so you would need to modify the carburetor to accept a modern needle and seat. To stay with low pressure, you would also need to add a fuel regulator after the fuel pump. To their credit, If the original systems are set up well, they work well. The more often you drive the car, the better they work. Hugh
  5. The diesel rated oil will probably not be 20w50, rather 15w40. Try some Valvoline 20w50.
  6. just grow a new finger or too that would help on the Assembly. dang that looks like you did such a good job .
  7. Here is a touring body if you are trying to collect more parts to go with that front end. It has been advertised on craigslist for several months now and appears to be located in Wisconsin. I don't know if anyone has identified actual year and whether it was a 4 or 6 cylinder model. Kevin 1916-1920 buick touring - $2600 (poynette)
  8. Just curious here, since Bob’s carries a modern spin on oil filter inside an original style oil filter housing of the 1920-30’s era has anyone modified a Stewart Warner Vacuum Fuel System housing to contain a 6/12volt Fuel Pump and regulator so the look of authenticity however the “convenience”, I guess as I know there are pros and cons to everything, of a modern fuel pump/regulator system?? Obviously it would entail gutting and heavy modifications to the SW Vacuum housing to hide a electric fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator inside however I’m just curious if anyone has attempted it ? Again, I know there are pros and cons and as many of you know I just got my ‘27 Standard running after sitting since AT LEAST December 2004, maybe earlier, when the prev owner passed away and the car sat in the garage untouched till Summer 2018, and I elected to rebuild the S&W Vacuum Fuel Pump/System and just got the car running last week and first real drive on the road will be this Saturday! I am anxious to hear from everyone on this and curious if anyone has tried this modification! Please join the fun and let’s hear from everyone on it..... ”Pictures is not my car, just a pic on topic, if it is your car.... wow she is Purdy!”
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  10. @Dave Fields, you do know the rule that if you mention a car, you have to post pics of it, right? Well, maybe I just made that up, but we’d love to see them. Glad you had fun and thanks for your post. Looks like a beauty. Would love to see more pics.
  11. I like this one: Driven by Dick Shawn as "Sylvester".
  12. Green on red, ugh! Reminds me of this oddball 1970 Eldorado that pops up every now and then. Finished in Nottingham Green Firemist which, when ordered with the white leather interior, is absolutely stunning. However, somebody decided to to order the same Nottingham Green Firemist with red leather interior. It couldn't be worse.
  13. Title: The Allen Course for Modern-Engine Tune-Up Publisher: Allen Electric and Equipment Company Publication Date: 1947 Vintage, used, Modern Engine Tune-Up, The Allen Course, electric equipment, mechanics, service book, manual. The book remains intact with all pages present. However, it shows overall wear including tears, discoloration, staining, notations throughout the book, and other signs of aging. Please see pictures for more details. Asking $45 (includes shipping). Will ship via USPS.
  14. I never saw any smoke and it was too dark to see behind me going down the hill... but I'm not surprised you saw the puff of smoke, its going out the tailpipe for sure! Just not enough to see all the time. Spinneyhill suggested a 20W-70... I like that idea What, if any is the difference between a diesel 20W-50 and one made for petrol engines? Would the diesel be more heavy duty and perhaps work better?
  15. Wow... that happened right after the long weekend? NICE! Sounds very much like the motorcycle trips (4 times) I have taken from here to Laguna Seca in Montery. I have done a few of those stops, It will most certainly be on the cards as my family was not with me for those trips!
  16. Your IR thermometer is a simple solution, on the bottom of the sump. In my modern heap, the oil temperature is 90 oC on the gauge. The water temperature might be similar. I have never been able to put my hand on the bypass filter in my 1930 Dodge 8, but it would be too hot to touch by 50 or 55 oC I suppose. I don't know, but I would expect that after going through a cooler, the oil pressure would be quite a bit less due to friction in the flow so either put it back in the sump or put it somewhere where high pressure is not needed. Leave out the oil stabiliser. The oil already contains whatever they are. You don't need any additives, esp. with synthetic oil! If you want a thicker oil, use one. BTW, Penrite market a 20W-70 for "older vehicles" which seems very viscous to me.
  17. Wow that does not foster much hope for my multi thousand mile trip...... I might have to sell the house to pay for the fuel! I mentioned that the fuel usage was excessive simply because I drove the car all over the place before pulling it apart and although I don't have exact numbers because the odometer was known to be a bit off I just never used this much fuel traveling around in her before! Vancouver to Seattle, Vancouver to Whistler, Vancouver to Harrison Hot springs... and it never hit me this hard. It has the single barrel carburetor on it so someone already switched it from the double to save fuel... this has to improve! Can you say engine swap? Crate motor LS3 if I win the lottery or I will have to settle for an old Ford inline six with a 5spd manual box....hmmm I'll be able to swap everything to 12v then.....
  18. Hey Carl, I'm trying to heed all the warnings about the heat, Running Penzoil ATF in the gearbox, 85W140 in the diff and steering box and using a very heavy duty grease for everything that moves. I also make sure I keep it greased! After the drive up to Banff in the rain I was lying under the car in the hotel parking lot with my grease gun the next morning making sure its all good! (In my good clothes, much to my wife's dismay I forgot my coveralls) I have not taken the temp after a good run but I think you are on to something, It can't hurt to know how hot it actually gets! Does it have to be INSIDE the sump or would a laser temp from the outside be good enough? All I can say is that its extremely hot when you touch the filter, no way you are holding your hand there for very long. Even without knowing I still think a cooler is a good idea, hear me out, since I can't feed the cooled oil directly into the overhead valve system through the filler cap like on a modern engine I would be taking hot oil from the high pressure side, cooling it and adding it into the sump of hot oil... hopefully cooling the oil in the sump enough to make a difference after if goes through the oil pump. What I'm trying to say is that I dont think it will be that efficient at introducing cool oil directly to moving parts, it would have to go through a bunch of hot parts first, so overall cooler oil but not cool enough to the point where its too cold... or am i over thinking it? My Chrysler guru up here said he had similar oil problems in his old car and running straight 30 made a big difference, his old engine just worked better on un-blended oil. Another hotrod buddy of mine got 2 extra summers out of his Charger switching to straight 30 before having to pull the motor for a rebuild. However, having seen the inside of this motor and making the questionable choice to NOT to rebuild it, knowing that clearances were barely inside spec, factoring in the extra heat of being down south... 20W50 sounds totally reasonable to me... or a 20W40 and a quart of Lucas heavy duty engine oil stabiliser... I'll sleep on it for a bit.
  19. sells 4 different trimmer capacitors that may work for your Buick radio. You may have to do some soldering and mounting changes to get one of these to fit. If you have a schematic or can measure the capacity of the one you have when the plates are as close as possible then one of these may be a close match. Joe
  20. After clicking a few hundred miles I thought I would do an update on how the engine is running. Oil pressure is reading between 20(@idle) - 40psi(@30-35mph) when hot, previously All the cylinders are about 85psi on the compression gauge. The vacuum gauge reading 19-20, there is a slight mis-fire. The car has lost some of its vintage characteristics, no smoking and no rattling from the engine. I can now use the 3 speed gearbox as a 2 speed, 2nd and 3rd only required. It climbs pretty much any hill effortlessly...😀 The balancer has shifted, so my timing marks are useless. The engine paint I used was a cheap brand and is washing off with oil...😕
  21. I have been thinking of adding a set of mirrors to my 1927 Buick Model 27, the only thing I have at the moment, besides me looking w my own eyes over my shoulders, is the TWO rear view mirrors that need to be resilvered that were mounted inside the car when I purchased it last Summer. Reading through everyone’s ideas and comments, which I always find invaluable, i was wondering if someone could drill down through the door hinge pin and then mount a mirror in place like above and use the pin included with the mirrors as shown to mount and secure the mirror? Might take someone machining** a new low profile door hinge pin w a low profile head on it or even a mirror arm! **I know from experience that working with a real machinist is not cheap and cost can far exceed the idea one had in mind when they set out to do the modification!! I am an avid motorcyclist and a few years ago I wanted to mount (correctly) a set of led turn signal mirrors from a Ducati 1098 onto my Suzuki TL1000R so having a machinist machine two “approx” one inch thick by two and half inch aluminum adapter blocks to change the mounting style of the Ducati mirrors to interface with the Suzuki, and while I don’t regret it NOW and they look fantastic, at the time I nearly ran off the road when the machinist told me how much the cost was to make them. $260 USD before I powder coated them and purchased the factory mirrors! That’s a lot for a 1 X 2.5 inch aluminum block, well for two of them... but again I don’t regret it one bit now as I love them, I love the look, it updates the bike, the guys in our motorcycle group of enthusiasts for THIS bike love them and that’s all cool! But at the time I thought “what the hell was I thinking!!!” but hey, cash 💰 💴 💵 can get just about anything to mount on anything else and look factory when doing so!!! Just takes a little cold hard cashola!!!
  22. As noted In a 1928-1954 BUICK MASTER CHASSIS PARTS BOOK under Accessories . . . Group 9.777, Part 981552, all models. No specific years are mentioned although most accessories on that page are for 1954 Buicks. I would guess this was a universal part listed for a lot of other years too. Al Malachowski BCA #8965 "500 Miles West of Flint"
  23. Clean the harmonic balancer with sandpaper if you cannot see the marks. Mark tdc with a marker or chalk. Much easier to see.
  24. Don, The clamps were fine - did nothing with them. The guides were shot. There was .052" side-to-side slop in the worse one. That particular 'find' was what helped make the decision to rebuild the complete valve train. My Dad always complained that the engine was so noisy. After I got into it I found exactly why it was so very noisy. I will be posting more photos of what has already been done in the next few days. Terry Wiegand South Hutchinson, Kansas
  25. I like the ad on the spare tire cover. Seems to be some sort of soft drink for 5 cents.
  26. Here is another neat old Fire Station in Sandusky Ohio.
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