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  2. Car #182, the '27 Graham-Paige, is listed as belonging to Harry Furst, of Middletown, Pa. Harry died in 2013. He owned a number of antiques and classics over the years, many of them Packards, but his obituary reported that his most prized automobile was a 1929 Graham-Paige 827 Victoria Coupe -- which he owned until the time of his death, I believe. The Parade of Progress printed program may have been correct, and the '27 that they listed was one of Harry's earlier acquisitions. But the "1927" might have been a typo, in which case the '29 was quite likely in the show, and is most certainly still "alive". Harry once told me that he purchased the car from the owner of a repair garage or service station, in amazingly original condition. The garage owner was threatening to turn the car into a tow truck (which was common practice in the '50's). But Harry pestered and pestered the guy, and he finally relented and sold Harry the car. One thing that impressed me about the '29 Graham was that it has "factory" automatic backup lights.
  3. I have a couple secondary jets for a SV-33 Penberthy carb made out of brass if anyone is interested. Contact me for price.
  4. So, I'm confused. I purchased Russ Martin's Hub Adapter and the Flexplate (pictured) a while back. I now see there are 2 versions of this flexplate. Do I need both, the hub adapter and Flexplate for my 1963 Dynaflow swap to 1965 ST400? Or, just Russ's flexplate with the large hole? John B.
  5. On pan removal, of course the '41 may differ from the '49, but here's a thread that discusses what I had to do to get the pan off my '41:
  6. This also serves as a reminder that “ownership” should be replaced with “custodian” when it comes to our possessions. Personally I try to be a good custodian when it comes to historical items in my possession currently. Other stuff....I may just be a user. I’m not sure what new items I own today will be sought after in later years as a desirable antique. Scott
  7. As a motorcyclist as opposed to a “biker” which is as different as streetrod is to antique, I tried the Thunder in the Valley Jonhnstown PA and the West Virginia gathering at Snowshoe Mountain and quickly found out the biker stuff was not for me. Had friends with BMW motorcycles and found their gatherings to be more to my liking. I was accepted by all while riding a Suzuki cycle and these folks wanted to actually ride and see things as opposed to hanging out in bars. They would hold tech seminars on bike repairing and programs on how to ride in foreign countries. One fella showed up with a 750cc three cyl BMW with over 250,000 miles on it! Great times that I miss a lot.
  8. Thanks Turb, My battery is disconnected while it's in it's forever project state. Also, thanks to above, I had several broken cigarette lighters and managed to combine into 1 good assembly. Only, I noticed that I used a retainer without the 2-slots. I will switch to one with slots. However, my harnesses only have a wire, using a glovebox or ignition switch light is not the same. Instead of doing what Daryl did, might be an excuse to stick a 3M LED Strip on the inside of the ashtray door with that loose wire. My car is a resto-mod anyway. John B.
  9. 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special - Runs needs restoration complete - $4800 - Flushing, MI - Not Mine Surprisingly clean 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood four-door runs and lot drives ... Very cool options power windows rear AC unit ... Appears to be complete some rust in trunk floor ... Serious buyers only ... Cash buyers only ... No emails or texts phone calls only from serious buyers I know all the scams Contact: (810) 2-4-one-0-3-zero-3 Copy and paste in your email: no email link I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1956 Cadillac Fleetwood 60 Special. Note: The original owner card is still with the car, last photo: Mrs. Zella Cox Love, 14 2nd Street, Broadmore, Colorado Spring, Colorado. This Cadillac was sold new by the Adams Motor Company in Colorado Springs on January 20, 1956.
  10. That''s correct, dogs are a short term joy. Her sister died on that trip in Bowling Green, Both miniature schnauzers. Smart little dogs that last about 15 years if you are lucky. I left the NSRA when they went to newer cars. To me a old car with a newer driveline is still a old car, it does not become a Tesla just because it's modified. I wish NSRA did that show in cooler weather, like Hershey. I went many times to their shows in Tampa FL in February, didn't need my A/C there. Won "Best Odd Rod" with the Buick.
  11. Point is that this plague seems to have many asymptomatic carriers and any large group is bound to have some. I have seen no evidence that it is affected by carbon monoxide but am of an age and have had bronchitis and pneumonia several times so only leave my house about once a week (Chewy, Amazon, and Woot are doing well). Do not plan to change until an effective vaccine is available (but am fortunate not to need to). ps have also had MERV 13 filters in my AC for years.
  12. Yes. White made overdrive transmissions for vehicles with Balloon Tires. Very Cool. Should run circles around my White Truck. Dandy Dave!
  13. I agree on dismal values. It may not get any better if Owners are in my demographics. If I can't pass on my Riviera to one of my kids, it will go on the market along with others in the same situation. Thanks for post that link. It's good to keep abreast on the values of our cars. John B.
  14. My last 6.00x16s were Dunlop RS5s. Do think tire life is due to environment, just looked at some '00 Michelin Xs and holding air & rubber looks new but would not use since lack the nylon cap. This extra cap or ply has been proven in trailer tires think Maxxis was first to have) to prevent catastrophic failure. All of the tires on my current herd have that extra nylon ply, even the el-cheapos made by Dayton that are on my recent Allante. Today I would not buy or drive on a tire that does not have it.
  15. Flex line. They get corrosion in the swaged fitting and turns them into check valves. Seen it a hundred times...
  16. Never been to Sturgis or Daytona biker week. But I’ve been to the Hogs Breath saloon in key West the week after Daytona. Ran around on a 49 Harley with a tank shift my best friend owned as a kid of 18. It was a Chicago Police bike that originally had a side car. Had three speed forward gear with a reverse! dave s
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  19. My last Harley was a 883 XLCH. Haven't been to Sturgis but suspect a lot like Daytona Bike Week.
  20. It looks really sporty with the top down. Here are some videos of the engine running:
  21. For SOME mechanics, perhaps. Or perhaps he did not have a putty knife to clean the grease and dirt from the cross member to be able to see the holes.
  22. 1948 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser - $8500 - Battle Creek, MI Our 1948 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser is for sale. It is a 4 dr. sedan with a 6 cylinder gas engine and 3 speed standard transmission. The car was restored a number of years ago and we bought it from the son of the restorer. It has newer whitewall tires. The interior is tan and in very good condition. The body is also in very good condition. The car starts, runs, shifts and stops well. Reason for selling is we are at the age where we need to cut back on our toys! Call with any questions or better come and take a ride in it! Contact: Stevenson (269) 9-six-5-4-two-4-7 Copy and paste in your email: I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1948 Studebaker Commander Land Cruiser. The Land Cruiser was Studebaker's top-line, longer wheelbase luxury sedan, easily identified by the vent window in the rear door other four door models did not have.
  23. Hi I am looking for a complete hood & or parts for 1936 dodge 4 dr. touring Sedan D2 HELP
  24. Spanish Flu Mid east Resp Syndrome Zika Lyme disease Legionaire's disease Black plague Yellow fever And the one that has my wife's flock distressed enough to seek a safe place....................CHICKEN POX! Oh the horror of PC.....................Bob
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