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  2. BulldogDriver - Good opinion, but I like your Bulldog better. I have had them for over 60 years and the only reason I like them is because it is the only dog that I am smarter than.
  3. Had one for 25 years parted with it last year ☹️ loved it but it needed a new home.
  4. It looks very much like a Wisconsin but I thought they were all T head motors. I swear a Wisconsin intake would fit that motor.
  5. Watch the way they tighten lug nuts on a NASA car car pit stop. That is not the way I was tough. I have always been told to cross tighten. (This is off subject but I can not get an expiation. How do I get the thumbs up to come back on the lower right corner of my postings?)
  6. why is a towing company running a federal auction ?
  7. Steve. I will try to get a close up of the sign but it may take some time as the owner is out of state for the next 5 weeks. Thanks for your input.
  8. John

    MoPar Lens Lot

    I will take them if still available. Shipping to 18062 in PA. Let me know about payment. John
  9. Show the guy what 8500 just bought and offer him 4. It might give him a dose of reality. It is a 50's four door sedan. OK, I found this local for 1700 and am working out some over heating issues but it runs tops with a new radiator, brakes, water pump and carb. YES, 1700 for an original car. Rock bruised, a bunch of dings, some bubbling of the paint over the wheel wells. Just your basic 4 door 1953 Plymouth that runs, drives and stops and which now runs fine at 170 with no thermo installed. Will need 200 in tires and a little coolant area work to complete but ? These are out there. (Yes, I removed the J C Whitney gravel flaps)
  10. It has been some years ago now that a guy from from somewhere in South America drove his late 20's Graham from his home in South America to my fair city in Eastern US. By the time he got here the spokes in a couple of wheels were loose where the spokes went through the metal felloe. I had been using a product called Kwik Poly for years to rebuild rotten wood so we took the wheel off, mixed up the Kwik Poly and poured it in the top of the spoke. We didn't know if it work or not but he drove the car to Alaska and then back to South America without any trouble with those wheels. Kwik Poly is no longer being produced as far as I know but I believe XP 2000 may be the same product by a different name. Obviously I'm not saying it would work in your situation. I offer no guarantee.
  11. Nicely restored 1962 Dodge Dart for sale. Starts, runs and drives well. Smooth and quiet running 318 Poly V-8 engine with about 100K miles. All seat upholstery re-done in period fabrics, solid floors, metallic deep blue paint, new wheels & tires, good manual brakes. Original Poly 318 and push-button trans are solid. Shifts perfectly. Newer dual updated exhaust, cleaned gas tank and rebuilt carburetor. All gauges work and even original AM radio is good. Has an original AC unit and it worked, but has a leak and needs recharging. Just selling to fund new unexpected bills, otherwise a great car to enjoy! Drive it cross country and have a blast. Email Jim at or text 630-935-8561, located in Oswego, IL. about 45 min west of Chicago. Clean title in my name. Asking $7500.
  12. The crowd and sales are typically excellent for us from our arrival on Tuesday through about 4:00 on Friday then it tapers off pretty quickly. We stay until Saturday but usually pull out by lunchtime. There is almost nobody in the swap meet areas on Saturday and we make few if any sales.
  13. Hello Robert That would a great help. I'm not to sure if they are the same but it wouldn't hurt to ask your friend or if someone has one that I could borrow to get some castings off. Which would also help my friend from Australia. ( Hi Merv ). Plus if he has a choke assembly as per the picture that would be fantastic. I'm located in New Zealand and my friend Merv is from Queensland Australia.
  14. Pick n Pull bans under 16, but it seems the 16 to 18 age is OK if with an adult.
  15. A factory service manual would be a good start if you want to tackle the job yourself.
  16. Zsmith97

    1971 Duster

    Thank you for the help!
  17. People are saying that all kinds of consumer protection are being eroded these days. People also say this seems like a little reminder it can happen to anyone at any time. Any time. To anyone. Anyone can have something like this happen to them. You too. Any time. And anyone else. Anyone. Including you. People are saying.....................................
  18. TerryB

    1971 Duster

    Year one is a supplier of auto parts for the restoration market so yes your dad could have purchased it from them. Most likely it was made for year one by one of the major suppliers of wiring harnesses. If it’s still in the original box it might have instructions. For sure get yourself a shop manual for your car to help with this and other projects you will be encountering.
  19. I hear you about photos. Half the time when I try to take a photo with my cell phone, I've done something wrong. My kids have helped me out, but they're going off to college next year....What will I do then? 😄 Thanks for linking the informative article.
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  21. You can see damage on both sides of where the door should mount. Is there any way to work around this, or a replacement section available? I’ve ordered an insert since there isn’t one. What is the 3 prong black plug in my hand for? And lastly, the vent diffusers felt gasket are there, but damaged. Is there a source for these?
  22. I know someone who received a selfie of a friends wife sitting on the fender of an antique 1966 Austin Mini in Alberta. He said you should not be doing that it someone else's property. They were both shocked that it would offend the owner of the car if the owner saw it. The husband is in his 60's and with a high income career. So much for older people knowing more manners than younger people.
  23. After that vac switch hanging up too many times to count away it went. I found it really cool till the mad dash around the car to yank the terminal off the battery as the starter would not shut off.
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