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Recently Restored 65 Riv GS is having "issues" with fuel level indication...

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48 minutes ago, Seafoam65 said:

                The car could never have started with the battery cables reversed...

Sure it would -- you'd just have to drop it in R to move forward. :D

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Plus the engine would bring rotating backwards so the generator would discharge the battery and the a/c would put out hot moist air. You'd have to step on the brake to move the car and use the accelerator to stop it.  Everything you'd see in the mirror would be in front of you. Hmmmmm? What else?

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22 hours ago, KongaMan said:


What is "this"?  You still haven't told us specifically what the problems are.  Does it not register full?  Does it not register empty?  Does it not move?  Does it bounce around?


Diagnosis is a lot easier when you know the symptoms...

I agree - I'm trying to get the whole story as well.


My bro-in-law thinks that all this can be solved by throwing parts at it.


From reading what you guys have written, I can clearly see that it's not that simple, and know that if I blindly get involved, I will spend a LOT of time at the post office sending parts over and over and over.


Thanks for bearing with me - I'm pulling teeth in Sweden (over the internet) trying to establish what the gas gauge is "indicating"


I will keep you all advise and thank ALL of you heartily for ALL of your help.


Special shout-out to Alini and KongaMan


Sincerely, fast_dave

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