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  1. Just a guess, but may need graphite lube on cable. Could be binding in housing
  2. Hi, as a 64 Riviera owner forever and living during the 69, 70, 71 introductions, I can say when the 70 arrived I was less than enthusiastic, compared to the 69 it was fat and bombastic. The 71 changed all that again. Bringing unique styling back to the marque. If I was not alone, it could be why few remain as less were sold.
  3. hi guys. Selling my 64. Have many pix and full description on a cd rom. Will try to attach a few pix. Tons of parts. $15K. Dale
  4. All of the above. Always look for console shift in this generation. But does look good
  5. My 64 has a 3.93 posi
  6. If it's like my 64, you have to remove the padded dash and see the switch housing from above. There is a retaining clip at the rear of that housing which will allow the stem to be pulled out to the front
  7. Dales90


    Also, power vent Windows is a very rare factory option.
  8. I'm reminded of a situation when Jay still hosted the tonight show. He had Mark Harmon on, who was starring in a new series about a detective who happened to drive a white 64 Riviera. He mis-identified it as a 65, and Harmon agreed. He said it was originally his dad's car. I contacted the show the next day leaving a voicemail for Jay, asking him to correct his statement. He did not do so.
  9. Hi, I have one from a 63 I parted years ago, it is saddle if you don't find a blue one. Has some wear on the bottom tail that hides under the floor mat. $10 plus shipping. Dale
  10. Hey, you're reminding me of my own experience in the 70s as I installed factory cruise on my 64. Biggest issue was drilling thru the brake pedal arm for the shut off pin, but I do remember the delicate contact spring in the speedo. Yes the cruise runs in the opposite direction from the speed sensor. I contimplated using a toggle to go between the two systems, never pulled that off. Good luck!
  11. Always thought the 84/85 models were to be preferred due to headliner on the top. Much quieter ride and top bows hidden. Had an 84 and loved that about it. Dale
  12. Think only 84 and 85 have headliner. Much quieter ride.
  13. Dales90

    '64 power vent window gears

    Hi, I always thought the gears were made to be softer metal (like pot metal on originals) to let them fail in lieu of the motor shaft work gear. Some years ago aftermarket ones were steel and that made no sense to me. I think of bronze being pretty firm but softer than the works like the originals.