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  1. It's a kick panel. Next to gas pedal on side of console
  2. I think I remember from my 84 that the mechanism contains a perforated nylon tape that can dry out and crack apart leaving the motor to spin with no operation. I took it to a glass shop back in that day and they had a roll of the tape and fabricated a fix. Dale
  3. Hi. Back in the day. 78 Regal sponge filter crumbled and caused jerky operation as each piece would partially clog the vacuum port. As I remember found a porous sponge and sized a piece for the holder. It worked
  4. John. You have 1963s there. 64 were square and mounted with corners vertical as a diamond. Dale
  5. My saddle interior had a very dark brown dash and the guidematic was a flat dark brown
  6. Hi. I once contemplated such a rebuild. Sold the car before having to do so. I would think any quality shop could use the pic you posted here to create the proper padding.
  7. If I remember correctly when all screws are removed, the panel can be moved straight upward, dislodging the 1/2 inch or so that hooks over the top of the rear quarter.
  8. Decades ago did the job the total way , which was to remove the core inwardly from engine compartment to interior. It is mounted in front of the console area. When done I surmised when the 64s came down the assembly line, it was the heater core to which all else attached
  9. The key was not seeing gas squirt. There is a plunger little thing I think called the accelerator pump. That's my guess as it is was squirts the gas
  10. The hot gas bypass valve is controlled by the thermostat coil in your picture. The nipple is for the tube which guides heat to your carb thermostat.
  11. Dont know about MMO, but back in the day used STP, down the carb and in the crankcase.
  12. Hi, got a 61 trishield clear plastic rolled up. Can measure it tonight , ket me know if interested. Dale
  13. Looks nice, seeing it in person is best. The rust at rear window could indicate rot of lower window support. The AZ car with no A/C would make me leary if if it was really AZ car. But can't go wrong with a solid base to work with. Good luck.
  14. You're on the right track. Use care in removing the bolts, they are small diameter and twist and break easily. Use the new pump as a guide for bolt location. One on the lower area is easily missed. I would tap each with a small hammer and punch to loosen before wrenching out. This from a longtime 64 owner who learned the hard way. I always used Permatex 2 to seal anything. Black messy stuff but never had to remove to reseal. And thermostat removal was always the best, replace while there, they are cheap. Good luck
  15. Had them on my 71 Riviera GS. But they were not the large trumpet horns of 64. They were about 6 inches long and had a slight flare at the front of the tube.